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  1. Yeah and how do you calculate critical? And normal abilities: ability damage is the damage Attack skills: Attack dmg+ability dmg = damage, but due to spinning kick being lolterrible, the only use for anjali is hurl spear for loldamages And yes some formulaic answer - while would hurt your anti-diablo feelings - would be incredibly useful for deciding this debate, as the game is built around a rigid set of rules which use formulae to calculate all kinds of stuff, and we can all be sure that damage calculation doesn't take random forum members' opinions in as parameters.
  2. /support the request. add in parties for good measure
  3. Is there an actual balance that I should work towards? From the look of it stances where will matters momentum is the get-go, while those with attack powers attack tends to outshine most of the other. I see why stamina is incredibly useful. Even for non-defensive support skills (such as anjalis cauterizing aura of immolation) it is a great boon, yet I think you should still strive for more armor. Also what are the formulae for monster/boss damage and how can I determine if in a fictional setup: my lvl24 gobbot igniter's -Armor Value of 207 combined with -block value of 178 will interact with a scaled Jeyne Kassynder's Pillar of Fire. How much damage will I take and how will I be able to calculate it? Or is a -40Armor and -100 block a worthy tradeoff for a +78 stamina? Will JK strike me more than the improved health regeneration will heal me back up? Is it a good idea to block? or is that an inferior tactic over the invulnerable dodge? I would greatly appreciate if a dev came over and clarified that. (or post a formulas.gas file)
  4. Want 4-man+ parties, character creation, at least 45
  5. Then why do I feel that this game needs a total conversion mod or two?
  6. Yeah these stats are a whole steaming pile of... DS1 weapon stated that how much poison damage it dealt. It also told you the remaining duration on any combat actor (you, pm and foe) so it was easier to distinguish. In ds2 we had specialties such as ignite and bleed. They dealt damage like 0.5*Intelligence score or 0.35*dexterity for stated duration. I wish obsidian played through ds2 more through instead of going with their egoistic version of "originalty and fun" and ENFORCING it on the playerbase.
  7. I'll share 2 fun bugs/exploits I know about. Bug one helps viewing through the Terrible, Terrible camera angle: The upper right and left corners of the screen let you see way further than the middle of the upper border. Bug two alleviates the muscle pain from Holding down the RMB.: Hold down the RMB, get the cursor outside the game window, release, move it back to the game window. Until your next click, your char will move where you point. Then rinse and repeat. Have fun
  8. Now that I think of it, actually, in Broken World the main character no longer had the shield with him/her right? I wonder what happened to it. It's pretty useless anyway without the Agallan pillars. However it HAS Drevin's medallion crafted into it, and it was last seen in Zaramoth's Horns, so it seems unlikely to be found in Ehb. BTW what the hell was that creator god anyway? I don't remember no creator god from ds1-2.
  9. Finala is quite fun to have. It's a pity that I have four mages already in my party, and I don't really need any more. I must say that I like the whole cast there. So good VA.
  10. if a high amount of need exists for a certain mod, it probably exists. Try siegetheday.org | currently the importing and fine tuning of the original ds1 map is in progress. Utrean peninsula done.
  11. Really: ds3 has become a whole new dimension of ****storm: The first thing that was announced was NO PARTY, which meant removing one of the core elements of ds gameplay (now confirmed because it "didnt mesh in well with console controls."), then images of some random guy (turns out to be lucas) in an animu style exaggerated fighting pose (ds was renown for sensible combat animation and character modelling with a random girl w ponytail (anjali) doing a backflip on high heels: that was just plain retarded. Then all that crap about "introducing story" made sure every complaint was deflected with the reply of "we didn't introduce/carry on feature xyz because that's not our focus." ?Then came more info leaking out about mp and "reviving couch coop" which culminated in the live action music video trailer showing ?2 ppl prancing around in the forest using swords and finding treasure. A more accurate one would show their legs chained together prison style, forcing one to take a different weapon than a sword, and being owned by enemies because they couldn't dodge. Online shared screen is like insult to injury, yet all obsidian did was sugarcoat it with prspeak: ie: they just didn't care, and it doesn't bode well if not even the lead designer dude listens to fans of the series. Then came more info about how different it will be, more lore snippets, JEYNE KASSYNDER, and every comment dismissed because of the story focus, while complaints about "departing" (to put it mildly) from the original lore estabilished by GPG were ignored as they were. Yet this was still calm before the demo came. And when it did, solid human waste collided with the rotating instrument of ventillation. Obsidian apparently forgot about pc gamers and their need of customization, or had decided that they knew controls better than anyone: right&left handers be damned, and left out keybinding of the final product. Add in the downright ****ty camera programming (no gradual zoom for christ's sake) the lack of dynamically loading world with fog and frustrum, and finally the lack of customizable character gender/appearance/weapon selection did it. Nothing save a few tidbits of lore remained from dungeon siege, and let's face it: we are expecting more from a sequel than a new title, or even a spinoff game, and it's not entirely unreasonable to do so: Diablo 2 expanded the variation of environments and the scope of adventure from the first game, yet the gameplay was mostly the same. Dio 3 gives more by customizeable skills and characters, without ditching anything from the previous installations. Torchlight does the same. one village+dungeons-> massive overworld areas. In the ds series ds2 adds better(than both ds1 and ds3) conversations, specializations tab (like ds3 skill and talent/proficency systems together on steroids), powers and with bw: proper multiclassing. Stuff that people missed from the previous installations. And mob generators: each playthrough is different from the last one thanks to the brutal and awesome tuning grids. The transition from ds2 to ds3 is like going back from 3d to 1d. Yeah not 2d, because 2d still implies some form of freedom. Freedom of gameplay Obsidian took away and can't find the excuses for. This game is dumbed down to the point where the only thing you really choose is whether you listen to the story standing, sitting or laying on an oversized sofa. The story is the same and it's more like an interactive book than a game. As for the game issues: too much talk between fighting, when somebody walks away you cannot skip that part. View of the battlefield is limited and enemies move too damn fast to make good tactical decisions so everything becomes dodgefest&reflex play. In ds2 you had time to think things through, and dodging wasn't invulnerability. It required player skill to pull off properly. After this sequel is so lacking and essentially puts you on rails, Is it still a wonder that people react sensibly in face of such changes?
  12. and given the differences in their scope , siege engine is light years ahead onyx ps: I'd be more interested in seeing ds3 remade in ds2 siege engine (just look at space siege if you are concerned about graphics)
  13. guess what! Fans of ds2 stated that ds2 camera is restrictive (and modded the game to work around it) no need to convey their thoughts on ds3
  14. no need to go so far: ds1&2 had that too: in conversation the pc was automatically asked
  15. in ds1 only melee and ranged were lacking variability: they were equip->kill->loot, then rinse and repeat: in ds2 they along with mages got their specialties trees and powers, yet still lacked the massive list of options spells gave to mages. Unfortunately the spell types were hardcoded(ds1, didnt bother with ds2) otherwise I would have remedied the issue. As for the game playing itself... You could just as well say Starcraft plays itself because the units/party members automatically attack when attacked/ordered to attack. As for following players in mp: still sub-par compared to a player doing it, especially as a mage. in multiplayer both ds1 and ds2 beat ds3: 1 and 2 have LAN and online, which means couch coop is available if players have laptops and a couch (desktop is far more superior imo). No split/ shared screen, up to 8 players in ds1 single character, and possibility for full party export to mp + skydomes and sky planes in ds2. Ds2 mp games come in 2x3 man parties, 3x2 man parties or 4x single character parties. Thats when we don't use mods: there is one to increase party size in mp for ds2. In ds1 shines the deep moddability of the siege engine: dsdll, as one or two fans made a full Ds MMO client/server system using c++ ds3 is hopelessly limited compared to all that. Yeah the combat is more actiony, but as a spellcaster I prefer a vide variety of spells(20-100), not being limited to two types of standard attacks FOR THE ENTIRE GAME.
  16. forced level-up just plain sucks. ds1-2 at least allowed you to take your time by letting you pause the game and let YOU choose the time for lvlup
  17. -- Why gunslinger girl instead of a minigunner ? DS1 had miniguns working without warding staff present. -- Why did obscure/non-existent/scrapped from dev_test features such as archons and some "creator gods" got the focus when you had Seck, Zaramoth's Army, Shard Souls, krug and morden, familiars, and many many more were estabilished as enemies from the original universe? -- Why the narrow maps, restrictive camera angles and distance, blurry graphics that make my eyes water, and lack of a party? -- Why couch co-op when most pc gamers lack the couch? -- Why the shared screen? -- Why is Anjali naked in archon form?
  18. I'm doing normal anjali and things are a breeze. Apparently (and correct me Nat if I'm wrong) Obsidian developers too had their moments in DS1 multiplayer map with a solo combat mage against ice archers outside of fallraen: You dodge their attacks by going to the proper dirction, then send in a fireball between shots: Very much like ds3, and ds3's only saving grace.
  19. Indeed ML! heather legane: Yeah gold goes to group "bank". That's okay. But since when was gold=gear? Yeah all items go to the same inventory: except that Luke's stuff can't be used by anjali, and if luke is the host, then there is a higher percentage of good luke items dropping than good anjali items. Then no matter of the shared inventory, Anjali can't use all those cool and awesome luke items, coz she is... well, anjali and not luke. Get it?
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