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  1. When in five playthroughs on hardcore I don't die once and once I get into that battle I die 50 times and am completely incapable of beating it on hardcore it means the battle/special attack damage setting is broken.
  2. big hall, circle in the middle, her thrall is throwing spears at you while she is in the bubble...
  3. Did the new DLC fix the only broken hardcore battle in the game, the first arena battle with Jayne? You know, when you randomly and instantly get killed no matter how ridiculously high your health and armor are..
  4. Exactly, I played more Fallout New Vegas than any online game combined. Also this is an excellent topic, first two posts are a must-have for DS3 to thrive. Unfortunately there is zero feedback from developers on their own official forum.
  5. The problem with the camera is that it zooms in automatically when in tight spaces. That's the only problem with it. I still don't understand why the zooming can't be disabled, it serves no function whatsoever, only breaks the combat. Second fatal flaw of DS3 is that chaos statistics and other stats are not robust enough to generate many different builds within each class. Third fatal flaw is lack of content, when I entered Stonebridge, I thought it was the beginning of the middle of the game, not beginning of the end.
  6. Exactly. Combat is great but they really should have thought about the stat stuff, effects and how that can affect builds. It's not even a money/resource thing, it's an idea/paying attention thing.
  7. This has been already discussed on the forum many times in many topics. Basically, Obsidian Entertainment crossed the delicate line from streamlining over to dumbing down which impoverishes the game. I guess they think people are not very smart or literate or something. Also the randomness and lack of uniqueness of chaos statistics is a problem because you then can't make specific builds out of them, like lightning build or fire build, since chances don't stack. Hopefully all of that and more will be addressed in the upcoming DLC. This game is certainly too good to be abandoned, pr
  8. That's all very good but when you play a melee character in Diablo 3 all you can think of is "why the hell am I not playing with Lucas now?" It is far more satisfying and visually appealing, Blizzard hasn't evolved in the slightest here. Diablo 3 is just primitive, both in gameplay combat mechanic and in graphics and animation, there is no other word for it. As for replayability I got 5 playthroughs with Dungeon Siege 3 which is pretty good since the game is so short and lacking in content(practically 3-4 areas with adjoining terrain).
  9. Btw, it looks like Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning copied the combat system from Dungeon Siege 3 and then improved it and expanded everything else.
  10. With Diablo 3 beta I had the opportunity to finally experience it and: -the animation of characters is way better in Dungeon Siege 3, especially for melee character, melee combat in Diablo 3 is extremely unsatisfying and basic compared to DS3 -graphics in DS3 is way better, D3 looks really outdated with practically no lighting effects, it really shows that it should have been released a long time ago. -the only thing going for it is loot, voice acting, probably CGI and story Any informed gamer would not choose Diablo 3 over Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning or anything Dungeon Sieg
  11. Yes, with all other battles on hardcore you can win if you are careful and know what you are doing, here it's all about randomly dieing no matter what you do so it's just a matter of repetition until you get lucky.
  12. The first Jeyne arena battle is actually the only battle I haven't won on hardcore in 5 playthroughs, despite having over 2000 health and over 200 armor...I really despise how they made single attacks kill you instantly and made armor irrelevant on hardcore. The randomness of dying was just too much. When I put it on normal I beat it without any problem whatsoever the first time. They really blew it with that battle on hardcore...
  13. I can't even play other ARPGs now, the combat in Dungeon Siege 3 is so good, it really is an evolution of the genre..
  14. Why can't Obsidian prevent the game from ever zooming in? How is it even possible that anyone thought that game zooming in would be a good thing when it is the single thing that breaks the flow of the combat? In tight corridors, game zooming in is the biggest enemy of all the monsters..
  15. Here is what proper level of customization looks like..
  16. The first battle with Jeyne Kassynder in that arena is indeed harder by many orders of magnitude. For example, on my second hardcore playthrough with Lucas I didn't die once, and then I got to that battle and lost count of how many times I died.
  17. Yes, it definitely has the smartest, smoothest and intense player skill-based combat system of all other ARPG, but it lacks greatly in character customization.
  18. Are you annoyed as I am that you can't customize your character in depth? For example you would like to focus your character on lightning damage but you can't since its effect occurrence is extremely rare and this chance is unchangeable, a simple solution for this would be to let each item that has lightning effect add to the chance of the effect occurring... Another example how Obsidian developers didn't think this through... Post your ideas on how to make customization more detailed and varied.
  19. Also it is damn annoying when the screen blacks out when Lucas is about to execute someone...you kill people all the time yet when most satisfactory ones come you see zilch!
  20. That was very foolish, it just shows that they haven't thought this through, how does it make sense for you to be able to get hit while hovering in the air and how does it make sense to not give any edge to other abilities so they are more or equally useful than other abilities? And you don't need focus from any other ability or skill since you have endless wrath.
  21. Btw, are you invulnerable when in the air when activating vanguard strike? Maybe then it would be usable.
  22. I thought it was dodging and rolling, later if you stand still even for 2 seconds you are dead no matter how much armor or stamina you have or block value. And that is another thing, stamina-armor relationship, it is never a good idea to ever choose armor over stamina, armor is completely irrelevant.
  23. Why would you ever upgrade or even use shield pummel, vanguard strike, earthrending strike(that is one sloooow ability for a supposed crowd control) and many other with other characters? Lucas is best at using 3 abilities: blade dash, wind shear and heroic charge, and I'm not even sure about blade dash once you get wind shear. 2 effective abilities is not much customization, now is it? And you could have done it so much better if you only had given it enough thought. And skills like Trader, it is completely irrelevant since the game is so small in scope..
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