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  1. It was probably Fallout New Vegas and after that he went to their new project ("Defiance" or something).
  2. @UP: So Nathaniel, how do you feel about all of those reviews and opinions about demo?
  3. Maybe because their games are just the best cRPGs this generation...? Role-playing elements are the main feature and they're better comparing to any other title made during last 10 years. It's all about role-playing and many RPG-fans like Obsidian.
  4. Hey, thanks for the source. So according to his messages, IP belongs to Obsidian, not Sega? I don't understand anything right now...
  5. Sorry for asking, but can you give some sources about those? I'm really curious.
  6. I would love to play Alpha Protocol 2. AP is one of the greatest games I've ever played, next to Planescape: Torment and Deus Ex. Just polish some technical matters and it'll be totally awesome.
  7. And tell me how can you not love Obsidian if they're thanking you on their forum for buying their game... ^^
  8. @UP: Those are previews, not reviews :') I'm really looking forward to this game. I don't think it'll be a masterpiece (mainly because it's supposed to be a hack&slash without so much plot), but it looks solid and fun. :'D
  9. That's why I respect Square Enix. They let Eidos Montreal to work on their Human Revolution for couple of months more and they aren't rushing Obsidian. It's a big plus in this times. Now even such a big company as Bioware is being hasted by publisher.
  10. But it had no purpose, it was just for... I don't know what, Obsidian didn't even work on that game then.
  11. I love you, Square Enix. You're the first, who haven't rushed the Obsidian's game and - I hope - give time to polish. Heck yeah.
  12. ...and now I'm 100% sure which character I'll play. Thank you!
  13. I hope that female character will be pretty in some way, because Anjali... well, no comment about her look. :'P Also "guns and explosives"? Thank you, that's my style. :'D
  14. I never liked Dungeon Siege actually but the third one is an Obsidian's game. Pre-ordered too.
  15. Hope there won't be any dubbing (especially in Poland, but that's not Obsidian's concern) and there'll be a way to change language even on console versions (subtitles, please!). As far as I remember, Alpha Protocol wasn't localized in every country on consoles.
  16. Well, I think that gameplay sucks, because covering system isn't working properly, animations aren't so good and you don't have any interaction with the environment. It's just poor when you compare shooting to Gears of War or sneaking to Splinter Cell. I say this: be ready for the worst and you may actually be surprised. :'P But it's nothing, for me it's the best game since Deus Ex and I completed it something about 15 times. Those dialogs, characters, consequences... it's all worth it.
  17. I think it depends on reputation. If it's high, no matter what you say, you'll get raped. :'P
  18. Haven't noticecd. Oblivion crushed. Fallout 3 crushed. Fallout New Vegas crushed. But AP? No, never. And I completed it 14 times or something like that.
  19. Is there a possibility to adjust size of fonts in menus in game? It would be really nice for someone who don't have a giant TV (me). ;'d
  20. I've already completed it couple of times. ;') Imo, AP is better, there's less dungeon crawling and you don't have to play with Dungeons & Dragos, which is one of the most annoying RPG systems to me. But yeah, MotB is still one of the best games to me. :']
  21. I can understand your feelings, but I'm a different person. For me it looks like this: 1. Plot is great 2. Characters are great 3. Choices and consequences are great 4. Dialogs are great I love this game. :') It's actually the best game I played since Planescape: Torment - because of that 4 elements. But I'm weird, I actually don't look at the gameplay or graphics or anything. I'm a type of RPG-player (the paper ones) and I don't give a **** about other things in games. Oh, don't get me wrong, I like different types of games, but I have no emotions to them. ;'P
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