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  1. I dont like the fact that I am buying a product off another source beside a shop or some sort of a retailer. That means I have to open some sort of account and worrying about package and if the box that comes with it its sealed, damanged or what not.
  2. Dam, Amazon out of stock and dont think they are getting any more.
  3. One of the reason I feel like getting it is because of the portraits IWD has. It might sound stupid but its like a tribute to the artist.
  4. I have played almost all of the good DnD CRPG, BG 1 and 2 + expansion packs, IWD I and PST. I wonder if I should complete my experience in playing IWD as well, mind you its a 2 years old game and I wounder if its any good still. Its
  5. I am more concern in how the two classes will be interpreted in a CRPG, where skill in climbing, swimming and jumping might not be so important (although I certainly hope NWN2 will overcome that). If NWN2 will have mount, and if what I hear about a Pally can get a Dragon as a Mount at level 20 is correct, in comparing with a Ranger who would get a flipping Owl at 20, than Pally is almost overpowered. I certainly don
  6. World of Warcraft is my vote, I have not played it, but the graphic and character design seems very nice. What do you think?
  7. I have only experienced DnD throug CRPG, would you tell us more about why you think that Ranger is one of the most verstile classes in PnP?
  8. LOL! I admit I did the same for few of my characters :ph34r: Yes, Ewen Brown was right, I ment to say Chart. Back in the 2E days, Ranger and Pally require more experience to advance in levels than other classes. In comparing with a Ranger in BG and a Pally in BG, Ranger its quite sucky, I wounder if Ranger has somthing special in 2E PnP back then?
  9. I am actually a little suprised that why this thread is moved, I dont mean to question our lovely Phosphor's decision on his power and duty, but, but I do actually, why is this moved? Edit: Actually may be its because its about 2E.
  10. I am quite angry when ever I started talking somthing on the thread, but than I realise that the title of the thread is totally mismatched in what I am trying to say! I was talking about rubbish (in my view) roleplayers in NWN online communities, now having read some of these post (which are quite funny), they all talking about fists fight type of agression! Just to add, I totally dislike nastionalistic people, who are rude to another person based on nationality, and talk about war history to judge, to talk down on others.
  11. I regret a lot of situations where I sounded rude. But having said that, I bloody hate thouse people who trying to kiss the butt of sombody important within the community, and use other people as a platform. The other kind of people I feel out spoken to, are thouse 'role-player' who expolit 'somthing I could not find a word for it' to gain attention. For example, a person play a female character, and show off herself, and role-play relationship with another character, making them doing things to her advantage. I met this one female character, who emotes herself, "smile brightly" or 'smile bright' after every dam line she say. Even when its a conversation where she is not the centre of attention, she would emote somthing like, "run her fingers through her silky hair". It took all my will power to resist myself to tell her that she is most unplesent to have around. But thats is not as bad as thouse Roleplay Nazi, where they PM you every 2 second to do a roll on how well you've swimed across the river, jumped and cook. The worse part is, they are one of thouse who trying to show off their RP skill, at the same time, openly expose other people who is not as experienced in expressing themselves as characters. In which, make themsleves look good. Sometimes, DM look for players to award, rather than, spoted smthing rp well. When they see sombody clearly showing off with detialed expression, these up their own butts people get the reward. While, I saw another player trying to help a new person to RP did not even get noticed. These things, made me very outspoken, and somtimes, agreesive.
  12. Hello, I ask myself, what is wrong with me! Sometimes, looking back to the message I typed, I found it really quite defensive, and even sometimes, aggrassive! What the hell is wrong with me, I rarely, or never speak and interact in such a way in real life, I would like to consider myself as an easy going person, but looking at some of the communication I had with others, its messed up!
  13. To thouse who said that FR is just as magically common as GH (or the other way around), I think thats fair enough if your experienced the two different worlds that way, and may be you think I am "wrong" to think FR is higher world. But impression is like feeling, you cant really be "wrong" by feeling how you feel. I get the impression about GH is much lower in magic than FR, it is based on some readings, as well as some game experience over at NWConnection (a place where people arrange games to play together). I would say, many times there is a game based on GH, there will be a line in the description expressed that GH is a low magic world. It does not directly comparing it self with FR most of the time, but other details supports it make me feel that GH is a lower magic world than FR. For example, they would say, "A +1 weapon is very difficult to obtain in GH, please write a detailed and reasonable story on how you obtained your +1 weapon". On the other hand, I think in the rule book that, you can actually buy +1 weapon from shops, but I am not sure about this, therefore I CAN be wrong in this one.
  14. You really shouldnt judge FR by the computer games. In a 'proper' FR setting, there's very few magical items around, certanly not +5 swords in every 3rd barrel and drow hiding in every corner. Or did you mean that in your view, it's negative because the world has magic? In that case, you're out of luck with mainstream D&D worlds, they're all magical worlds with deities and such. Comparing FR to any number of other D&D worlds really comes down to personal preference, although I find it rather funny how for example, the greyhawk and dragonlance crowd tries to insult FR, saying how munckhinish it is, with 'overpowered characters and magical items', when in fact, most of the D&D settings is filled with the same munckhin elements. The setting is what you make of it. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Although it is what we as the players make of it, in terms of how "good" the world is, but there must be some sort of truth in the impression that, FR is just too many powerful items and things come too easily. Basically, I have this impression that GH is lower in magical items while FR is like , "free magic give away" style.
  15. Can you say, which is a "better" world in terms of its intellectual degree? For example, I say FR is great as a pletform to be a computer game because its allow a lot of freedom and magic flying everywhere. Which, in a personal view, its actually a negative thing because I desire a "realistic" fantasy world. I hope you could get my meaning here, would you say, GH is "better" by my sort of standard? I know this is hard to say as you can spent hours saying why is that piece of art is better than others, but I hope sombody could guess where I am comming from and give me some ideas or introudction. Ta.
  16. From what I have experienced FR seems to be more popular than GH, but if I remember correctly, sombody told me that GH was created before FR, whats the deal between the two and why is FR more popular? I mean, whats the difference (in short)?
  17. Hello, I saw that some fans is titled, "level 3" at arouond 700 posts. Is there a list on how many posts you get to level? Also, would there be additional title given by level? Such as a level 17- Lord Blah Blah?
  18. I still remember the NWN 1's first website, it contine only a few images of the game. I might be forgetful about the dates, but it must have been 1999 for the first images, since then, due to the changes with Bioware's own website and interplay, there has been 2 different community websites, the second one is what we see today. If I remember the dates right, the site was up 3 years before the actual game release, even they might not have been the most polished one.
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