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  1. Did you already take any third level chiper spells. Thought I had the same problem with 2nd level spells but just hadn`t select any spells of the second level after I did that i saw them under the tab. Seems to be an error that the levels will be displayed when you reach the spell level even when you didn`t select any spells.
  2. Why is there even a discussion lets have a toggle on/off feature and be done with it everyone can play like he wants to and is happy. Never understand why people need to force other people to use stuff that they don`t want.
  3. yes please random encounters can be alot of fun when they are not just about fighting. There should be some crazy stuff like time travelers or portals to different regions or just some crazy cultist trying to sacrificing someone.
  4. that`s why I say i would be great but I know that it is not possible ^^ but yeah I have to agree were here to support that game and Obsidian and to have some fun
  5. hmm... not that easy to decided but i guess some mentioning or a book about a order that tried to change the world and failed miserably would something that could be done by obsidian. But would be nice if it could be a joinable faction in the game or something like that I say let`s try to go for the 1000 first and then if we can take it farther lets tackle the 5000 goal
  6. Coming back from work and so many new people Welcome to the Order brothers and sisters
  7. I would like to see gods that stand far above the races in the world in power/technologie standpoint and that they are meddling in the history of the worlds races like keeping them from advancing there technologie level or keeping magic on a lower power than theirs.
  8. Mascot is quite a secure position in the order, I think. Mages and kinghts could get killed in the field but maskots, harlots and cleaning ladies can stay in the warm and cosy guildhouse. Yeah but they need someone to protect them so no one could get them at the guildhouse and anyway what would the live be without some spellslinging. so and because no one did it before here are some refreshmens for everyone take what you like
  9. The call was heard and the pleadge was upped the deserve every penny i can give them Ancoron Spellslinger of the Obsidian Order
  10. This is an excellent question, and I'm suprised this is the first time I have seen it. The only two things I can use to guess the game's main theme is the name and the discussion of souls; shattered souls, unbroken souls etc. So perhaps it has to do with reincarnation and a battle that continues across time and through countless generations (see my avatar )? There's definitely potential there. I think the mature theme would be 'Do I continue the struggle like I have in my previous lives? Do I try to find a way to end the cycle? Or, if I think the cycle will continue no matter what I d
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