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  1. So if Project Eternity ends up being awesome, all Obsidian will be praised, and if it fails, the producers / Project Manager will be whipped... No pressure :D
  2. Uh, OK, got it : mouse cursor visible from 2:24 to 2:28 , 4:42 to 4:49 and 5:09 to 5:24. That's a whole 29 seconds of obvious PC gameplay Vs 6 minutes 14 seconds of iPad gameplay in a separate video ... you see what I mean. But yes, that's a lot more than Camouflaj showed about Republique.
  3. Well, not much support so far. Anti, you told me that you've tried Divine Space on PC with mouse control but the UI from iOS has to be redesigned. Any chance for another video with alpha gameplay on PC ?
  4. Well, truth is I have mixed feelings about this thread. In one hand, talking about Divine Space here at the Obsidian forums wasn't my first thought. I'm not very comfortable with the idea "Hey, Project Eternity is the most funded videogame project on Kickstarter so let's "spread the word" about other projects over there ! So much backers." I remember Garry Gaber, in ( what looked like at that time ) a desperate attempt to save his Starlight Inception project, rampaging at every forum he could think of. When he created a thread at RPGCodex about his space sim', the greeting wasn't very
  5. One final reward... U.S. only. How disappointing. This reminds me bad bad memories of "U.S. vs The rest of the World" events. Anyway congratulations for Sky-rocketing your total pledges amount.
  6. First screenshot just shows water, trees, rocks, bridges, flowers, staues and campfire. Bof. ... ... Just kiddin' :D With those amazing stretch goals ( we will reach ), more free stuff for us and some very interesting lore, what else ? I've got just 2 words for ya : THANK YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU !
  7. Indeed. That's exactly what it is : incentive. Add-ons are great incentives IMO. They "push" backers to pledge more if higher reward tiers doesn't interest them enough. +$25 for an Early Access Beta Key without having to choose one of the $110+ tiers. More funds, no loss. +$7 for a Digital Strategy Guide without having to choose one of the $80+ tiers. More funds, limited loss. Assuming this strategy guide will be produced with Prima games, the regular price is usually higher than $7. +$60 for Three Digital Downloads. More funds, limited loss. That's $15 cheaper than 3*regular price ( =
  8. Kicking It Forward ? Awesome. A real expansion pack 6 months later ? Awesome. Brian Fargo giving Wasteland 2 for high level tiers ? Awesome. The new $165 tier ? Meh. There's at least 61,290 people who will already get Wasteland 2. +1 for the expansion pack as an Add-on
  9. Yes, friendly fire. I Know, it's a prerequisite for this kind of game but it's not systematc nowadays. And it can't be turned off in Expert mode. Awesome.
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