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  1. I hated elves and dwarves until I played the Witcher games. Then I realized it's not the trope that matters, but the treatment. So if Obsidian can try a new angle, I'm fine with both races.
  2. Come on, everyone likes a little digital nooky..or a bit of romantic banter and then a roll in the hay.
  3. As long as it grows out of the story, and is consistent with characterization, I'm fine with romances. Nobody wants a dating sim like BioWare does.
  4. They're trying to branch out to newer and indie titles. That's why I'm pushing for this. The very ideals Obsidian has laid down in their kickstarter pledge align with what CDPR stands for. It's a no-brainer.
  5. The last place I need to be buying the game from is a site that requires both DRM and a software client. If it's on GOG I use my browser to download, I click on the icon, I play the game. Nothing else is involved. Steam is overrated. I don't want their client or their DRM. And for what it's worth, best of luck on the game Obsidian.
  6. A cozy DRM laden place. I won't buy the game if it has DRM. Period. And there's no reason a niche game like this has to have it. This isn't Call of Duty or Mass Effect 3. It's not a mainstream game and it won't garner the same attention nor the piracy. It'd be ludicrous to have this be a Steam exclusive. They should look into GOG which is a far better digital distributor than Steam.
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