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  1. Yes, it looks like Torment isn't giving up on the idea. Hopefully, Obsidian puts those ideas into the expansion, and they get a good release for the main game to fund.
  2. I only get paid in cookies. And chocolate. Arby's also works for me. Hope you're getting cookies-and-a-half, then.
  3. I like the romance idea. Put it into the cold, cold ground once and for all. And then, after examining the "memorial stone" (which I assume is some kind of gravestone), the corpse within emerges as a zombie and tries to smother you to death with a binding hug. He's hungry for love.
  4. I am completely on board with the way this person thinks... I consider myself story/character/dialogue-oriented as well, but I dislike the use of quest markers. I want the quests in the game to require an understanding of what NPCs are asking of you, rather than a simple checklist in your quest log of what to do and where to go and a helpful arrow to show you exactly where you need to go. It's also immersion breaking, which can ruin atmosphere for the story. I understand being focused on only the actual plot and characters and dialogue, but a large part of it all is how it is delivered, t
  5. That t-rex looks like a toy That girl looks pretty fun, too
  6. There's a huge difference. In a video game a Romantic relationship is a Romance, while non-romantic relationship is a friendship/camraderie. PoE will not have the former. This has been confirmed. There isn't a huge difference in how they are implemented and played within the game, however, which is what I meant. And I already know its confirmed, you are preaching to the choir.
  7. Fair enough, but there is a difference in the friendships you form with particular party members in say DA:O compared to the more intense interactions with love interests that also effect the plot in greater ways. I meant it strictly within the scope of a video game, not generalizing what the term means.
  8. The first one isn't a romance. It's the usual friendship/comraderie present in most party-based games with fleshed out NPCs. I meant a romantic relationship, not friendship, so poorly worded on my part. In video games, I suppose that means very little difference, but there is still some difference.
  9. Hopefully I'm getting this right, but I think he (Lephys) means: Romances - interactions the PC can have with companions/NPCs that can result in a lengthy relationship in some way Romance - any kind of romantic plot line, such as a quest you receive to help a young man seduce his crush or perhaps watching two characters have a loving exchange, that may or may not involve the PC in a very short-term, brief way Obviously, most people are referring to romances and not romance. I would suspect that romance might still be in the game, but romances are definitely out.
  10. Trade-offs are fine; negatives are really only useful from a roleplaying perspective. Trade-offs are usually much more interesting (assuming they are not just simple stat changes).
  11. I could care less if every little character detail effects dialogue; although it would be cool to have, it just doesn't seem realistic ever. Too much to handcraft.
  12. I'd love to see negative and positive traits in the game; negatives can be fun for full party creation. Character backgrounds like Arcanum would be awesome. Those kinds of trade-offs can add a lot of diversity to builds or just add flavor.
  13. You're clearly ignoring the necessity of your character's being devoid of flaw/weakness, u_u... There are only two ratings for any and all character-related numerical values in the game: 1) The best. 2) Bad. Duh... My heart still jumps when I see several numbers between 14 and 18 in rapid succession.
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