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  1. Why is this post the last one on the hole ds 3 forum? Still i am wondering if theres pvp and modding in it.. not a bad question or is it just me thats curious? I know that if theres no pvp or modding then the game will never live so long then ds 1
  2. I had a better and longer gameplay in ds1 then 2 because of the mods, there were alot of maps, mods, communities, pvp and if the zonematch wasn't destroyed then it would still be a really nice game in ds2 the singeplayer and multiplayer is good, improved engine but they lack the things i said in ds 1 , ds 2 has a toolkit but after patch 2.1?> that was also over If Obsidian makes dungeon siege 3 then they really should listen to what people has to say about it
  3. I hope they can add a toolkit after some months of playing or after some patch Why? because if a game has a toolkit then the game lives much longer because of the communities and such. fingers crossed
  4. Well i find it very important to announce that pvp is a crucial part of a mulitplayer game, DS 2 didn't even have pvp and we had to mod it first.. If u want a long lasting game my points are very important to take with u.
  5. Simple, - Modding Support, (toolkit) - PVP in multiplayer
  6. U can also go to our active clan site, we are also up for a game, we just need a way to meet up fast
  7. Hi everybody, I'm from ara-ff community The topic title explains it already, we want to know it theres modding support in this release ? Dungeon Siege 1 had a longer lifespan then Dungeon Siege 2 because of several reasons, 1 of them is the modding support and i think we should all discuss this right here.
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