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  1. Yeah and how do you calculate critical? And normal abilities: ability damage is the damage Attack skills: Attack dmg+ability dmg = damage, but due to spinning kick being lolterrible, the only use for anjali is hurl spear for loldamages And yes some formulaic answer - while would hurt your anti-diablo feelings - would be incredibly useful for deciding this debate, as the game is built around a rigid set of rules which use formulae to calculate all kinds of stuff, and we can all be sure that damage calculation doesn't take random forum members' opinions in as parameters.
  2. /support the request. add in parties for good measure
  3. Is there an actual balance that I should work towards? From the look of it stances where will matters momentum is the get-go, while those with attack powers attack tends to outshine most of the other. I see why stamina is incredibly useful. Even for non-defensive support skills (such as anjalis cauterizing aura of immolation) it is a great boon, yet I think you should still strive for more armor. Also what are the formulae for monster/boss damage and how can I determine if in a fictional setup: my lvl24 gobbot igniter's -Armor Value of 207 combined with -block value of 178 will in
  4. Want 4-man+ parties, character creation, at least 45
  5. Then why do I feel that this game needs a total conversion mod or two?
  6. Yeah these stats are a whole steaming pile of... DS1 weapon stated that how much poison damage it dealt. It also told you the remaining duration on any combat actor (you, pm and foe) so it was easier to distinguish. In ds2 we had specialties such as ignite and bleed. They dealt damage like 0.5*Intelligence score or 0.35*dexterity for stated duration. I wish obsidian played through ds2 more through instead of going with their egoistic version of "originalty and fun" and ENFORCING it on the playerbase.
  7. I'll share 2 fun bugs/exploits I know about. Bug one helps viewing through the Terrible, Terrible camera angle: The upper right and left corners of the screen let you see way further than the middle of the upper border. Bug two alleviates the muscle pain from Holding down the RMB.: Hold down the RMB, get the cursor outside the game window, release, move it back to the game window. Until your next click, your char will move where you point. Then rinse and repeat. Have fun
  8. Now that I think of it, actually, in Broken World the main character no longer had the shield with him/her right? I wonder what happened to it. It's pretty useless anyway without the Agallan pillars. However it HAS Drevin's medallion crafted into it, and it was last seen in Zaramoth's Horns, so it seems unlikely to be found in Ehb. BTW what the hell was that creator god anyway? I don't remember no creator god from ds1-2.
  9. Finala is quite fun to have. It's a pity that I have four mages already in my party, and I don't really need any more. I must say that I like the whole cast there. So good VA.
  10. if a high amount of need exists for a certain mod, it probably exists. Try siegetheday.org | currently the importing and fine tuning of the original ds1 map is in progress. Utrean peninsula done.
  11. Really: ds3 has become a whole new dimension of ****storm: The first thing that was announced was NO PARTY, which meant removing one of the core elements of ds gameplay (now confirmed because it "didnt mesh in well with console controls."), then images of some random guy (turns out to be lucas) in an animu style exaggerated fighting pose (ds was renown for sensible combat animation and character modelling with a random girl w ponytail (anjali) doing a backflip on high heels: that was just plain retarded. Then all that crap about "introducing story" made sure every complaint was deflected with
  12. and given the differences in their scope , siege engine is light years ahead onyx ps: I'd be more interested in seeing ds3 remade in ds2 siege engine (just look at space siege if you are concerned about graphics)
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