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  1. Yeah it was in combat too, atleast before this update it was so. That's when I noticed it, I've been starting over for each patch.
  2. Island Aumaua still have to wade through water zones so their whole racial bonus is for nothing... Atleast it's so in the Gorecci Street area in Port Maje.
  3. Seems like the Island Aumaua's "Among the Waves" no longer works. My character wades in the water like the rest of 'em landlubbers.
  4. Loving the Spell Shaping! Makes spellcasting so much easier by not forcing you to nuke your own all the time :D
  5. No, it's not "ridden" with bugs, but there are some for sure. I'm not here trying to say it's unplayable or unenjoyable, but that is the way of Internet these days I suppose, hyperboles. I said I'm just waiting for it to be as perfect as it can become. I don't MIND waiting, I could happily wait for all DLC to be out to fully get back into it again. I'm not waiting as some kind of protest.
  6. Oh I just read through the Steam forums and it was painting this picture that people wasn't playing PoE2, but was PoE1. I realised I wasn't playing PoE2 either, but not because I don't want to. I'm just waiting, in case some people at Obsidian reads it, it doesn't hurt to hear that there might be another reason than people not just liking the game.
  7. It's NOT because I don't like the game, it's the exact opposite. I love all it wants to be, but the bugs and issues, I just want to wait until they're dealt with and the game is ready for me to fully enjoy. I've not touched the latest 2 DLC, they're sitting there installed and ready for when it seems the issues are fully dealt with. So, if you do have some metrics on people playing vs not playing, here is my reason. Don't worry about me thinking this is a bad game and that's why I'm not playing. I LOVE what the game wants to be, and I'm patient. As far as I'm concerned you have this ki
  8. http://eternity.obsidian.net/news/pillars-of-eternity-ii-deadfire-update-52---beast-of-winter-preview It says "upcoming changes that are on their way in Patch 2.0!" but I really can't find any info on this topic in the post. Is there a link to it somewhere else and I've just not found it. Or am I just blind and confused?
  9. Could someone who knows what this is about confirm if it is real or not? If I use it, will something else go bad? https://steamcommunity.com/app/560130/discussions/0/2572002906843374108/
  10. I see it on both mobs and quests where appropriate. Settings are All, and only scale upwards. So, for me it's working fine.
  11. The idea isn't a bad one in itself, I did want something like it, and not only for appearance. I wanted attractiveness and physical strength as separate entities, though not handled by numbers like with attributes. "Might" I see more as "Skill", as the more skilled you are the more damage you do and so on. It clashes a bit for me that might is used for strength checks while a skinny wizard bests anything strength related. It's weird. I would change Might to Skill, then I would add strength as something you pick between like "medium" "strong".. "very strong". You could sacrifice an attr
  12. Feminism is about giving both sexes the same possibilities if they are able to perform them, and not limit them simply by being the wrong sex. Nowhere do you hate men because you're a feminist. The only thing it's about is allowing everyone the same chances in life. It's not about getting people to do something they're not capable of doing, it's giving them the right to do the job if they CAN do it. How do people have issues with this?
  13. I wish it would be easier to see this stat as it's quite important when picking your traits. I know I opened his character sheet while shapeshifted and saw it was only 1 weapon damage/accuracy stat. So atleast I knew it wasn't dual-wielding, and the damage strength would indicate it was two-handed. But, I wish it would simply tell us somewhere, and maybe it does and I've just not found it. Tooltips are a bit of a mess really. Either way, as far as I know you're correct about all other animals though, being dual-wielding.
  14. I wouldn't mind if there was a signature ability for the combinations of classes you can do, but it would be damn hard to come up with so many different ones
  15. That's just utter nonsense. You will find some "testers" that are happy to be playing a game early (for whatever masochistic reason), but for the most part there are the people who gets it done. A lot of bugs are often remaining because there wasn't enough time to fix them, not because they wasn't found.
  16. Since I have no idea how they actually did their testing, my response was just a Yes, because naturally there should be testing. There is no doubt there already was testing start to finish, you can't release a game without doing so. Some things are hard to discover though, and some things only appear with certain hardware and other situations. There will always be bugs thanks to that. Bugs I don't like though are obvious ones, like respeccing and losing skill upgrades. That should have been spotted and fixed before release. Things related to maths and pure logic should have been avoided si
  17. I don't know why we got personal inventory either, it serves no purpose for the player. Quest items end up in the stash, and there is no multiplayer so no one can sneak up and drop stuff on you either. I guess it's there for tradition
  18. I prefer single class for some reason, I always feel I miss out if I can't get the top tier abilities lol. I'm not really missing out though, I know. Two paths really; Focused, or Flexible. Whatever the case I always pick a class/multiclass that fits the character I develop, I'm a sucker for roleplaying. Stats and all that become secondary to me haha.
  19. As I feared then Well, here's hoping they will add the functionality for it eventually, it's quite annoying how you have to manage it right now.
  20. (adding the question here too in hope of an answer) I still haven't figured this out. How do I actually level up my companions while on the ship? So far I've had to go back to an Inn somewhere and swap out all companions to do it which is incredibly annoying in the long run. The reason for it is basically just for ship combat, so they're up to snuff when a battle starts.
  21. If you don't buy it on Steam it won't add to their sales numbers Personally I bought it on GMG.
  22. https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/98361-fixes-to-the-patch-beta-build/ Whatever is NOT in that thread, is not fixed.
  23. I still haven't figured this out. How do I actually level up my companions while on the ship? So far I've had to go back to an Inn somewhere and swap out all companions to do it which is incredibly annoying in the long run. The reason for it is basically just for ship combat, so they're up to snuff when a battle starts.
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