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  1. Don't think this is necessary. Very low priority in my book. BG-style gibs are more than enough. I think those things just don't work as well in an isometric game, Fallout aside as it had a totally different stance on violence (and it fit the setting).
  2. More like Baldur's Gate 3, I'd guess. What we've learned of setting and story by now reminds me a lot of the known Black Hound stuff.
  3. I'm with the OP. I didn't increase my Kickstarter pledge for Wasteland 2 because they were giving out exclusive extra portraits. I hate exclusive in-game stuff - everything that is in the game should be available to everyone who buys it, even if you didn't do anything fancy-schmancy to "deserve" it. I say this as a backer, it does put a ding in the otherwise pristine Kickstarter campaign.
  4. You certainly are more qualified than others. The traditional way I meant and know (besides lotteries, those are nonsense as well) is having applicants fill out surveys on their testing experience, past projects, their machine configurations and other related background info, and then choosing those that fit the most. Choosing based on personal relations is also acceptable, at least in the case the people you know are also people who have QA skills. So, I guess we're on one wavelength
  5. I think the pricing is way too steep. Other projects on Kickstarter usually charge about double the game pre-order price (say, in FTL's case it was 10$ for the game and 25$ for the game + early beta access). Obsidian is using the factor 7, which in my opinion is too high - especially as that tier is linked to loads of rubbish that I personally have no use for (game maps, digital guides, whatever). I'm not wealthy, but I care about the game and I'd love to be a beta tester. Having a reasonably priced no-frills tier that offers just the game and beta access which is chosen by lots of backers wou
  6. I'd love to learn more about the OP's idea regarding characters with disabilities. Potentially very interesting. Good ideas that have also been brought up are in my opinion the subjects of mercy and surrender (the latter especially in the case of the PC), and the notion that violence is unpleasant. In general, those parts of fighting that are usually forgotten. If fighting is gonna play a role in a game (and it usually takes one of the front seats in RPGs), the authors should adress them. I sincerely hope Obsidian will take care of this traditional CRPG shortcoming.
  7. There usually are these ending spikes of people being reminded the campaign ends soon, people who didn't have the money at hand when it started and guys who try everything to push the funding level over certain stretch goals. Here's hoping.
  8. No thanks. In my opinion they don't fit in with classic RPGs. They have their place in jump'n'run stuff, roguelikes, multiplayer shooters and other genres, but not in a game that is being likened to Baldur's Gate or Planescape. Content-related "achievements" like titles, perks or special class kits being unlocked when you do certain things are okay in my mind, but external achievements in the traditional sense are nothing I would want.
  9. Either no romances at all (friendship and the like is okay), or - if it must happen - take a "less is more" approach, have it sensible and mature. No dating sims, and please no juvenile Bioware shagfest.
  10. Pretty much. And wasn't that supposed to be set in the Dalelands? And didn't Mr Sawyer say the current map excerpt was designed with the Dragon's Reach and the Dalelands in mind? ... uh-oh. Yeah.
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