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  1. The lack of moddability is really going to see this game is short lived, but is there at least a camera mod for PC?
  2. Um, so how come there is absolutly no information on this subject and why is everybody being so quiet about it?
  3. Is there going to be any kind of official modding support or at least make the game friendly to modding? If not that's going to be a huge let down and I'll probably skip this game in favor of Torchlight 2 and Neverwinter 3... User created content was a huge part of Dungeon Siege.
  4. No toolset or modding tools = friggin useless... I am sick of action rpg's getting the shaft in this area in nearly every game in this genre despite the huge modding communities of Diablo and Dungeon Siege. Blizzard is shunning the modding community in D3, and it looks like Obsidian will be doing the same in DS3.. Enough already, please give us a decent toolset or some modding tools.
  5. The better have a toolkit... Could really give them a competetive edge over Diablo 3, given that blizzard pretty much has no love at all for the Diablo modding community and have once again passed them over for any kind of official modding support or tools.
  6. Something I've really enjoyed about the previous entries in this series is the editor and support for modding... Will this continue or is it being abandond? I'm pretty choked Blizzard isn't planning on releasing any toolset or modding support for Diablo 3. I am guessing there is no info on this as of yet? I really hope they forget about that side of the community this time around!
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