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  1. Thats not a bad point Phosphor, would like to know where the tradition of Rangers getting FE came from, FE seems more like an assassin bonus rather than Rangers. But thats only because I am viewing the Ranger class as a goodie goodie roll.
  2. I love all the total war, I have to say though, Rome is not as well done as MTW, but the graphic engine bring it up in the level that looks pretty and therefore become very popular. The AI on ROME is totally rubbish, you will soon find you almost feel that you have been fighting the same battle againest the AI. This is not only a personal expeirence, but a common point spotted by many TW fans, although the 1.2 patch has improved the AI a little, but its still very lacking. Though online its still a very good game, the 1.2 patch make the horse archers carry the "not shooting arrow bug". Hopefully the expansion will sort all of these things out, and have as much units as on Time Commander!
  3. From the list, I supported Warcraft. Which has a lot based on DnD anyway, however I enjoy it more than FR and other worlds of DnD (expect for Planescape setting) because they portary each races in a more balanced way, rather than "this race is evil, this race is not evil, and this is netual". The Orc's tribal background its well "blended", and the Night Elves are really well done, shame about the ears seems more like rabbits ears. I could not pick Middle Earth because its the grandfather of DnD and many fantasy settings, stories, its too great to be amoug all these on the list. Also, I think ME is real, not just a fantasy... EDIT: Actually I dont know what I am talking about, I am sure undead is evil, but I hope you get my meaning that, other races are not too extream interms of good and evil, such as in NWN and some other DnD games.
  4. Why are there so many people dislike Interplay, I thought they are respected because they produced Fallout?
  5. I would not mind to be more updated with the NWN2 development so I thought I come and hang out a bit.
  6. For some reason, I find this "term" coming from you to be pretty ironic. I mean you've been pretty quick to judge, among other things. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> It is, if you look at it, and then apply it to your own personal way. Meaning that, you MIGHT have taken whatever I have said personally. Which is fair enough, but trust me, I dont want you to be unhappy. I am sure quick to judge in this asspect, I am aware I am very defensive when there is a slight suggestion that these are players supporting the boarding school, power managment style of role-playing game. As this reflect very much my personal experience of these hostile RP nazie, as I have said, many stories to be told reguarding to that asspect, may be if there is another thread, I would tell you how other people claimed to be role-players while they are just using the term to cover up their power desiring personality. And thats just one of the many asspects of how I feel these RP nazie are negative.
  7. I enjoy this debate, I was expecting reply in such quality. What is wrong with this? I thought its a representation of some narrow minded people who expect other role-players to act and behave in a certain way and quick to judge wrong in other people etc etc. Its quicker to use THAT term than to say, "narrow minded people who expect other role-players to act and behave in a certain way and quick to judge wrong in other people etc etc". I must say I personally have seen these "narrow minded people who expect other role-players to act and behave in a certain way and quick to judge wrong in other people etc etc" spoiled which were wonderful RP situations, and have caused much unhappiness among the players. Anyway, endless stories to be told, I rather they go home and play amoung themselves.
  8. I like to agree with that a little bit, even though some of you have bashed it. In my view role-playing is acting as a character within the environment given, and these things could be very personal, and could be hard to say, right or wrong. I don
  9. I see. For a none english speaker (native wise), the above line would suggest, from you, that there are rules to becoming god like although its very restrictive. This seems to be of course, your personal doubt as well as expectation. As I have metioned just how many player characters become god-like, god, over at what I consider as a heavy DnD community such as WoTc. No, I have not see too many CRPG giving you god-like status either.
  10. When you say "its not", you must be reflecting your own personal experience which is fair enough. As a mainly CRPG player, I oftern desire to have a real PnP game where I can listern to story telling and acting out a character and so on, heh. So I like to visit the WoTc sites and the links to other fan sites from there, to get some idea of what the world is like and their stories. From my vists and viewing other characters stories, it does support my message about that many characters at high-epic levels were granted places as a god, or some godly power for the least, power that at least make them no longer mortal. I am sure many share your view that, "oh, there are many rules againest it". But whatever the rules were, surely hundreds of people on WoTc posting about their characters stories about their characters became god or godlike, there must be ways to go around whatever rules you mean. I am sure some would say thats unfair way to look at FR based on thouse guys on WoTc, but at the end of the day, there are rules, but it is the community thats running the culture. And in many ways CRPG contributes a lot in these cultures, which some PnP players would consider as degrading.
