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  1. If you find the multiplayer that terrible an experience with random people don't open it up to randoms. Find some people you know to play with so you can talk to each other and work out what you'll do for builds, gear etc ahead of time.
  2. That's interesting. I can't even find anything that lists a more specific release date than October. Nothing up on Xbox Live about it yet.
  3. That fight with Jeyne is my most hated in the whole game. On my first playthrough I spent 2 weeks tearing my hair out with it and only beat with help from a buddy, couldn't beat it alone. Once you kill the ogres and have to kill the archon there just seems to be suddenly too many adds to deal with at once and I always get swarmed and die then. On my last playthrough I turned it down to normal from that point cause I didn't want to end up throwing my controller through the tv out of frustration
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