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  1. i didn't encounter this bug in previous playthrough but it appears very consistently in BOW fights post 2.0.
  2. i have never encountered that bug before but it seems it is not fixed as i systematically encounter it in BOW even after the new patch. it seems to appear more often when using charm/dominate cipher abilites. please enquire
  3. Isn’t reviving exhortation supposed to Rez the character with a set number of hit point that can be well in excess of of his normal hps? In your example, aloth for instance shall be raised with 392 hp and then lose 196 of those when the effect end, so he’ll survive if he hasn’t lost 200 hp I haven’t use this ability in game so I don’t know if my assumptions are correct
  4. fthey shall change this to generate wounds on any melee attack but the ones that spend wound.
  5. 10% to cast boiling spray at ennemy when wearer is critically hit for okura's kettle is quite clear in the description
  6. It looks like all items with on recieving crit property have been nerfed to trash by reducing proc rate to 10%!!! at least it's the case for nature's embrace / ngati girdle / okura's kettle. i think that 10% is the right proc rate for on hit property, for on crit it shall be something like 33%. Protective eothasian charm darkest before dawn ability shall be made per encounter given how badly it has been nerfed ( from -75% damage to -25%). On the other hand, i think it is important to put a cap on number of figurines that can be brought in one single fight ( cap it a 2).
  7. Favoured and disfavoured disposition are implemented and unchanged for Poe1. You can find them on the wiki. Gold pact favour stoic and rational and despise aggressive and passionate while bleak Walkers favour aggressive and cruel and despise benevolent and honnest if I remember correctly.
  8. I must agree with you on this. while i welcome the balancing and the fact that combat will last a little bit longer with the reduced dps, i think that nerfing base damage or boosting HP would have been much preferable route than this. characters spend more than 80% of their time idle. moreover what was the point of nerfing down movement in patch one to boost it again relatively in patch 2.
  9. The only downside to this upcoming rebalancing is that it shatters my plan to do a run with a party composed only of 3 INT characters. I was planning to call them Moron 5.
  10. Thanks maxquest for summarising masterfully the various thread. For once, i welcome the new mechanics eve. With some of the side effects.
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