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  1. With quick save/quick load system you could try every possible way of conversation before proceeding forward. I dunno if it's a good thing. Checkpoints adds more dynamism, imo.
  2. Well, that's your opinion. I haven't been bought by Bioware (or I don't know about it) and still enjoyed Dragon Age 2. I even thought it was much better than all previous Bioware games (except Mass Effect 2, I loved it). I think that plot, characters and dialogs in DA2 was nearly as much good as in Obsidian games. Nearly... Subjective matter, man. While I think that DA2 should have more critically reviews due to it's horrible graphics and design, I still loved it. Great experience. Dungeon Siege is a little bit simpler than Dragon Age, there's no team or creating your personality, although I like it too. It has a great gameplay, which DA2 hasn't.
  3. Well, I couldn't get Alpha Protocol's soundtrack, so I doubt I will get the chance with Dungeon Siege III...
  4. I think that Dragon Age 2 was the best Bioware's game, just after Mass Effect 2. It had great plot, cool characters and the best dialogs. I'm not fancy about their other games though... didn't like Baldur's Gate, nor NWN1.
  5. I think DA2 was better. It has some great characters, good plot and totally fantastic dialogs, not like the boring prequel, where you were running through dungeons for couple of hours and nothing happened... Didn't like Origins, loved DA2. And btw. DA2 had the best dialog-wheel I've ever seen. It was something between Alpha Protocol and Mass Effect. Great thing.
  6. Yeah, i'm sure it's up to Square Eninx, although Obsidian might do something with this
  7. DS3 has so much better fighting system that I can't even compare that. Don't know about the plot, haven't played full Dungeon Siege 3.
  8. A cover with Anjali is the limited edition with some bonus items. Coraz więcej Polak
  9. WHAT?! THAT LATE?! I'm so curious, my friends are already playing it on PC. Damn it! Thanks.
  10. You can fight him only when he's pissed on you, when you're not professional with him and when you have a bad reputation with Grigori. Order of missions have no influence on this.
  11. Wait, what? Are you pissed off because of the SECRET ACHIEVEMENTS? Dude, they are ACHIEVEMENTS. They're for doing something SPECIAL, something HARD. If you're used to achievements like in Dragon Age 2, where you get one for watching introduction, then come on! And that's incorrect. You have to have his dossier on 88% or more and reputation something about -7. You don't have to be suave the whole game. I have 1000G in AP, it wasn't hard at all. It came all by itself, I wasn't even trying to max out this game.
  12. So the PC gamers can now download the demo. What about Europeans on Xbox 360? Will we get it?
  13. You can't piss off Steven Heck when Taipei is your first mission, because if you also piss off Albatross and SIE after, then you won't have any handler during the last mission. Also, it's a SECRET achievement, so it doesn't have a description saying everything. Deal with it.
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