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  1. This is great thank you so much for it. really sad that this is the last game I will ever enjoy from Obsidian.
  2. Oh it's much worse. It's caving in to the demands of a twitter tranny who likes to to tweet disgusting genocidal fantasies. Yet zealously expects others to live by a strict moral standard he would never, not even for a split second, apply to himself. I mean the thought would just never register. Totes not rabidly transphobic. Actual bigots: go ahead and admit it like this guy has so we can move on with the substance. Oh wai Oh it's much worse. It's caving in to the demands of a twitter tranny who likes to to tweet disgusting genocidal fantasies. Yet zealously expects others to live by a strict moral standard he would never, not even for a split second, apply to himself. I mean the thought would just never register. Totes not rabidly transphobic. Actual bigots: go ahead and admit it like this guy has so we can move on with the substance. Oh wait people are now actually mad for censorship and now insulting the person responsible for it? Where have I heard that before? Oh yeah Indiana pizzeria. Have fun. because this **** goes always both ways. So yeah live with the criticism you get now because of it. Insn't your way of thinking great?
  3. I hate to say this but it really doesn't make me want to play the game I backed anymore. Or any of them. I get you, Darkeus. I can't really comment on the actual argument itself, but I would just say this: if you enjoyed the game before you heard about the whole limerick issue, what difference will it really make? I'm not siding with anyone. I don't feel it's responsible as a moderator, even though I'm not employed by Obsdian. After all, when I volunteered, I accepted a certain standard and, unless it's a matter of principle, I'm going to keep my political opinions out of it. So, non politically, all I'm saying is that the person who lodged the complain would have scored two victories if she managed to impact the game *and* destroyed your enjoyment of it. The optional text staying the same or not has virtually no impact on the product as a game. If you like it, play it and think of it as a big raspberry to the person who lodged the complaint. ...and then mod the limerick back in if you so choose. :Cant's Dutch uncle icon: I meant no offense to the Dutch with that icon. It is not about the limerick it is about the principle nothing else. Again I personally live in Germany in which a lot of games gets censored. Especially games with Nazi symbols etc. And I also boycott these studios or games as well when I can not play the uncensored version. No matter what is being censored. And here it is the same. I always loved Obsidian games but there is one thing I love much more than video games and that is freedom of free speech and expression. That is also the reason why i never could played the new Wolfenstein game even I wanted too....
  4. Yeah not for me though. I was always a supporter of Obsidian games I own Alpha Protocol like 3 times because I thought it was a great but flawed game. I was already really upset about ubisoft censoring South Park in Germany but luckily I got hold of the US version and played it through VPN. Otherwise I would have never bought it. But know they edited content because of this and this is where I draw a line and I honestly wish I could get a refund┬┤and they delete my game from my Steam account. I lost every reason to play more of this game because I despise such a thing no matter how small it might be.
  5. Wrong: Feminist Frequency member called for such a boycott. But hey... have fun we now life in a world in which people can censor and mute other people through twitter because they do not like things. And you know what. It is really funny that a pizzeria in Indiana who got threaten by these people know has raised almost 1 million to support them. Talk about backlash.
  6. Ok since Obsidian removed the context. Anyone up for modding it in again? I really suck at such things but would really appreciate if someone could uncensor this game again.
  7. This is really disapointing. I really wish I can get my money back. Well last time i Bought a game from Obsidian. I am sorry put I do not support Censorship in any form.
  8. Oh awesome. Time to play more POE. On another note anyone know if they dealt with the social issue a small minority of people had last week?
  9. Interestingly enough, I've played the first silent hill when I was around 10-11 years old and I was absolutely fascinated by it, even though I think I didn't catch all the subtleties or symbolism that could have shocked adults. Don't overprotect children, sooner or later they would end up in front of something harsh and even if they don't, I think they are not as fragile as many people would think. And if parents are anxious their children may stumble upon something they wouldn't understand or may trouble them, they can always talk with their children and explain stuff to them. Silent hill is honestly not really ****ed up. thhe stuff you do or can do. Or rather hear is really ****ed up in POE. But yeah I agree we should not overprotect children. But it also depends on the child and the Age of course. But if you are like the OP already worried about swearing and you want to protect your child then this game is just not for you at all.
  10. The question is if polish People have different words for **** you as an outsider normalle do not hear. for example: **** in Germany is not used much here either but the worrd. Schei├če has the similar menaing and is still a swear.
