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  1. I done upped me pledge by eight pieces. ... O' eight. Bein' a savvy scallywag, I be thinkin' such a pledge be a most fortunate investment.
  2. Aye, "Black Isle" also be directly referrin' to the bloodline of this very game series, not to be forgettin' that isles also be directly tied to the sea. Where we be sailin'. Although the legitimacy of me birth be not in question, "Black Isle Bastards" be gettin' me vote, ye scurvy dogs.
  3. One of my suggestions in the original thread was "Raiders of the Obsidian Isle", as an homage (and my attempt to be [Clever]). Regardless of the piratical noun or format chosen, I do really like the sound of a Black Isle homage.
  4. Thank you kindly! I can finally throw money at Obsidian and sleep soundly. At least until the money leaves my account at the end of the campaign.
  5. I have a related question, which might sound stupid: You can increase/decrease your pledge once it's been accepted, right? So if I suddenly decide I actually really do need a 10" naked (?) green guy standing in my living room, I can increase to that tier? Or the reverse if I realise it's going to clash with the furniture? This is the only reason I haven't pledged yet. It haunts me at night.
  6. I was a little disappointed to find out we'll be starting again at level 1, but I was also really excited to still be playing the Watcher. I miss the narrative continuation and consistency of playing the same character that's been stripped out for some other franchises (I'm looking at you, Dragon Age). That's what I truly adored about the Baldur's Gate series. Personally, character development in the traditional sense (i.e. the narrative sense) is far more important to me than keeping levels and gear, as I can get those back. I'd rather have a character who already has a place in the world an
  7. I have to admit, I ditched my cloak almost immediately. Kept tripping on the bloody thing. But piracy sounds like fun! The Obsidian Marauders? Raiders of the Obsidian Isle? The Obsidian Flag? *fades back into the shadows*
  8. Lady sizes would be nice, though I'd just settle for a shirt that's not cut in a square. I'm looking at you, BG2 Collector's t-shirt.
  9. I like having good/evil/neutral/whatever options, but I hate having them tracked by the game. Gaining good/evil points tempts me to watch how many points I get rather than roleplaying my character. I also don't like feeling I've picked the "evil" option, when to my mind (or my character's) it wasn't "evil" at all. It'd be nice to not feel like I'm being punished for playing a neutral or borderline neutral character, too, unlike in games like Mass Effect and KotOR, where some skills or abilities are better depending on how nice or horrible you are. I'm not being indecisive, I'm roleplaying.
  10. In for a penny, in for a pound; I'll gladly show extra support to Obsidian and the project. I've upped my pledge by $13 dollars. I'd like to be known as... Purseliberator of the Obsidian Order.
  11. I think the key distinction should be "some timed quests" as opposed to "limited time game" (alá Fallout). If there are timed quests, that provides urgency, but you can still enjoy the game as a whole at your leisure. I do like the OP's haunted idea, though. Something like that, maybe slightly less dire, is a good way to remind the PC that they're involved and that they have something important they're supposed to be doing. Don't think that needs to be something with a time limit, though, just something that occurs across the game, perhaps escalating over time, but with a reasonable peak.
  12. I'd like to see guns in the game just so it can prove to people that guns in fantasy doesn't mean steampunk. Yes, black powder changed the way battles are fought, but people didn't immediately stop using armour and swords. The invention of the longbow changed the way battles were fought, too, but it doesn't seem anyone's calling for their removal because it means no one can play a mounted knight (mostly because that's not what it means, but you could make a similar argument). When I first saw the concept art with guns I wasn't particularly enamoured, but if it helps the setting feel new an
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