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  1. Finally got around to finishing AP, stumbled upon a glitch on the way. If you want to go straight to the meat, skip ahead to 1:40. This was played on the PC. Some thoughts on the game. I liked it, for the most part. The voice work was pretty good, actually got into combat despite many shortcomings, and the way your actions influenced the outcome of the plot was impressive. It did bug me a little that the characters I pissed off during the game didn't vocalize their anger (after killing a bunch of police officers, Mina should've been furious with me, according to her status, -9, Animosity, whatever). It took me a couple weeks (weeks of not playing the game) to get past the first mission (the one where you're going after Shaheed), first because of how janky the game felt, and 2nd, I wasn't digging the desert environment very much. The experience was continually marred by glitchy camera, long load times and inexplicably long lag in the black market store. I just can't bring myself to play it a 2nd time right now, even though I kinda want to because I'm pretty sure I missed a whole bunch of content for being a complete **** to everyone in the game (and for shooting civilians and police officers, I'm guessing) as a result of being frustrated with how clumsy and unfinished the game felt most of the time. On check points. Why the check point system sucks balls. The great thing about quick saves/loads is that, if you ever wanted to approach a situation in a different way, or just mess around with the AI, you'll do a save, play through the scene a certain way, and if it doesn't play out the way you wanted, you'll quick load and try something else. With check points it's like, half the time I don't even know when the last one was. So, am I gonna have to play 1 or 10 minutes to get to the part I want to play through again? Also in AP, the moment you reach a check point, you often can't backtrack to previous areas if you forgot to explore some area for loot, because the door would suddenly be locked. Anyway, had some good times with this game. Only wish they'd spend a few more months on it.
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