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  1. That is a very nice list, and having those types of kits would be great to adding to the re-playability of the game as long as the differences between them are noticeable and not merely a little bit higher cast level. I would add a wild mage type to that but with more randomness than BG2 version had. For example a level 1 wild mage would have 40-50% chance to have a wild surge that would be pretty much anything while a level 15 would have a lower chance to wild surge and if a wild surge hit a higher level mage the chances are the spell would at least be similar (Cast an ice bolt, high chance the surge would involve ice whether it be freezing you or making your opponent turn into ice) Honestly one of the best and most memorable moments of BG2 for me was accidentally summoning a demon in Irenicus' Chateau at the start.
  2. Since you are making a new IP and magic is VERY prominent how about we go a different path where mages can't do all that rogues can but rogues can't get around everything. If magic is much more commonplace in this setting I expect to find more magical locks which should require a mage to use knock or dispell magic types, on the other hand knock should not work on mechanical locks thus preserving the ability of the rogue, invisibilty should be very effective against the commonfolk who don't really use magic but to magic users there should possibly be a give away (small disturbance in the weave, etc.) that someone is invisible and you should cast a dispell over there, while a hide in shadows ability would not be true invisibilty but there would be no telltale signs. These sort of ideas can preserve the usefulness of both of the classes, and parties that lack a mage or rogue should suffer disabilities. Also don't be stingy with traps another way to make rogues useful
  3. The first time I did Big World Setup, I let it install whatever and ended up with a game that became terrible, the second time a few days later I spent 6+ hours just reading about the mods and making a list about what I wanted. It was easily worth the 6 hours reading and 24+hr installation. There will of course be more terrible mods than good ones in general but the few gems in there are worth it (SCS for example) I have probably replayed the game 5+ more times all the way through just because of mods.
  4. Out of curiosity, where exactly are you getting this information? Please don't say that when someone has their location visible it's more often than not European when the vast majority of people don't have their location visible.
  5. I have to say it is one of my fears that there will be a lacking amount of spell options without a vancian system, sure there are some games that have a large variety of spells with the mana pool system (arcanum for one) but the vast majority that use it seem to lack a great variety IMO. I would be most comfortable wih a vancian system or one similar to how the sorcerer worked with a limited number you can use per spell level. I don't want a game where i eventually ignore the first spells I got nor one where spells are forced to continually get stronger to the point that a cantrip has around the same power as a seventh level spell. Mana systems to me often become Super strong spell, chug potion, super strong spell, chug potion etc. I enjoy messing up and realizing I have made a terrible mistake when that cave is filled with fire giants and the vast majority of my memorized spells happen to be fire based, it is FUN to try and win a battle at a severe disadvantage and yes the vancian system can indeed lead to people just constantly clicking sleep but I prefer to limit myself and only allow it in safe locations or areas I have cleared, I don't like resting before a bossfight and making it a fairly simple battle. These are of course my personal opinions and probably opinions of a small minority but when I hear about a game being made in homage to the great IE games I think of the vancian type magic system and not a mana or cooldown based one. The vancian system makes me value each and every spell I have which I just don't find in other systems
  6. I would enjoy spells that could help influence dialogue or how much you trust someone For example detect lie, it wouldn't tell you directly what the person is lying about but you would get a feeling during the conversation and as such you may talk to the person your supposed to murder instead of just murdering them and find out in reality he's the priest and the other guy is a child murderer. Speak with the dead, of course is a great idea (arcanum did it at an ok level) Some spells that can "combo" together the best example I can give is from War of the Spider Queen with a dimensional lock+delayed fireball+sphere around target=fun, in that example your fireball would only damage that select target for very high damage as the flames cannot escape the sphere.
  7. Although partially true, the people doing art need to do work for the people doing the content whether it be new locations, npc's etc.
  8. Obsidian obviously is not rolling in money right now so I can see where a toolset may be difficult and hamper the main game, the key is making them keep it in mind and don't let them forget they do indeed have options like another kickstarter after the game is released, a kit they could sell which probably wouldn't have that high of sales unless of course they made it a requirement to get mods to work (mod DRM lol) which I personally would be happy to fork over 20$ for and those that don't wish to use mods can of course ignore it as it would add no aditional ingame content except for the ability to have mods. (Some may say that it still isn't right but hey I would rather be able to pay and play mods than not having a toolset released at all) If the modding kit were to have no impact on the original game (not using the original games money/time to make it) I don't see how anyone should really disagree with having a toolset created. Also as a side note, modders seem to be vastly superior at bugfixing games than developers and continue to do so even when developers stop patching and forget about the game.
