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  1. Has anyone successfully changed their adress? I submitted the change about three-four month ago, got a response two month ago.. but it is still the same in my backer profile. I know people are super busy but should I write another message? It's getting closer and closer to the finish line now.
  2. Amazing. Just completed my stuff. Now I needed to comment to see my forum badge <3 Great update, I love the title. Pillars of Eternity. Yea.. I think I will remember that name in 30 years.
  3. @Few: Same here, so amazing. I really hope for a good amount of character creation options for these kind of characters. (And also i hope for a better character creation than it is in Fallout: New Vegas which I started to play today. Never had so many problems creating a character that I like (only talking about character appearance, giving stats to the character was great). I think it was mainly because of the small window, in which you can see your character (during creation), is only about 1/12 of the screen, probably less. But... maybe that's just me. )
  4. Before reading any further I just need to leave a comment: Holy crap! :D Does this mean I get the chance to play a Dryad-like character? I hoped to meet one maybe like in Baldur's Gate (or Witcher) but playing one.... well I think I'll go with a godlike then. And now I will read the update.
  5. I fully agree. Also I don't really like the idea of a (baby?) dragon or something as a pet... dragons should be rare, powerful creatures, right? Cat is fine for me... or a elemental... like the idea of it. But it is probably missing personality then? Hmmm... Maybe we can get a companion cube? Hrhr... Anyway, I love the new update, great stuff. Modding support, horray!
  6. I never thought we would actually get so many people to join the order, amazing. Welcome you all.
  7. @Nakia and Gensou: Did one of you create that signature? Is it possible to get the shield as a template for new avatars? I'd love to update mine with a lil' Companion Cube in it. Or LordCrash? Maybe an avater version of yours? Looks awesome, too. I can imagine that it could get the right shape for an avatar, if the pennant/banner thingy (sorry, don't know the right term) would be a little bit higher maybe... and the Uroboros a little bit bigger so that I can get my Cube in it, haha. Nah, don't want to bother you. Maybe I try to create something myself. And wow, the Obsidian Order i
  8. Right. I'm glad the discussion of the last two pages is already over before I even came here again. And that everyone is fine with the way it is. Also welcome too all the new members, that's great to see! I appears the latest update brought some more people here.
  9. No, we are all honorable followers of the Obsidian Order, no need to prove it. But as dlux just said eventually it will be possible for Obsidian to check it anyway.
  10. Welcome to all the new members! Don't forget to also participate in the other discussion threads here on the forums, if you like.
  11. Mieu, ouch, my eyes. That green. :D Welcome, Aser. We're happy to have another new member.
  12. A possibility to join the order is WAY too much in my opinion. Even a house with some random drunk (haha, that idea was fantastic :D) NPCs who pretend to be of the Obsidian Order would be asked pretty much. After all, we are doing this without asking for any kind of physical or digital reward, right? We're here to support the project, not to get into the game. Don't forget that, folks. Anyway, dreaming is okay and if we really could get around 600 members... why collecting any extra money? It would be much eaiser to simply ask Obsidian. Or if we reach around 250 members (2000$+), maybe we
  13. I loved to read the books of the Diablo and Mass Effect series. Also read Metro 2033 (yes, I know, book came first) and am now reading The Witcher. Especially Diablo: The Sin War added so much background to Diablo. I enjoyed playing Diablo 2 much more after that. I'm surprised that 25% chose the "I'm a player, not a reader" option. Especially players of dialog-heavy RPGs like Planescape Torment or Baldurs Gate love to read, don't they? And I think that also Eternity will have a lot of text to read anyway. I think that pre-release short stories or even a novel would be a fantastic i
  14. 116? That's close to 100% more people than yesterday. Also close to an additional $1000 that The Order pledged. Makes me happy.
  15. Maybe new members of The Order have to wait until Monday. It's weekend now. But anyway: Welcome!
  16. It's... it's perfect. @ BatNat. From now on you shall be known as the Poet, nah, as the Bard of the Obsidian Order. :D @mieu: Wow, that's cool. Because of the lack of color I allowed myself to add some parchment-ish color to it... New Companion Cube avatar. :D So if someone is interested... I personally like it... at least. Parchment Template: http://i229.photobucket.com/albums/ee179/KabraxisOblivion/shieldobsidian_colored2_zps98d70e68.png
  17. A massive dungeon could go so many differnet ways. I mean you could start off in some crappy cave, then sooner or later turns into a crazy underground tunnel, and finally some Necromancers underground Keep of Deathly Apocalyptic Hello Kitty Doom. And bring teh story along with it the entire way. That's what I am talking about. Hello Kitty Doom, haha.
  18. I think noone of us would actually mind a little (easteregg?) reference to the Obsidian Order ingame. BUT I also think we shouldn't ask for anythink. Giving us unique titles on the forums already is really awesome! We startet doing this without asking for anykind of physical or digital reward and it should always stay this way. This is about fun and supporting the project, nothing else. And again BUT... maybe we can get enough members to reach additional $5000 to create a Adventuring Company (the reward tier) as a group if we could somehow manage that. That would be pretty damn amazing.
  19. Highly depends. For example.. Dragon Age: Origins. I think it was called The Deep Roads (played it in German, so not sure) and it really bored me to death after the first hour. The design was poor. Thankfully it became interesting again in the end with a nice little boss battle and the voices you heard. So the story behind it was okay in my opinion but the level design was boring. It always looked the same. If we have a huge dungeon then I hope that it is varied, especially in level design. I need to feel that I am making progress.. no, i need to SEE it. I think The Deep Roads used e
  20. Maybe the list on the last page helps a little bit Added you, Sir Jalister. Edit: Thanks, Obsidian, for supporting us supporting you.
  21. Yep, just be patient. So here is the updated list of missing forum titles I just created when scrolling through the pages of this thread. (Btw I still think we're some kind of a sect... a religion. :D Alper, Sage of the Obsidian Order Kabraxis, Companion Cube of the Obsidian Order Coffeeminx, Tea Lady to the Obsidian Order Leshy, Hussar of the Obsidian Order Pangur, White Cat of the Obsidian Order Skaelight ('aka' Paul) - Obsidian Order Poultry Inspector dablue, Guarddog of the Obsidian Order Shardbearer, Herald of the Obsidian Order Jalister, Eternal Champion of the Obsidian O
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