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  1. Yes, it looks like Torment isn't giving up on the idea. Hopefully, Obsidian puts those ideas into the expansion, and they get a good release for the main game to fund.
  2. I only get paid in cookies. And chocolate. Arby's also works for me. Hope you're getting cookies-and-a-half, then.
  3. I like the romance idea. Put it into the cold, cold ground once and for all. And then, after examining the "memorial stone" (which I assume is some kind of gravestone), the corpse within emerges as a zombie and tries to smother you to death with a binding hug. He's hungry for love.
  4. I am completely on board with the way this person thinks... I consider myself story/character/dialogue-oriented as well, but I dislike the use of quest markers. I want the quests in the game to require an understanding of what NPCs are asking of you, rather than a simple checklist in your quest log of what to do and where to go and a helpful arrow to show you exactly where you need to go. It's also immersion breaking, which can ruin atmosphere for the story. I understand being focused on only the actual plot and characters and dialogue, but a large part of it all is how it is delivered, the storytelling aspect, which can be ruined by excessive hand-holding by the developers. Personally, I think it would be interesting if not all important locations were pre-labelled immediately but perhaps you need to discover its importance before it will be. Some places like towns/cities should be pre-labelled, as that would make sense (they are commonly known locations), but unknown areas should be a question mark, especially if this game is trying to emphasize exploration as a major part of gameplay.
  5. That t-rex looks like a toy That girl looks pretty fun, too
  6. There's a huge difference. In a video game a Romantic relationship is a Romance, while non-romantic relationship is a friendship/camraderie. PoE will not have the former. This has been confirmed. There isn't a huge difference in how they are implemented and played within the game, however, which is what I meant. And I already know its confirmed, you are preaching to the choir.
  7. Fair enough, but there is a difference in the friendships you form with particular party members in say DA:O compared to the more intense interactions with love interests that also effect the plot in greater ways. I meant it strictly within the scope of a video game, not generalizing what the term means.
  8. The first one isn't a romance. It's the usual friendship/comraderie present in most party-based games with fleshed out NPCs. I meant a romantic relationship, not friendship, so poorly worded on my part. In video games, I suppose that means very little difference, but there is still some difference.
  9. Hopefully I'm getting this right, but I think he (Lephys) means: Romances - interactions the PC can have with companions/NPCs that can result in a lengthy relationship in some way Romance - any kind of romantic plot line, such as a quest you receive to help a young man seduce his crush or perhaps watching two characters have a loving exchange, that may or may not involve the PC in a very short-term, brief way Obviously, most people are referring to romances and not romance. I would suspect that romance might still be in the game, but romances are definitely out.
  10. Trade-offs are fine; negatives are really only useful from a roleplaying perspective. Trade-offs are usually much more interesting (assuming they are not just simple stat changes).
  11. I could care less if every little character detail effects dialogue; although it would be cool to have, it just doesn't seem realistic ever. Too much to handcraft.
  12. I'd love to see negative and positive traits in the game; negatives can be fun for full party creation. Character backgrounds like Arcanum would be awesome. Those kinds of trade-offs can add a lot of diversity to builds or just add flavor.
  13. You're clearly ignoring the necessity of your character's being devoid of flaw/weakness, u_u... There are only two ratings for any and all character-related numerical values in the game: 1) The best. 2) Bad. Duh... My heart still jumps when I see several numbers between 14 and 18 in rapid succession.
  14. But this eliminates the sheer thrill of rolling a point total that far surpasses necessity for almost any build.
  15. I actually hated that, because if I got up to do something else, when I came back I could never remember what I was doing.Also, it wastes my time. I have to go and type something in for every damn quest like that, and it's no more immersive than it just being automaticly added to the log. I agree that it does not inherently add to immersion. Rather, it can force immersion upon the player. First, it offers a new element of gameplay, requiring you to be attentive to details and make notes if you require (which can be fun for some). Paying attention to plot details can improve immersion as we have to understand even small quest lines to a particular level of detail in order to successfully complete them. But having an automatic log can potentially still offer the same level of detail if you wish to read and understand what was written; you just aren't going hands on with it. This is assuming the automatic log entries are detailed and not simple one-line objectives.
  16. Now you've killed a whole 'nother horse and continue by beating it instead: The "Omg guys, talking about romance is beating an extremely dead horse" horse. The "I can't believe this thread is still going" posts might even possibly outweigh the actual romance discussion posts. My life's work has been fulfilled! Seriously though, an actually unique addition to this thread is a rarity. But it is fun to read the bashing.
  17. The horse has been beaten so long and so hard, it has turned into a frothy, meat & bone soup.
  18. For me, PE is more meaningful for this game as it also refers back to the kickstarter acronym as well (Project Eternity). *For the record, I could care less what abbreviation people use for the game.
  19. I can't wait till this game becomes pornified. Because, you know, pornography is so hard to find these days.
  20. They already had the Neverwinter Nine; Circle of Nine would be redundant. How about the Square of Seven? Otherwise, a flawless masterpiece in the making. Avellone, you've done it again!
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