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  1. I touched on this in a feedback post I made for turn based, but I believe a number of TB specific issues are greatly limiting the functionality of casters, priests especially. RTWP: It certainly feels like bless lasts an entire combat, or at least to the point where you've gotten enough advantage out of it that you outnumber whatever is left. Buffs like holy power and consecrated ground can be difficult to use and require planning and tactics, but are very powerful when used correctly. After you run out of spells the tide of combat is already turned and you can safely auto attack, wh
  2. I've played turn based up to nekekata on veteran scale all upward as a wizard. I have to say that spell casting started off very clunky and painful, and now that I've got the hang of it, it still feels very weak. I am doing okay on my single class wizard that uses a lot of free action buff spells. Xoti as a single priest and Aloth as a wizard/fighter are just weak, and not very fun. I think part of the problem is that companions weren't designed with turn based in mind, and have skimped on dexterity. Another very glaring issue is that, to my knowledge, there is no way to retarget a spell
  3. I don't think they should be limited if it is possible to have them relatively balanced. That being said, I think that way too much hype and development focus is going into multiclassing. If I had know how it would pan out, I would have been against even adding it in favor of really solidifying base classes. It would have been a nice happy medium to limit from the start, but to include a separate identity for each multiclass. A unique ability that encapsulates the RP flavor and class role mash up would make each of the limited number of multiclasses available feel special. Something that
  4. I think armor penetration as an idea is over thought out and poorly executed in games. If your goal is for a weapon to do better vs flat number mitigation then the obvious/easy solution is to do more damage per hit (to keep DPS relatively balanced swing time is increased). Over penetration is a sloppy idea that comes about when people stack more penetration than the target has armor. This happens because penetration is over powered and gets stacked. What should happen is that extra penetration is useless. This makes sense from a RP perspective, since it doesn't really matter how well y
  5. Now that we only have 5 party members it is less likely that we will have any 1 class, but with dual class it is way more likely that you will have access to that class. I don't know if they've said whether you can re-spec companions into their dual class after you've picked single class, but if you can that opens up lots of items. I would like to see more class specific items relating to class abilities. With cloaks and necklaces in separate slots (and grimoire/trinket?), we'll have more room for more than just +X stat. It could be real basic stuff like +6 accuracy to flames of devo
  6. I was really hoping they would do something with wizards in deadfire. Unfortunately the current implementation of one spell per level up and no class abilities i.e. grimoire slam and arcane assault leaves much to be desired. Having X casts per combat instead of per day is very nice, but it really calls for spells that are useful in more situations. It seems like a very common trend in these forum topics, that as this franchise evolves it is outgrowing it's infinity engine and 2nd edition roots. I'm sorry but no one is going to pick "chilling grasp" sunless touch. It's just a bad spell.
  7. It can be both a good thing that resolve isn't a dump stat and also a problem that hybrid classes that were already multi-ability dependent now need another ability. This matter is going to be much further muddled by dual-classes, most of which are multi-ability dependent on top of having lower power levels. From there you have to add on scaling. In PoE 1 it was possible to get most of your party +2 or +3 items in most of their 'primary' stats while maintaining the essential cloak of protection, ring of overseeing, or class specific accessory. Now that cloaks and necklaces are separate slo
  8. I agree very much so on wizard sub classes. I made a conjurer because the familiar sounds cool and I wanted to check out the bonuses. For those wondering, familiar is a spell that has to be cast in combat. I summoned a bird that gave me a +1 dex buff and was very easily killed. At level 6 I had access to the first 3 levels of spells. I picked all conjuring spells: sunless touch, ghost blades, necrotic lance, web, arcane veil, and miniature meteors. I know beta isn't complete, but none of these really scream conjurer to me, and even with the increased power level this is not an adequat
  9. I like the penalties in the vein of kits in baldur's gate, but I don't like the idea of specializations being tied to an order and it's ethos. You shouldn't feel like you're being punished by making a damage dealer paladin that isn't a bleakwalker, but if your other options are to gain a bonus you don't need AND get a penalty. That feels too extreme. The other option is to make a bleakwalker and get the bonus you want but also a penalty and a further penalty if you don't role play your order via Faith and Conviction. Faith and Conviction also prevents there from being a no subclass option a
  10. This patch is 1.6 GB. I really hope its more than 2 fixes and analytics. Otherwise it would be nice to ask us to opt in before downloading 1.6GB and taking up that space regardless.
  11. If we're suddenly policing muscle wizards, then I call shenanigans on the brainbarians. Oh and just so you guys know dragons aren't real either.
  12. I really liked how might was used in PoE1. If you wanted you could make a *mighty* caster (and it had nothing to do with strength or bench pressing) and they would have more powerful direct damage spells. You could also focus on intellect and be more of a controller caster, debuffing enemies for long durations, or targeting larger areas/groups to control the battlefield. Having might increase your auto attack damage, be it with wand, gun, or sword helped those direct damage casters fulfill their party role as strikers/dps. Now they'll have to choose between spells and auto attacks, whi
  13. Look at modern sequels and go back to what made them great. People hated on skyrim for taking out a lot of the character custimization options i.e. stats, tag skills, pants. In a game without classes its cool that any character can potentially do anything, but it needs to come at a cost. There's no point when every character can do everything. When I decide to be a swordsman not only do I want it to mean I'm good with swords, but I want it to mean that I won't be good with bows, or if I want to be good with swords and bows then I'll be giving up social skills, or magic. I don't want to be
  14. I know buying the rights to make a sequel would be a bit much for a kickstarter, but I'd love to see a "spiritual successor" to games like the infinity engine games, arcanum or even lionheart. I think a new IP would offer some great possibilities for gameplay and mechanics. What was great about all those games for me was the setting, story and overall immersion. PS:T for example was fairly light on combat/action but there was a lot to explore that actually rewarded the player. Another key element is having the game respond to your character(s). Its awesome having attributes or skills unlo
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