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  1. Hah, I wonder how much truth there is to it. https://www.zerohedge.com/economics/right-cue-biden-who-admits-high-cycle-pcr-tests-produce-massive-covid-false-positives A bit too conspiratory, but I'd not be surprised by some level information manipulations and higher than needed restrictions to kick Trump out. (he can't handle the crisis! Crowd)
  2. @BruceVC Also on the topic of not trusting US government. Why would I trust them? Why should I need to trust them? Why would you not trust Chinese government? Etc. Governments and people in power change, and data records stay. I do not really want to be dependant on the whim of people I do not know, who potentially could do me a lot of harm with misuse of my personal data. What's more, I do not have any direct influence on who is in a foreign to me government.
  3. Oh, they will do that 'legally'. The problem is, I will not like the law, which allows/will allow to do that, same as I would not trust the Chinese private SM company with my private data. I think we had conversation on the differences in data protection regulations between EU and US in the not so far past. Less than 6 months ago maybe? I'd not trust a 'bit' of my data to a US based company, that I do not agree that could be made public. I'm not paranoid about it, but I do know, that if I'm using a Chinese phone and US browser on a US based OS I'm aware that my data could be
  4. I think you might be a bit too naive when it comes to the US side and sharing data. On EU side, I'd agree, that's why you have some headbutting between EU regulators and for example Facebook, which is a US based company where C-suits are working with US admin and agencies. And looking at what's cooking to "combat domestic terrorism" I would not trust any US based data storing company that my private data is safe with them and actually private. EDIT: Also https://www.rt.com/news/513063-silicon-valley-eu-commission-president/
  5. https://www.washingtonpost.com/technology/2021/01/20/wechat-class-action-lawsuit-us/ So the same should be applicable to any SM platform based off US for any EU citizen?
  6. I think there is too much of the competition on daily basis by politicians and msm anchors.
  7. Well, having a dog would tell people that animals can hump anything.
  8. @BruceVC I didn't say you don't see such interactions, I just said they do not produce any offspring and do not pair bond long term to upbring the offspring. I have quite a few such friends. Yes, I'm inclusive, tolerant and do well in diversified communities too. Even they agree that some of the groups are just nutts and they also agree that there is a hihjer rate of promiscuity and swapping of sex partners and lower rate of long term relationships that could substitute a proper family. They also note that their are nutt-cracks in that community chasing clicks and foll
  9. Have your own kids? No one prevents you from doing that? To be honest, I'd more focus on easier access to invitro and perhaps surogate services overall. Adoption is a bit tricky in general. There are few families that can do it right, and evolutionary it's proven that it's preferable to have parents of both genders. (there is no mammal with same sex reproduction). I'm not saying it's impossible, it's however justified to have even more scrutinity here. I would not prevent it legally though. It should just have clear criteria, propper vetting and explanations for wanna b
  10. CNN already sucking up, Bloomberg alrrady covering that things look worse than we knew with Covid, due to Trump keeping people in the dark (no matter that the Fauci's team hasn't changed one bit) Corporates sucking up, like an Amazon open letter, "what can we do to help our dear beloved leader... tfu... I mean POTUS". Meanwhile vid inciting to voilence and more division sitting without any moderation at Twitter Mixing up regular voters with a really fringe element is very dangerous. Doesn't matter that there are also conservative people that are supporters of a dif
  11. I wanted to make sure, because of this term. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Secular_religion Sometimes people think some stance is secular, but they do it in such a vehement way, that in fact they create a religion.
  12. That I can agree with then, so secular would not mean atheistic or ideologically driven? What you describe I'd fit more under experimental science
  13. Well, he definately was at a waist size of an average American
  14. They are scrambling and thinking, what to outrage about now to generate similar traffic. I'm sure they will still go Trump this and that. Meanwhile, keeping to SM censorship and its consequences. https://archive.is/GmCsG#selection-2953.0-2957.246
  15. Both, technically, secular is a type of a religious belief (you believe there is no form of higher being, but cannot prove it or disprove it)
  16. So, if a company says, identify with this symbol and wear it or you will be fired, is that a breach in human rights? I guess, perhaps this is not the best topic to derail to various philisophical questions and lets just go back to bashing one anothers political viewes or what's presented in various media spaces.
  17. What is deemed human rights can change and it did change in the past. Would you be in favor of some group defining them or majority of human population deciding what they are?
  18. Yes it does, and my question is more aimed to show that things related to rights and beliefs are matter of perception. Laws can change, even what is deemed as human rights can change with time (and it did change) , so it seems there is nothing set in stone, aside of what 'opinion' is leading in a given timeframe.
  19. @BruceVC Now, this will be very controversial what I will say and is in no way something mandatory to answer or have a stance on as it touches a very sensitive topic. If freedom of religious beliefs, collides with opinion and beliefs of secular position of LGBT+ movement, where would you draw a line and put who is right in their demands and rights of expression? Also, if most people would vote for criminalizing some of these beliefs, would you agree with such a democratic voice? Where is the line what should be done and decided by vote of the masses in the democracy?
  20. Yes, and other companies in other countries can deny them access to the local internet (it does not matter that the owner of that company really likes a given political group and officials, does it?) , and we can create more echo chambers, more bubbles, more extreme views can fester, and societies can polarize more and dehumanize each other more. Just perfect.
  21. https://www.independent.ie/business/personal-finance/ireland-needs-four-million-migrants-to-sustain-state-pension-system-39985277.html So the cultural changes and as a result lower replacement rates in the 'native' population (lower rate of marriegas, higher divorce rates, lower child count per family, later pregnancies, etc.), require immigrants to cover the gaps required in the permanent debt driven growth model of economy. At which point society and economy will collapse and lead to a really ugly global conflict?
  22. One thing is to remove an account of a suspect, who participated in the illegal entry to the capitol, the other thing is to remove someone for voicing the views and opinion or even lies. As long as that is within the legal speech and the person is not charged or put into a 'suspect' position, then you should never, ever censor what that person is saying, especially when you are not liable for what that person is saying. You might categorize it as Adult Only if there is some language, profanity, but that's it. Otherwise, the SM is free speech argument collapses and changes to 'free speech
  23. So the politically driven private censorship of various legal political views is now used as a valid excuse for more authoritarian individuals to curb on social media overall. https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/turkey-turns-table-twitter-well-never-allow-digital-fascism It's now hard to defend sm as free speech platforms, if they've proven they are anything but that. https://www.middleeasteye.net/news/turkey-twitter-pinterest-ad-ban-social-media-law
  24. They couldn't. Haven't you heard? Apparently it was done by Putin's order, and Trump instigated a capitol coup as per his puppetmaster orders... M I mean, the level of butthurt and delusional is through the roof... @Lexxthis is apparently a Twitter accoubt that spreads BS, as you asked to point you to. This is some Q level stuff...
  25. Lets see a reaction. I bet, that people who pushed for Russian interferance last election tthe hardest, will be the ones dismissing this as a possibility, and outragous imposibility, etc. https://www.zerohedge.com/political/china-sought-influence-2020-us-election-director-national-intelligence-assesses
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