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  1. Only Shepard-Garrus in Mass Effect 2 when you play as a woman is cool. :')
  2. If it's the same conversation system like in Mass Effect, you would probably have the "good answer" on the top of wheel and a "bad answer" on the bottom. If you don't like dialogs, you may just figure out your personality and always choose one type of answer - you won't even notice the choices in conversations. For me, more dialogs = better game. Plus romances = holy ****, it would be awesome. ;')
  3. Partially agree, but NWN2 compared to other Obsidian's game wasn't that good actually. Imo, it's better than most BioWare titles (NWN1, BG, KotOR1), but still it's nothing special. :') And i still think that romances in DS3 would make this game more personal, deeper and enjoyable. Obsidian can do it.
  4. Actually, NWN2 was a pretty bad game, because Obsidian focused on mechanics and graphics, other than history and characters (you know, all that D&D 3.5 is freakin' big). I don't even know if I completed this title, but I loved Mask of the Betrayer. :') Couple of times actually. xD
  5. I wasn't ironic. I just loved flirting with Mina, convincing Handmaiden that I was a good guy, teaching Visas about emotions and even being seduced by Gannayev (when I played as a woman). Dunno if you feel the same, but that was my favorite moments. Those were real, personal conversations. I loved them. :'] I think that romances could bring something more to Dungeon Siege 3.
  6. That's too bad... romances are the best written dialogs in Obsidian's games, imo... ;'d
  7. Will there be some big differences between console version and PC version?
  8. I'm glad that the developers team are going to be close with fans and informing them about interesting stuff. :'D Thanks. Looking good, but I don't like the cuirass. But it's just an artwork, I can change equipment in game, so... nevermind. ;'P
  9. At least one website which looked at Alpha Protocol like professionals. They actually saw the advantages of this game. Gamebanshee +1 (Trusted website) Btw. there's a lot of Obsidian in that list. :'D
  10. http://forums.obsidian.net/index.php?showtopic=56901 Two topics below. :E The same question
  11. But will they be better? I mean, you practically can't sense the irony or sarcasm and you're answers are lack of emotions (exception: Planescape: Torment, but this game is ideal). I think you can really get into your character when he's having his own voice - like in Alpha Protocol. For me it's a big advantage.
  12. Without stealth you couldn't feel that you're real agent. ;'P
  13. It's so weird to read how good the graphics is. I mean, it's an Obsidian's game. xD WTF? Looks great, looking forward to it. :') I hope they won't rush it.
  14. I was talking about Dungeon Siege 3, not 1 and 2. These games were just hack&slashes, DS3 looks deeper just from the first gameplays and previews. I know that it's too early to say about "how DS3 is a true RPG", but I see similarity in Dungeon Siege 3 to Dragon Age 2, not Diablo or first DS - dialogs, NPCs with personality, moral choices. There's no such elements in *normal* h'n's. DS3 looks just like a role-playing with a slasher-like gameplay.
  15. With these dialogs? With the characters? With the moral choices? I don't think so, you should look at the gameplays of Dragon Age II - there's a lot of action, just like in Dungeon Siege 3. These games are very similar to me.
  16. This game shouldn't be compared with Diablo III, but with Dragon Age II. :E Hah, funny - DA was supposed to be "a hardcore RPG" and DS was announced as hack&slash. But I don't see a lot of differences*... :'D *(Dungeon Siege 3 will have a better plot)
  17. It looks like the assault rifles where in game only for fun. It's highly recommended to use pistols - the hole game is constructed just for them.
  18. @UP: But Obsidian got screwed... Ok, but he's still better than "Im-a-hero-and-Im-only-standing-here-to-do-quest" type of main character in Fallout. Only way to actually make an opinion was in speech challanges and in a quests, where you have to decide who you'll be supporting - but not in all. You're just asking about Mojave, fractions and quests. In AP you can be sarcastic, you can joke, you can insult other NPCs and you can choose your personality. :') No harm to Fallout New Vegas, it's a different type of RPG, I'm just saying that I prefer Alpha Protocol. :')
  19. Ok, maybe. He's still (as C2B said) a very memorable and charismatic character, no daubt, but I wasn't talking about him. Look at the Mina, Steven, Scarlet, Albatross, Marburg, Leland - everyone was a PERSON, not just a character if you know what I'm saying. Those were so cool, that you could make a movie/game/book about each of them. In Fallout New Vegas there we only... eee... Benny? Yes Man? Maybe Mr. House or Veronica. That's it. And they haven't a big role in a game...
  20. I want to cry. I hate SEGA. Btw. imo, AP is better than FNV because it has charismatic and memorable characters. FNV hasn't.
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