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  1. Thanks for the reply. It is a shame indeed, but I always thought that with IWD, that lcontent patch was given to the community for free? May be I am wrong about this. Just a quick question: My game oftern crash out from the menu screen, it will restart the whole PC, is that a known bug?
  2. I have just recently completed KoTOR2 (although I have not played KoTOR 1) and I found it rather incomplete. After reading a few posts here, I found out that my impression on this matter was correct, the classic publisher pushing it done early. If I remember it right, the same has happened to Icewind Dale, and they later did an over 100mb patch (or 170, in thouse days, thats a lot) for the players to download. I wonder if the same would happen to KOTOR2?
  3. Soul Calibur gt a 10? I got that game and while I think its good, a 10 seems a bit too kind.
  4. Its cool to know that I am not the only person who just keep playing the same character. For those who do, what make you guys keep on playing the same character? In DnD, I oftern play as an Elf (but about third of the time play one as human), Ranger, living on the human land. First, I love a "creature" that is flexible and small. And Elves oftern seems to think about the "feelings" of the land, of the stars and some stupid romantic stuff that a human would usually be slapped by his friends if he says it out. So my ideal elves are more like the LoTR type. But since they are so god like, I feel strange playing my character as an elf sometimes. Ranger is again, belonged to the nature, combing with the talk about the feelings of the land, and the moon blah blah blah, its just really really cool. I was born in Hong Kong, and have always been a city person, viewing nature is really inspiring. Additionally, ranger has stealth, and "could" be a good fighter. Also, I always look for ways where the class/character provide some extra damage in combat under certain condition, almost like a secret weapon, so Sneak Attack from the Rogue, and the F. Enemy from the Ranger really interest me. I know the Sneak Attack do a lot more damage, but in exchange of nature and speaking to animals and living in the wild and could enjoy it all the time, I would rather take the Ranger class. Its really its a shame how the world believe combat power is relying on STR, since my brother has been doing Kung Fu for so long, at the end, it all desire your body to be "lose". None of his masters look like body builders, but that
  5. Heh. From, "how to become a Jedi" to "more fetchie less talkie" is entering a larger world is it?
  6. Since 3E I have always played a ranger with any combination of classes that would support stealth, such as Rogue. I have since then, play through many NWN mods doing the same thing. And recently, I have just completed KoTOR2 using a DEX based character who is also skilled in stealth as well. Also, I just can not play as a female character. I have heard so many people who has been playing with so many different classes, different gender and perhaps races, I once forced myself to try, as an experiment, but half way through the game, I had to restart and make THAT character again. I have still learnt what some of the spell do because I was oftern beaten up by magic, but not by using it. Strange.
  7. Answer to Yoda. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Less talkie, more fetchie <{POST_SNAPBACK}> What are you talking about? Why would you want to do more "fetcie" and to let us know, sorry I dont think you got the meaning of the question as titled on the thread, or, you are just talking out of topic, which would also mean, I am talking out of topic by actually replying!
  8. I fear that doing BG3 will be somthing of "keep mining on and dead mine", surely it will sell still, due to BG's scuess and influence, but I felt that BG2 and its expansion has closed the whole Child of Bhaal chapter, guess we have to see what happens.
  9. Planescape: Torment is what I consider as one of the best DnD BASED game. Sadly NWN is a good engine that connects all of the moder to deliver their story and design, the game it self, NWN has a totally rubbish story and design, it;s actaully pretty bad.
  10. So all Jedis asked a passing Jedi to fetch jelly to become what they are? I see there are many Jedi in the pass, surely it was quite a profression in thouse old days of SW.
  11. Fictional: I am some guy living in a small community, doing some really not very interesting thing for living, but I feel the force, will then some Jedi will come and take me as a student?
  12. I found a silver one at the end chapter, just before you entere the final building to end game.
  13. I know there are DnD star wars out here, but I was referring to the typical DnD, computer Forgotten Realm games such as BG, NWN. I have not played the first version of this game, but comparing it even with NWN
  14. Calling sombody name, rather the term cry baby coud even be consider as an insult in this matter, and being bitchy, which might mean being very demanding from the developer on these fourm, are two different things in my view. But hey, I am no expert in english or communication, what do I know? :D
  15. I remember now, thouse hared times were the good bits of Total War, now I remeber what ROME is missing, it is very easy indeed.
  16. I disagree with that comment, I think fan's support is important to the developer. Secondly, not all fans are "bitchy", many are very constructive and I am sure that many devlopers has benifited from their fans enough to consider them to be NOT "bitchy".
  17. Having an online community usually support the developer, community means fans, and an online community is very important to any computer games which has the online multiplayer aspect. I don
  18. Hey there Carlo, Why would you think that ROME is less of a wargame-ish? Why would it being less of a wargame would increase its market do you think? Thanks
  19. Just played it, K2 betters it on every point. I just think most peple pefer to see Ps:T through the rose-colored glasses of memory. K2 is just a landmark in gaming history when it comes to blending the worlds of dramatology and computer gaming. I cant wait for when Chris Avellone & Co. gets to do a real independant production game. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> If you have JUST played it, its kind of unfair to comparing an old game TODAY with a morden game of today. But I suppose there is no "fairness" when it comes to personal view. I would also say Planescape: T is one of the best game ever, the vioce acting was bloody great, the character design was bloody great (better than BG IMO), the story was bloody great, the writing(dialog) was bloody great. Everthing was so good that made the action seems rubbish, which was actually still ok for its time.
  20. Have you played Carthage prior to the patch? Three units of armoured elephants could single-handedly decimate pretty much any army thrown up against them. I beat the game with Carthage easily, and virtually every army I fielded was outnumbered massively. With the patch, though, they're nowhere near as effective. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Hey there, I mainly play the game online, and using the elephants really could be quite effective even after the patch. But when online, you are given a limited amount of money, while the elephants are so expensive, which could put you in a disvantaged position comparing with other players who play without them. There are many players who would expolit the fear factor of the elephants, but fire arrows always able to counter that.
  21. I have got both of the games. It is a personal perspective, I think Warhammer is a pile of rubbish comparing with ROME, even though ROME is one of the worse one out of the total war development. The AI would just rush into you, the only understanding of landscape is that they tried to run to a higher point if they want to play defensive. The other Total Wars has nothing of this sort. Of course ROME is also the most sucessful one from the total war development as well, but I think mainly the new graphic engine win this for them. After playing online with so many people, some of them has gone back playing MTW. Anyway, Warhammer COULD be fun, but totally not worth the money, or even time comparing with ROME.
  22. chemchok, really nice screenshots, well done and good luck in its development.
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