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  1. I voted for every single species in the second poll except for small humans.
  2. Wasn't ME3's 'Story Mode' just a fancy term for 'Easy Mode'? I regard ME3 as a game that got the inclusion of different game modes wrong. The 'Action Mode' was just insulting. It treated the player like an idiot, it even took away the choice to pick your name and class. On the other hand, New Vegas' Hardcore mode was awesome, and all this seems interesting, too.
  3. On this matter I completely trust Obsidian. Also, this is probably one of the only parts of a game that should not be influenced by outside factors, ideally. Once the fans start having a say over the plot, it becomes a custom-tailored soulless thing, made to fit a specific target group. Setting and basic character outlines are a completely different thing. They can tell us about that kind of stuff, but I don't expect the community to have much influence over that stuff, either. Only give us tidbits that are unlikely to cause a fan reaction strong enough to influence their work.
  4. Do we really need Project Eternity: Origins? The origin gimmick in DAO was nice, but I think the Arcanum approach to character background would fit this game better. It allows more freedom and takes less work to do. It'd also be less fraudulent.
  5. Now these answers are pretty limited. How about this: - Full voice vcting - Only voice acting for important characters/important lines - I don't care about voice acting Because tbh I don't know what to pick in this poll.
  6. Oh yes. I just bought Arcanum from GOG. I've probably already spent at least an hour on the character generation screens, reading up all the crazy backgrounds you can choose from. (I haven't even come around to actually creating a character yet because I can't decide.) Now that kind of stuff makes creating a character fun. So, what will Project Eternity have to offer? "At a minimum, players will be able to specify their main character's name, sex, class, race (including subrace), culture, traits, ability scores, portrait, and the fundamental starting options of his or her class (gear, skills
  7. Also, on companions potentially leaving you or refusing to go with you... you know, there could be some reason why they don't do that. Kind of like how the companions of PS:T followed the player character because they were all being plagued by past torments (although that didn't stop some of the more chaotic ones to attack you under certain conditions). There could be some reason, some motivation why your group of heroes has to stick together, or is even forced to stick together. Instead of your companion leaving you after you've done some horrible deed, that companion will express his hatred
  8. Seven isn't a bad number. It's exactly the amount of companions there were in Planescape Torment. If Project Eternity's companions are anywhere near as interesting and detailed as the ones in PS:T, I'll be more than happy with them. Plus, there are actually eight companions, with the 2.2million stretch goal included... which kind of ruins the PS:T comparison.
  9. The thread title is misleading. I believe "Paying once to get something twice" would be more accurate as that is what OP wants.
  10. I'm unfamiliar with the context for this particular character, but if that's indicative of the PS:T designs in general, I'd say they did pretty bad in that department. This isn't the impression I get from the Obsidian games I have played, though. You're putting up an interesting point. The main character of PS:T isn't wearing that much, either:
  11. Depends on the character. It would be ridiculous if every female character walked around in this type of outfit. Also, I find it hilarious how many people seem to be unaware this outfit is taken directly from PS:T.
  12. -Tooltips for abilites and skills. Having nothing but an array of cryptic icons to go from can be very bewildering. That was one of the things that made it difficult for me to get into BG2.
  13. Combos as in DAO, conjure up a pool of oil and ignite it with a fire ball? Yes, please. Combos as in DA2, use your mage to assign FREEZE state to an enemy so your warrior can use his BASH FROZEN ENEMY skill to instantly kill that enemy? God no.
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