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  1. I like the excellent roleplaying, interactivity and dialogue that Obsidian creates, but I like gameplay to be decent enough to not drive you crazy or detract from the game. I don't have a problem with AP relying more on character build than reflexes, that is my preference with RPGs actually. My question is, how bad are the bugs and gameplay problems described by almost every review of AP? Are they exaggerated, is the game still a good game to play through? Thanks.
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    Newcomer here, posted a bit ages ago. Obsidian has really impressed me when it comes to role-playing and dialogue design in games, NWN2 OC was fantastic story-wise, and decent game-play wise as well. MOTB also, SOZ not so much. I do feel that Obsidian needs to refine game-play balance and bugs, as many people do. Game-play needs to be well-designed in games, a story is not enough, since it is interactive. I feel that Obsidian has the potential to be the best RPG developer around, if it reaches its potential with well-designed, new IPs. Most of the RPGs I have enjoyed and played are from Bioware and the late Black Isle, like BG, PST, and I also loved Mass Effect and Dragon Age, but was concerned about how the sequels to ME and DA had (and appears to have) simplified role-playing and customization. ME2 was extremely fun, but felt more like an action RPG. I would just like to congratulate Obsidian on their ability to craft RPG sytems, but hope you make more new IPs in the future, and streamline game-play and eliminate as many bugs as possible. The company has done well, but I feel it could be the best company in the RPG (not action-RPG) genre.
  3. chaotic good. seriously, i have no doubt that im that.
  4. Yes. Play 3E or 3.5. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> i like 2nd edition and am not really going to change editions just for elves, im just trying to see if there are any ways to chage 2nd edition elves.
  5. stength- 11 dexterity- 8 constitution- 12 intelligence-12 wisdom-14 charisma- 11
  6. whats your opinion on 2nd edition elves. do u think tehyre overpowered? i think the bonus to use long swords/short swords/longbows and the dex bonus are a bit too powerful to make up for the constitution penalty. i mean the con penalty is a big disadvantage, but not that big. if i take away their weapon thaco bonus, they might be underpowered! does anyone have any house rules or ideas to modify elves.
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