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  1. I have also encountered this bug, and I'm playing a swashbuckler as well. Crippling strike remained after retraining but not disciplined barrage, which led to minus one point in total.
  2. This. Many times this. Your wish list mirrors my own, especially regarding the companions and combat. - The party should feel more like a group, with deeper interactions between the companions and evolving relationships. - Personally, I'd also prefer fewer but better designed combat scenarios. - Allow the PC to be a more interesting character. It feels weird when almost every NPC spouts out wordy monologues about their predicaments and ideals, while the PC is often stuck with lines like "Who are you?", "What are you doing?", "I see your point" and "Farewell". In other words; pl
  3. My suggestions: - Hire George Ziets as an additional writer - Hire real musicians for the soundtrack (Not a whole orchestra though. Probably too expensive) - Additional QA - Make it bigger than PS: Torment I'd also like the future stretchgoals to be a bit more "stretchy". Like at 3M or 3.5M. Yeah. Make the backers tremble in fear of the terrible realization that the stretchgoal might never get reached!
  4. I think that is a great solution! I'm also in favor of extending the poll for a mixed live/sampled score. Personally, I can't really get into classical scores played entirely by sampled instruments, as they often lack the depth and soul to bring out what the music is trying to express. But with that said, PE:s score doesn't have to be classical only! I'd love some more experimental and modern/ambient touches as well, which can be done really well with a sampled score.
  5. This. This. This! Although I think 3M should be enough. Having a recognizable and talented person onboard the project as a stretchgoal (whether it's Ziets, Mark Morgan or Justin Sweet) will probably raise a lot more funding, like it did for WL2. I also think that additional time and resources for polishing the game would be a great stretch goal, as it would make the backers a lot more confident that the game will have a minimum of bugs and balancing issues at release date.
  6. George Ziets as an additional writer? Oh yes, god yes! MoTB is one of my best gaming experiences since PS:T, and mainly because of the writing. I most certainly approve of this!
  7. What about a person who's existence, due to a curse, is completly ignored by everybody around her? To make it easy, let's just call her... uh... Pirkko? (weird name) Anyway. It's not that people can't perceive Pirkko; she just won't stay in their minds for very long, if at all. If she somehow succeeds in making her presence known to people (like taking their stuff, kicking them in the groin etc.), they'll at first acknowledge what happened and react accordingly, but then, shortly afterwards, they'll forget they ever met her. And the only person who can truly *see* Pirkko is, of cou
  8. @ Justin Bell OK, maybe its too expensive to hire in a full orchestra, but perhaps its within budget to just hire a few real musicians (mostly playing solos) to mix in with the digital orchestra? It would surely help making the music feel more "alive", no?
  9. This. I really liked Justin Bells work in the pitch video. I was particularly impressed by the more atmospheric/ambient parts. Still, if they hired an external (and really famous) composer to work on the main theme, it would give the project much needed attention. Plus, both Soule and Morgan are safe choices. If either of them writes the main theme it will probably be pretty awesome. P.S. In my opinion, Inon Zur is vanilla.
  10. I strongly agree. I really hope that every single cent goes into making the single player-campaign as great as it gets. But... if it's likely that announcing MP as a stretchgoal gets a lot of extra funding from MP fanatics, then maybe it's not such a bad idea? As long as it pays itself. Buuuut... On the other hand, announcing MP could possibly make other people drop their pledges... So ehm... I don't know. gah.
  11. If the entire party was PC only (like in IWD) it wouldn't allow for much party banter. Of course, they could always take the BG/BG2 route and just enable the option for players to include non-protagonist PC-characters in the party. But personally; I never preferred playing BG/BG2 with extra PC characters. It just felt weird when no one ever acknowledged their existence. They were like socially awkward robots, just smashing baddies and blowing stuff up without any motivation of their own.
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