  11. Do you have to pay after this weekend event?
  12. Heh. Putting winning and losing aside in an argument based on personal preferences, I think how NWN portrays FR making me thinking it
  13. One of the asspect of a MMORPG is that, they get you hooked from the player interaction. I did expressed that I would not pay to play as in a monthly fee, but I have actaully played 2 online games of these type, UO and Asheorn;s Call(sp), both of them got really boring after about 2 weeks, but during this time I got to hook up with some good people and were doing guild things. Its quite evil how they use this vertual friendship to get you hooked.
  14. Its sort of hard to make a pool like this on a NWN2, I am sorry if the result may be a little subjective. But one of my personal rasons to support NWN2 is because how I have been playing NWN since the first day it was released, and how I went to studying about the world, write stories based on FR, and so many re-sources can be related to the world and the role-playing asspect of it. So I am looking forward to NWN2 more. Additionally, I hear that Obsidian is the team behind Fallout, I remember I used to love the enveriment of the game (and FO2), I am expecting Obsidian show themselves skill in game design and out do Bioware's poor hand in NWN.
  15. I am glad after voting PST as the best CRPG in the western world, the result shown many agree with me! is KoTOR anygood even for a none star wars fan?
  16. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. Nice generalization.... I'm guessing you're a rollplayer <{POST_SNAPBACK}> ? You seems to be pressured to name other players non-roleplayer. Guess what you may, I am a romantic role-player, built to smite RP nazi such as yourself. By RP nazi I mean, one that EXPECT how others to play their characters in a certain way, or, believing naming themselves a role-player if though its some superior status. But really? I welcome everyone.
  17. Paladins are balanced by their "severe" roleplaying limitations. if you don't think "lawful good" is a limitation, you're not playing it right <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Unless you are a what they called a role-playing nazie, there is no right or wrong way to role-play.
  18. Hey Xellos Des'Vana, Nice Bio of yourself, a good CV that is. PST is the best storybased CRPG there is! (IMO)
  19. Hey Ender, I think at the end of the day, DnD is surely not balanced and its never intended to be. I think its a great social medium, so balance in terms of every class have equal power is quite out of the picture. So why does it bother you if there is loopholes or not? But there must be somthing in the Ranger and the Pally class, back in the 2e days that is considered as greater than other classes, as they had a higher experience chart than other classes. At least, may be WOTC or whoever was in charge at the time thought so, may be!
  20. The nature of this thread is about comparing the two titled classes in terms of what logic lead them shared the same experience chart back in 2e. Not about their role-playing value in your view. Additionally, even in a role-playing environment, I would say, they are certainly not "about equal", they are indeed very different indeed
  21. If you're a numbercrunching powermunchkin <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Heh. Personally, being aware that a Paldin is more powerful than a Ranger in gernal combat is not and should not be seen as an idea of powergaming. In the tradition of CRPG culture, hack and slash asspect is a very strong core of the game, therefore, it is natual that if EnderWiggin compare the two classes in a striaght forward view like such. From my personal experience, when I play online, servers that say they are "hardcore" RP, filled with many roleplaying nazie, whome are very oftern calling others "powergamer", I found that they are the one who are the powergamers themselves. Please see the thread in my sign.
  22. Other free servers and supported by GameSpy, which they get a lot of advertisment to support the maintaining. But I am sure somewhere in the maths MMORPG has got to be one of the biggest profits in online game no?
  23. 15$ is also the highest monthly fee I have seen it being asked form a MMORPG, bloody hell, its almost a cheap game per month, might give a miss!
  24. So WoW it is? How much do you have to pay a month?
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