  11. But it's not stupid. It brings up the actually very valid point within the concept of crowdfunder-made content of what constitutes offensive content and how should the company regulate their crowdfunded content. No it is not offensive in any way. In fact it makes fun of the guy who killed himself. Nothing else. And this trope of stupid people die because of stupid reasons is a pretty common Thing in western RPGs. Some People just get way more easily offendd then others but there is nothing wrong with being offended or not likeing something. It only goes bad if you try to remove it also for others. Your freedom is that you can just ignore it. Also this is a bit off topic about the whole offensive discussion. I firmly believe that only if ist taboo to make fun of a group or minority in general. This group is not really accepted in our society. Comedy should have no Limits. comedy also should be offensive. Most comedy is based on making fun of misfortune oher people. This is one of the basic concepts of comedy. And this gravestone for example is exactly that. And I will say it again. It makes fun of the guy who died not the one he slept with. edit: somehow the whole Format is messed up. I am sorry for that^^
  12. But that is how people talk especially "bad" ones. no swearing would be totally unrealstic. And yes it is a Fantasy Setting but in a world which deals with so heavy Topics and events. Searing also feels totally unrealistic and not plausible at all. Oh and I personally think the world in POE s much more harsher and sicker than it was in Fallout or in this case Fallout New vegas.
  13. We honestly should stop bringing this up and wait if they will remove it or not. So far. There is no reason to do so. Even the gaming press is ignoring this. If they indeed remove it completely we can still state how dissatisfaction with it. But right now it is only a complain by a small extreme minority no one should pay attention to.
  14. Because you also can do it in normal D&D? I never encountered it but there should be a chance of getting attacked while resting and the longer you are in these dungeons the more should it occur in my opinion. Worst thing for me is that you can go in and out a dungeon, travel to the city, get more camping supplies and then go straight in without repopulating the area.
  15. I can not agree with that. Using words like the F word if used correctly shows also what kind of Character the person is. Many many people swear all the time. So not swearing at all would not only be lazy writing but even more important totally unrealistic writing. Especially not in such a harsh and sick world which PoE is set in.
  16. Maybe it should be handled like in D&D with some random Chance of death. for example a critical saving throw will kill you instantly.
  17. Oh of course. But if somone wants to let his children Play such a game and he/she is already worried about swearing in games than he just should not let his/her Kids Play this game at all. Editing a huge part of the games text seems also very dangerous to me since it will lessen the maning and effect of such acts. Especially when it was not written by an "professional"
  18. Yeah totally agree. This game deals with some very heavy stuff. swearing would be the last of its Problems to make a child friendly.
  19. I'm quite curious if your wife doesn't point it out for you when you get a critical strike on an enemy and his body is cut in pieces tumbling across the screen, or when you use one of your character's necromantic/demonic powers to raise zombies/demons to do your bidding, or simply go Dirty Harry on everyone you encounter deciding who should live and who shouldn't. Because really, the double morality on this topic is astonishing. I said something similar in a previous post, but it feels like for some people being a video-game gives them charte blanque to commit all manner of sociopath and homicidal deeds without really minding it, but man, spelling out a well fitting "f***" now and then, that's clearly stepping over the line. Well she doesn't sit and watch me game as that would bore her to death. But she can hear. I use headphones when I can, but my son's new kitten ... well that didn't end well ... for the headphones. The biggest double standard I've had in games is that you can murder at will but flash a tit and it's suddenly a Mature game. Though I'll admit NA games are starting to get a little better about this. EDIT: After reviewing the ESRB description it almost looks like they added the word just to get an M rating. About everything else could have been T. Use of drugs and alcohol as well as dark topics like rape will never get you away with a Teen Rating. The believe that this game would have gotten a T without the swearing is really laughable. But yeah As Long you dont force it on other but instead mod it^ is totally fine to do it so if it makes you happy be happy^^
  20. Of course they reviewed every entry before and also rejected stuff. But this is not out of line. And it totally fits the world. As I said before this Poem could also have ben sung by a bard or jester in this game. It fits perfectly.
  21. Who's Thunderf00t? Thunderfoot is some guy who critizes Anita S a lot with Videos of his own which are actually pretty good.. These People also suspended his twitter account and even took some of his Videos down.
  22. If you think that only the "extremist" SJW's are harassing and doxxing people then you'd be mistaken. Movie blob himself has said that there are no bad tactics; only bad targets. He's has a large SJW following to; he's not some nobody. Doxxing and harassing people is perfectly okay to many (if not most) SJW's if the target is anti-SJW. The harassment supposedly from GG has been from third party trolls who troll everyone for no reason other than to be jerks. SJW's just assume it's GG for no reason. People who call themselves SJW are the extremists. They are believing to fight for something and tnat they must destroy the other one. There are no moderate SJW. There are moderates who believe in equality and social justice and that is totally fine.
  23. Just one example becasue it otherwise will go way off Topic. There is a certain figure which made a game about depression which attacked an insulted a whole suicide Forum because they did not like her game. Also do you even know how many celebrity beating games the Internet has? I give you a tip a ton of. Women, men, black white everything and everyone gets beaten up.
  24. they are a all a bunch of hypocrites. Bingo. They are no better than the "gamergaters", both sides are equaly disgusting. Oh, I know how disgusting the "gamergaters" are. They get accused of doing things that third party trolls do, and for having ideas they don't have. How horrible of them to being blamed for things they don't do, and for holding the beliefs they don't hold. You can not say that. Again both sides have moderate people but also both sides have really dangerous ones who threaten People etc,. Sadly only one side was shamed by the public and that is why it went so out of Hand.
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