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  1. If you find the multiplayer that terrible an experience with random people don't open it up to randoms. Find some people you know to play with so you can talk to each other and work out what you'll do for builds, gear etc ahead of time.
  2. That's interesting. I can't even find anything that lists a more specific release date than October. Nothing up on Xbox Live about it yet.
  3. Probably not, I don't think stuns are particularly effective overall once you get past the early stages of the game. The short effect duration combined with the stun effect only applying when Reinhart first casts Mirror Leap would further detract from Temporal Wakes usefulness. If you go with the Damaging Illusion you'll be able to squeeze a bit more damage out of your doppelganger.
  4. Each area has an experience cap. So you will only get up to a set amount of experience then no more until you progress further along in the game and continue on. Probably to try and limit people using the respawns to grind some extra experience.
  5. Lucas has Wind Shear as a ranged attack and you can take down bosses using that alone. Early game Wind Shear (Wounding Gale) and Blade Dash (Hemorrhage) are brilliant for taking out slower moving mobs. Later game Heroic Charge (Willful Charge) with Unbridled Wrath (Endless Wrath) is very powerful, particularly if you go high agility and doom you can get some very nice critical hits out of it.
  6. That fight with Jeyne is my most hated in the whole game. On my first playthrough I spent 2 weeks tearing my hair out with it and only beat with help from a buddy, couldn't beat it alone. Once you kill the ogres and have to kill the archon there just seems to be suddenly too many adds to deal with at once and I always get swarmed and die then. On my last playthrough I turned it down to normal from that point cause I didn't want to end up throwing my controller through the tv out of frustration
  7. I'm wondering if the online mp for this game is a bit dodgy in general on all platforms. I play on Xbox and if I get into a game over Xbox live it's laggy as hell, my buddies drop out all the time (if I'm hosting) and your game may completely freeze up when trying to join a game.
  8. I went for the Magic Bullet proficiency for my current run with Kat. It doesn't seem to ricochet so much as hit 2 targets that are standing right next to each other (when it happens). It's a good thing when you're scoring heavy critical hits. I personally didn't bother with Rapid Fire as you regenerate focus pretty quick through basic attacks until you pull out Flintock Fury. The Markswoman ricochets are a nice bonus, again particularly when you get crits off both hits. I think it works well with Magic Bullet as it gives you a way to hit multiple targets since most of Kat's attacks are single target. Wounding is probably inflicted by a certain ability rather than basic attacks. It should say in the ability/talent description if a status is inflicted, I just wish they were explained a bit more.
  9. I'll put on my nerd hat and suggest a bit of a mythology tie in. In Norse mythology Odin had a pair of ravens that were kind of his messengers/familiars and I believe traded one of his eyes for knowledge. This is off the top of my head without digging out my big book of mythology to confirm. The Radiant Youth is clearly more than just any child and in possession of a great deal of knowledge of past, present and future. Birds have also featured in various myths/lore as watchers and messengers acting on behalf of gods so could be the case with the ravens and the Radiant Youth.
  10. I haven't played as Anjali since the demo but her human form is probably a bit like Lucas's 2H stance, as in a slower strike that can hit multiple enemies at once. Great early game when enemies move slower but mid to late game once you start getting ones that move faster (those bloody ninjas) you may need to start using the fire form more or really learn to love dodging. If you go for high agility and doom to increase crit chance/damage you can lay on the hurt and it works well when hitting multiple enemies at once, or does with Lucas anyway. But again attack speed would probably end up an issue. Choice of companion would have an effect too. Not using Anajali's fire form you would miss out on some nice aoe attacks. I'd be curious to see if someone does make it work effectively.
  11. AI companions do have a serious case of stupid at times, especially during boss fights. Have you tried it in multiplayer (not sure what platform you're playing on)? It does make things easier. Also what level are you at? With my current run I did fight at level 10 at it went fine. When I first tried it at level 8 (I think) it was a bit much.
  12. I usually don't play warrior characters but I'm having a lot of fun with my Lucas run. I focused more on 2H early game then more on SnS late game. My fave skills for 2H have been Blade Dash (both proficiencies) and Wind Shear (Wounding Gale) as they are great for clearing slow - medium speed mobs. For SnS Heroic Charge (Willful Charge) gives some nice heavy hits to single targets later on. Also Unbridled Wrath (Endless Wrath) so all of the above can be spammed.
  13. Just the one button press, don't have to hold the key down. With empowered Blade Dash Lucas will pinball around until he takes out all the enemies or runs out of focus. It's a fun move but it may end with mp buddies raging that they can't see **** when you do that. Good times
  14. I'm playing on xbox and the achievement for selling $100,000 worth of items isn't unlocking even though the deed for it shows in game.
  15. When you first speak to him when you decide the fate of the krug. When talking about how the people of Stonebridge killed the old Legionnaires there's an option you can pick along the lines of forgiving people for their mistakes and letting go of the past.
  16. In my Reinhart run I did this fight with Lucas as companion. With Reinhart I focused on the Entropy stance which was good for mopping up the little spiders pretty much as soon as they spawned so you can then focus on Palefang. If you can then keep Palefang focused on Reinhart (they always seem to chase the squishies) then Anjali should be able to lay on some damage up close. I focus my builds on high agility and doom so if you go with the proficiency for Geometry of Annihilation that boosts companion agility and slows enemies this will help. I don't think I used Clockwork Trap in this fight cause as I'm sure you've noticed it's a bit slow to cast. Mirror Leap is pretty good too, even if it doesn't completely distract all enemies it helps to lay down some extra damage. Just be careful where you aim it/yourself of course. It was a long fight but got there in the end.
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