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  1. they don't agree they don't agree! Matthew Sweet - Falling The lead guitar on this is out of control! It reminds me of the guy who's been wanking all over the latest Wilco studio album and their double disc live record. I love it; he's like an uncontrollable spaz who happens to know every inch of the fretboard.
  2. Sure, sure, take engineering courses... if you want to make a good living! I've got a much more palatable suggestion: Take recreational classes if they're available. Especially ones that focus on something you've never done before. They usually meet only twice a week for an hour or so, and they're very useful in filling out your class schedule. For instance, if you're one credit short of reaching your quota of class hours for that particular semester, see if you can take softball -- or broomball if your university offers it (that might be a Midwest thing, I'm not sure). I took a tennis class my first year of college, then bowling and raquetball later -- all things I'd never done before. I ended up liking raquetball so much, I took it twice. I had a friend who took canoeing for credit. Also, more and more universities are offering classes in Belly Dancing. Seriously.
  3. Pixies! Enjoy the limited responsibilities of college while they last. Don't take a campus job unless you really need the extra cash (also, wanting to meet a new group of people is an acceptable reason). You've got the whole rest of your life to work. Also, form a band. There's plenty of people in college who play music. Surely you'll find some who don't want to play exclusively Sublime covers. Last, learn things! When you're old and graduated like me, you won't ever have the time to read about stuff like Soviet Russia or the work of Lawrence Ferlinghetti. @Tale: you should have had a Dreamcast. My roommate puked all over mine one night. After a thorough scrubbing, it still worked fine (and still does, years later).
  4. sundown, blood horizon now it feels all right nobody feels the darkness down in the valley tonight The Lemonheads - It's All True
  5. Got people screamin 'Free Mumia Jamal' But 2 out of 3 of y
  6. ^ I finally managed to acquire the rotund one's version of Dylan's "Changing the Guards." The original song is off the criminally underrated "Street Legal" album, and it's one of the best Dylan songs from his post-Blood on the Tracks era. Naturally, I was psyched to hear it, and Black Francis did not disappoint. It took me forever to track this bastard down. For a while, it was only on the "All My Ghosts" CD single, but it's been re-released for an iTunes-only B-sides compilation called "Snake Oil."
  7. Actually, I don't. And all is right again with the world. Voxtrot - Raised By Wolves
  8. Now I see... pixies actually likes the Flaming Lips! He was just stirring up trouble! Jimmy Vaughan - Six Strings Down
  9. Louis XIV - Paper Doll I swear, I feel dirty just listening to these guys.
  10. Yikes, Oerwinde! Three days? I've been thinking about buying one myself, and I've been doing a lot of research. Originally I was going to wait for the Falcon chipset, but that's been delayed indefinitely. However, at least the Premiums and Elites have been being manfactured with an extra heatsink for a few months now. Refurbished consoles are getting the new heatsink, too (or so I've read). From what I understand, 360s are crapping out because the boards warp when they're subjected to very high temperatures, so the extra heatsink should at least alleviate the RRoD problem. I don't know if this would be important to you, but the premiums manufactured in July and August have had HDMI ports as well as that extra heatsink. The HDMI functionality is noted on the box. And hey, it's extra and it doesn't add to the cost, so you might want to look for it if you're returning your busted one. Good luck finding one though... the few places I've asked said they're selling out their old stock first. THEN, they'll order a new batch, which would probably have the upgrades. So I've got two questions: What type of 360 is it? Premium, Elite...Core? What is the manufacturing date? You can find that on a sticker on the back of the 360, as shown here: http://forums.xbox-scene.com/index.php?showtopic=616493 Edit: added link
  11. I just finished my second tasty Miller High Life ("The Champagne of Beers").
  12. Boy, I sure am glad I didn't pick him in my fantasy draft! Nah, I wasn't going to draft him anyway. I heard he was really in the coach's doghouse.
  13. That song title almost makes me want to listen to The Flaming Lips. Almost. I know, I know, I just never liked them much. Indie cred out the window, right? The Thrills - Wooo! Left-handed rhythm guitarist alert!
  14. The ****ing Champs - Now is the Winter of our Discoteque
  15. This is the second thread this week that I thought was going to be about Atlanta Falcons quarterback (and professional no-goodnik) Michael Vick. Although another PETA-related Vick story isn't as exciting as reading about how he is trying to acquire missiles for Al Qaeda...
  16. Well, the eggs chase the bacon... The Afghan Whigs - Lost in the Supermarket
  17. The Stone Roses - She Bangs the Drums
  18. The more ... intense of the Fallout fans around here may already know this, but when Interplay sold the Fallout IP, they retained the rights to make "Fallout Online." Well, Interplay released its quarterly report yesterday, and now that the company is once again in the black (entirely due to the deal with Bethesda), it's ready to get to work. Next-Gen.biz Kotaku So is this a good idea? Blasphemy? Doomed for failure? I personally don't care, because I don't play MMO games and I don't have any great love for the Fallout games. So I definitely do not have a horse in this race. However, I figured this would be right in the wheelhouse for some of the community members here, so have at it.
  19. Frank Black and the Catholics - The Real El Rey
  20. Dude! I just watched that last night! It's definitely one of my favorite DVDs. "They'll keep fighting... and they'll WIN!" I borrowed the first two Bourne movies from a co-worker over the past two weeks. I had never got around to seeing them, for whatever reason, but I enjoyed them and am looking forward to seeing the third.
  21. So what is the point of accumulating these "Achievement points" anyway? Bragging rights on Xbox LIVE? Does collecting X number of achievement allow you to download online content you'd normally have to pay for? Now here's my two cents: Cheating should always be an option. Hell, I never would have been able to finish BG2 without cheating. I shouldn't be denied access to the ending of a great story just because I got sick of restoring my level-drained characters, then finding somewhere to rest, then repeating the process again. Interestingly enough, I was able to get to the very end of BG1 without cheating. But the point is, I play those games for the story, not the challenge. Fast forward several years: The KOTOR games were much easier. That may be because the developers were making a game with much broader appeal. So, they had to create a game in which players wouldn't be forced to start from scratch if they gimped their character out of ignorance of the game's rules. Of course, there are exceptions. I hear the new Ninja Gaiden and the God of War games can be ball-bustingly difficult at times. But I think if the growing prevalence of online gaming makes cheat codes taboo, we may continue to see single-player games turn into cakewalks.
  22. Hindu Love Gods - Raspberry Beret (Prince cover)
  23. Neither do I, Kor. Andrew W.K. - She is Beautiful ^ Guilty pleasure numero uno.
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