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  1. I doubt they plan to do this. I fear so too. But with the success of Divinity and also Wasteland 2 they really should think hart about this. at least use a D&D rule system which already works.
  2. delaying a game is not a bad thing. Rushing it out is. I would love Obsidian even go the whole way and delay the game to integrate a new combat system. Maybe turn based? ^^ And if not use the one from NWN with actual D&D rules.
  3. Yes it does. And by the looks of it it is great. but I can not say much until I actually can play it. Also with the delay maybe it is really time to think about revamping the whole battle system and make it turn based. With it being like this it is not good or even serviceable... The rollplay aspect is really really good but the combat seems absolute terrible as it is now... And the combat in NWN worked better because it had actual D&D rules. Eternity does not.
  4. The guy that said the graphics look like they came out of 1994. Man. People forget Baldur's Gate is only 16 years old. Most of these people are not even 16 years old. ^^
  5. Man imagine Divinity like environmental influence. Like setting the whole grass on fire. XD
  6. That looks really really great. MAn I want to play this.... edit: And this is why I wanted turn based combat XD
  7. trolling about what? There is no romance in Pillars of eternity and that is a fact. People in here are just wishing it were^^
  8. There are certain RPG I have never played before and Jade Empire is one of them. I want to play it and soon because people talk about it fairly regularly. Do you recommend it? Absolutely! It can be a bit too easy, but if you play on grand master difficulty you at least need to try; unless Storm Dragon gets involved. The plot is great. The romances are good. The action is fun. The Chinese theme is cool. The enemies are interesting; except those dang Horse Demons! The games is awesome, but for some reason when you beat it; you need to wait at least two years before you play it again. The worst thing about this game is that it actually ends shortly after the big twist. In an JRPG that would have been just the prologue. I really liked this game but the ending destroyed it for me... The romance as far as I remember was pretty good though^^
  9. That is why I do not like the Bioware system since it is such a grind instead of a steady progression. It always should evolve around the story and not just a feature. And since it is an RPG you have chances to influence this romance by your actions.
  10. One more thing. Even if you don't play for mechanics; you still have to deal with them. So they still matter; even to you. They need to be serviceable. And I am sure they are. For my personal taste they are already not optional since I hate real time based combat with pause function for CRPGS in the first place. Also comparing visual novels with RPGs is pretty strange since most of them do not even have RPG mechanics to begin with. Obviously the mechanics are not optional. Why would you even state something so redundant? Did you mean to put in optimal instead? You exactly prove my earlier point that since you don't like the game-play Obsidian can't possibly make a game you'd truly enjoy. You would dislike at least 90% of the game. So, why should Obsidian even care what you want when you by default won't like their game? As for the visual novel recommendation. It should be easy to understand. You don't care for game-play, but care about story exclusively; a visual novel will give you exactly what you want. No game-play; all story. I loved Alpha Protocol and that was not because of the gameplay. loved it because I loved how they told the story and because of the great writing. And even though I do not like that this is not turn based I am pretty sure I will like this game as well even through I will most likely not dig the combat as much or because of the missing romance which would have been really great for me.
  11. Great to hear. Also great footage and the buzz around it is great too. There was really no reason at all to hide this footage since E3^^ Also I do not know why but the Giantbomb video seems really rushed. were you guys under some time pressure? The IGN video is a much better representation of the game because you guys presented it much slower and with more explanation.
  12. That would be much better than the stuff we have seen. I know this footage is not final I just judge the stuff I have seen. If they have already taken care of great.
  13. The problem is that Obsidian is good at writing and fan modders mostly not. Also building these from the beginning makes the game much more atmospheric than just add romance much later. A game like this should be build with romance in mind to be actual feature great romance.
  14. I know you would. That's why you should play a visual novel instead of an rpg. One more thing. Even if you don't play for mechanics; you still have to deal with them. So they still matter; even to you. They need to be serviceable. And I am sure they are. For my personal taste they are already not optional since I hate real time based combat with pause function for CRPGS in the first place. Also comparing visual novels with RPGs is pretty strange since most of them do not even have RPG mechanics to begin with.
  15. This has also been a point of contention and annoyance for me. We know all Romance is optional but people act they are being forced to partake. And trust me I have heard the counterpoint to this, its "but we don't want resources committed to Romance when they can be spent on other things in the game, so I still don't want Romance even if its optional " Oh welcome to the forums If you want to be entertained wait till Hiro and Lephys start debating later on, its unlike anything you have ever seen before It's not just a loss of resources; it's a loss of resources that affect everyone! The loss of romance is tough for people like Darji. Worse/simpler mechanics is bad for people like Darji AND people like Stun. Also, as I have mentioned repeatedly; we can easily mod in romances, but not core functions or areas. I would sacrifice mechanics and complexity in an western RPG to get a better story and great written romance. Again I play games because of the story not the mechanics.
  16. First of all I am sorry for your loss. Secondly I totally agree with you. good written Romance can do a lot to characters especially in RPGs. It is kind of sad that western developer besides a few which do it not even very well are so scared of actually bring love into video games. In reality I am not a very emotional guy but I really love to watch Love and romance movies. Especially ones from Japan. They maybe totally cheesy and corny but they actually have a lot of heart and emotion into them. Sadly not even many hollywood movies can do this right., And if they are made in Britain like Love actually for example. Example of this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QaR1huz8MgQ And I really wish Developer would actually try to implement more love and romance into their games. Even JRPGs try to shy away from real love and romance. I was actually shocked and pleasantly surprised by the kiss scene from FFX. Because presented like that was a first and sadly really the last for this series. That is also why I was so impressed how the Witcher 3 handheld all the romance and love scenes. It was on a level I have not seen in games before and I actually can not wait to see how they do this in Witcher 3.
  17. I think you're midustanding this because in IGN interview they said they coud be some platonic romances and I'm ok with that. I don't wish for any sex scene just a bond bewtween characters either it's friendship or love. There is no love in this game not even platonic love. In the IGN video they also explain why. No one wanted sex scenes in an isometric view. And this thread is also not about wanting sex scenes in the first place^^
  18. Problem here here is that Obsidian did not put romance because they thought with so many companions and these few resources there is no way they actually could handle that thing in the quality they want it to be in. And not because they do not like it. Because romance stuff is very time consuming and a lot of hard work they did not have the time or budget for.
  19. Yeah let us make fun of people who want different things than I want. That will show them and totally back up my argument.....
  20. Dude, it's an IE game successor.They were RTwP! I totally get that. But at that time only a handful of games actually did turn based combat right and right after playing 100+ hours of divinity I kinda feel sad that they did not change that. Torment will also have turn based combat which is now a great relief^^
  21. They did that in the ginatbomb Video as well. But it was really really fast and he did not even mention it much. The IGN video has a ton more of details though.
  22. Watch the IGN video they do it in a much slower pace and explain more as well^^
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