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  1. This is going to be the longest year and a half in my life.
  2. Well, I have to admit that I have never played PS:T. I will leave now... I´m going to play it someday(waiting for the news about possible enhanced edition). But the point is, they are making it more BG/IWD than PS:T. At least from what I´ve read.
  3. I agree, that rather fewer characters with deep personality, than plenty of flat characters. But that´s what BG2 improved over BG1. 7 or 8 companions are still half of what we had in BG2. I may be mistaken and the number of companions would be enough to coop with game principles, but it is for sure that all the characters would be forced to you and it wouldn´t be like finding and hiring someone during some optional traveling far away from the center of the plot. But it also depends on how large the game/game world is going to be. I think that at least 2-3 characters more would add much to
  4. Hi, first of all I would like to say that I am very anxious for this project, like all the others around here. I´m fine with all the goals Obsidian has set, but one thing, as title hints, worries me. Even with the stretched goals, I counted only 7 companions? Does that mean that only 7 companions would be available in the game or is it the number of companions one would have in party at the same time? While there is no need for 20+ characters like in BG1 (even though it would be great, if the quantity doesn´t cross with quality), there should be at least 10+ like in BG2. Even with 10+, the
  5. You should be allowed to kill them, but with serious consequences, like reputation hit, or changing attitude of the rest of the party towards you. But what about companion, which would play some role in the story? This makes me wonder, what happened if you killed Yoshimo in BG2?
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