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  1. Maybe you should forget about stealing it and start taking notes from it. *pats EndWiggin softly on the head* There, there little modder.
  2. Finally, someone gave modders some advice, maybe now we
  3. I suggest light mods, small additions and such, if you try a TC then you're just going to fail miserably. Oh and never hire newbies, their arrogant ****, who do nothing. You could always try messing around with Gamemaker or AGS. http://www.cs.uu.nl/people/markov/gmaker/ http://www.adventuregamestudio.co.uk/
  4. Yeah, it's amazing how many hours are put into the development of games. The simplest of things can take hours to create.
  5. If you do the altruistic thing and kill yourself, everyone else will be less depressed.
  6. Keep in mind people that designing is a harder job then it looks.
  7. Yeah because we all want to see a ad for coca cola while running around shooting aliens.
  8. OMG Don't dis my story about the Temple of Elemental Pwnage.
  9. Bulls***, all you need to do is write/flowchart all possible outcomes. Level 1 of the temple of pwnage Start Jake starts in a big room full of chairs and 2 doors in front of him. If Jake goes into Door 1 If Jake goes into door 1 then he is killed by a 1000 orcs. If Jake goes into Door 2 if Jake goes into door 2 he wins the Necklace of Pwnage which advance him into level 2 of the temple of pwnage. Word is a great software for writing stuff.
  10. you mean toee? you had d&d rules (yes, i'm aware that some of them were broken. still i find the tb combat in toee really cool). you could talk to people and monsters, and you could kill people and monsters. you could find interesting, powerful items, or forge them. your party got stronger by gaining experience, and thus leveling up. thats rpg, atlthough very combat-oriented. Actually I believe RPGs are more about freedom and personally choice by the player, giving the player total control and letting him do as he pleases. Basically playing a role which allows the player total freedom to do as they please.
  11. *shrugs* I've never played it, sorry for not indicating that.
  12. Just because it has stats, TB combat and inventories doesn't make it a RPG game.
  13. No it stands for quality assurance, beta testing and such. Yeah I know you're joking
  14. I'm not the one who misunderstood the question and took it as an opportunity to make myself look smart. (Which pretty much failed)
  15. God! Why do you have to come here SP? Why cant you guys just stay where you belong, on the interplay forum?
  16. How can it be an impossible question when you just answered it in your post?
  17. You guys seem to have misunderstood Craftsman's question, he asked how do you make a game not "How do I make the BEST game EVAR!". He's simply only asking the requirements like software and skills.
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