  9. I don't mind ASCII, but realisticly that wouldn't sell well. I think they could get away with BG2 (the backdrops were amazing IMO) people need to remember this will be more about the story, shades of grey etc and not looking amazing but with how far graphics have come I honestly would be very very suprised if it is not vastly superior to TOEE (suprised not disappointed) For example look at what Wasteland 2 has out, using the same engine will probably have a very similar budget and alpha screenshots look great.
  10. PS:T Baldur's gate (both BG's preferably but if you have played the second and not the first play the first) Arcanum
  11. A character with Boo, Xzar, Minsc and Morte and Edwin like souls locked inside. Who needs more than 1 companion when it has so many personalities?
  12. You explained magical happy land. You're saying "Hey CDProjekt, I bought this game through Steam. Valve has some money, but you should let me download it because I'd really like a DRM free version." As I've explained multiple times now, I don't care whether it's GOG or Obsidian find some where else, even use a torrent tracker, that doesn't matter. Even if they charged for the bandwidth use, who cares, it's not like you need to download the entire game if you already have one version, you have the vast majority of content. I'd really like to know what people think you're getting for "free" and how it's such a big deal. Okay fine how about you buy the game on steam, then you can go get your other "free" copy from GoG and they shall charge you for the bandwith at the price of......the original game. /thread
  13. Okay, you "buy" the game, it is YOUR CHOICE where to buy it. If you later realize you wanted it for a different platform or different outlet this is not Obsidian's doing. It is your fault for making a mistake. People had to spend their time porting it to Linux which costed money, why on earth should Obsidian allow you to have both versions for the same amount of money? They shouldn't. If you want steam's autoupdate/file integrity buy it on steam, if you feel like the DRM of steam is not worth the hastle, buy it elsewhere. Obsidian has quite a few employees, some of them very large names that probably come with large salaries, if you want different versions of the game it's simple, buy it again. They do not owe you anything and giving out buy one get one/two's free is a terrible business model for larger developers. So yes, by all means keep asking why you can't get more for free and see a company possibly die before its time. I do not pay someone to mow my lawn for 20$ and expect them to garden for free. Also to answer your other question, You are indeed an entitled gamer.
  14. You give me 20$, then I'll buy the game for 40$, then I'll give you the free copy! Great idea to hurt sales immensely and cause the creators to go bankrupt! Honestly I don't know why you would post a question like this when the answer should be fairly obvious. Even if only 20% of the people end up doing that it's costing the creators to lose out on quite a bit.
  15. Classic IE system, just with more stuff stacking (unupgraded weapons **** like that) which is balanced by the weightlimit.
  16. I would love if classess had kits, it made the IE games vastly more replayable because of it. *Starts Wild Mage* *Casts Magic Missles* *Summons Demon in Irenicus Chateu* *Laugh and Cry*
  17. I would indeed love well thought out evil actions that you can do in quests, but I would also love a few quests where people believe they are truly doing good but it takes a VERY suprising turn and it happens that their actions caused a village to be slaughtered or something similar. I would love those types of quests where you have no forewarning that your intentions may be good but the outcome is anything but.
  18. Books in the game world would be nice as would the dev's having a wiki created a little while before launch with the big events of the world listed so we could learn about it beforehand.
  19. I see this being about as sucessful as WL2, maybe a little bit more so due to obsidian's "rpg gods" but not more than 4 million.
  20. 2.4 million and beyond! Coming soon! I assume a toolset will be out there but as a later reward. Modding of the Infinity Engine games was pretty big and I am sure they will realize that and want to help their fans out but first and foremost they need to have enough to make the base game how they want it.
  21. There is a very large difference between what Fargo did and what Obsidian is looking to do. Fargo has planned to do a remake/had a good idea of what he wants done for YEARS. Obsidian has not, instead Obsidian is (currently) hoping it's strong background on making rpg's coupled with fans who have played BG IWD PST to show trust in them. More info will of course come out but you instead choose to be rather impatient and disappointed over something that has a month long course. They could of course just spit out everything they plan on doing with the game right here and now, lose all hype, not have people upgrade after hearing something they want (like a toolset) will be included. Soul jibber jabber sounds like a bioware concept? Have you ever played PST?
  22. If reffering to my idea, I don't see it as a limitation but rather an improvement on a good system. I imagine it being like PST BG IWD mages but with the possibility to not have to sleep after every battle or two, which is vastly superior to having a manapool IMO.
  23. I really hope they don't use a mana system, I want it to be Vancian style, but instead of being constantly forced to rest there should be a timer that allows any memorized spell to come back into memory after X amount of time, with stronger spells taking longer to come back, but you would of course have the option to simply rest to regain all of them. Depending on the timers that system also makes you think about using your weaker spells early to have a chance of being able to recast them instead of just blasting an enemy with your strongest spell first.
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