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  1. Most of the time I order them to hide behind a rock before I open combat and when enemies inevitably rush you they rush past them and then I just spam their abilities.....later on you can almost chain those moves and cc enemies permanently. But they are still pretty useless when not constantly babysitted and spam-healed. Instead of using TTD to fire off some cool shots I save it for mid-battle so I can reposition those morons. Also, don't take flaws on supernova :), the perks are not impactful enough to suffer those attribute debuffs.
  2. Hi ! I installed the Outer Worlds via gamepass on my Win10 PC with an 5.1 surround setup but the game only uses 2.0 Stereo.....is that a bug or does the game only have stereo sound ? Regards, Toni DxDiag.txt
  3. Hi ! I am playing the latest version on GOG win10 prof 64bit, attached dxdiag and link to screenshots After combat on the starter island at the ruins site (dragon/panther fight) the floating numbers for healing are permanently displayed at the center of the screen, this goes for overland map exploration, dungeons, ships, cutscenes etc The "2" seems to be from Eder's constant recovery, the "6" is probably from some drug I took before the fight. Reloading, dismissing party members, resting, area transitions etc don't seem to have any effect on this. Here are some screenshots of
  4. I have the same bug, it seems to trigger randomly, I played 3 chars from the tutorial till reaching Neketaka, and in one case (using always the same dialogue options) out of those 3 he didn't join. I could verify my decisions in the log, Aloth commented as well but Serafin just left the ship. This should teach me to make frequent saves.....
  5. I am confused as well, I have this option activated and on one playthrough it shows, the other it doesn't, now you say it shouldn't show ever at all ? Please clarify what the intended behavior atm is and how the ingame option alters it (or should)
  6. It took a few hours for my CC to get charged by fig. The backer portal clearly says it can take up to 30 days for your fig data to get imported. I would expect any coupons or keys will be available then. Patience
  7. I dunno, I am torn as well about WM1/2. All it did was to put different spells on Aloth so he could just buff up during the fight and actually become the main tank while all my "fake" tanks dished out damage through disengagement. One of the best tactics for the grieving mother was to put on speed boots, get aggro, run in a circle while durance buffed her to infinity and each lap she led the enemy past my "tanks" that just slapped everything prone thru disengagement. Sagani/my main just spanked the ranged ones in the mean time. Worked almost every fight and looked incredibly silly. On the oth
  8. Problem with the new AI system in DOS2 (although better) is that you can exploit it like most other AI systems (even moreso now). Since the new AI refuses to walk through hazards you can just lock down a whole area, let the AI path around it and then pick them off one by one. Most of the difficulty in DOS2 comes from limiting YOUR access to gear and spells atm. There is still a long, long way for enemy AI to use "delay turn" and buffing/debuffing properly. So in order to even get into a real fight they have to be a little more "suicidal". In PE1 on the other hand the "let's all gank up on
  9. I had an immensely deep emotional connection with the grieving mother although my Watcher thought she was a monster. Traits of a good "villain" imo. Putting her later into the campaign where I had alot more understanding of my own power, waidwen's llegacy and how it impacted the world helped that. And all of her "quest" was a wall of text, no problem there. Sagani told me of a world outside of the dyrwood and broadened my horizon. She somehow mirrored my Watcher's own feelings of setting off on a quest I was unsure of even wanting to complete because of fear, fear of learning things of
  10. I don't think so. I'm ooooold and I still like anime/ over the top stuff. But the whole atmosphere, design of PE1 was grounded in/tried to be a metaphor of our world's history and those armors would have looked totally out of place. I loved this approach but I also look forward to the next game that gives me dragon wings and helmets as big as a house
  11. WM broke the flow of the game for me. I really, really wanted to go there but I didn't wanna do the typical "get easy XP, super-OP items then return to stomp TwinElms" while the story urged me to finish the critical path. But that doesn't mean I am opposed to having an expansion in the middle. As a narrative-focused player I have no preference as long as it integrates into the critical path. So no preference
  12. I think the glyph traps were there to teach the player about scouting mode, disabling traps and that you can circumvent it by solving puzzles or exploration. There was no room that forced you to walk through a hazard and show you the drain on endurance.
  13. Often the system on paper works but then items/potions/buffs get introduced and throw the balance way off. Will have to wait and see. Although I have no problem with lower power just so I can roleplay my rogue+cipher concentrating only on single target abilities.
  14. I admit I didn't really understand the split mechanic first time I played but as ppl above pointed out it was more that my preconceived notion of "what health is" was wrong and I failed to connect the dots. But I didn't go to the internet to cry about it because I also thought "there must be something I am missing". Later it dawned on me and I actually started to like it. (this was in the first 1-1.5 hours of playing mind you where I had to refresh my knowledge of attack/defense/accuracy/interrupt etc as well) The best example for me where it totally made sense was the "spike room" in Cae
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