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  1. Can someone get me the picture of Sie with a cigarette in her mouth? The dossier one.
  2. I love hacking because apart from the other minigames it's actually challenging. You don't know if you're going to succeed.
  3. Agree. If Marburg kills her, Leland says "You had feelings for her, right?" Feelings? I've known her for 2 days, lol.
  4. Hacking? HARD? Bleh. Just because it's more challenging than the usual RPG mini games, doesn't mean it's impossible. After Saudi I had no problems with it and I have only 2 points in Sabotage.
  5. Favourites : Scarlet. Best romance option (Sie is on a league of her own). Not a damsel in distress, pretty much Thorton's equal and the definition of a femme fatale. I love the flirtatious banter between her and Mike. One of her e-mails made me choke on my Smirnoff. Sie. She says the best innuendos ever and the way she played with Mike at Endgame...gotta love her. Also, she was humming Ride of the Valkyres. Your arguments are invalid. Herc. Best bromance ever. Who doesn't love a psycho sociopath? He reminds me of myself. Leland and Marburg. Although I treated them like ****, they were brilliant. Loved the conversations between them and Mike. Brayko. I like his style and he has a good music taste. Also, his dossier was interesting. Sis. She's badass, I love her style and when Mike meets her and Albatross in Moscow and wants to give back the locket, she insists that he keeps it. The way she tried to say it without words made me kinda feel sorry for her. Least favourites : Madison. I hate damsels in distress. I romanced her (it suited Mike's character) but I wanted Conrad to kill her. Albatross. I don't know, I just didn't like him. Parker. Didn't like him from the start. It's always the quiet and anti-social ones that are a pain in the ass at the end.
  6. Best male character in the entire game (not counting Thorton).
  7. IMHO, the Bourne trilogy sucks. It just doesn't appeal to me. The fact that the cameraman keeps having seizures doesn't help either.
  8. After I read the comments and reviews (particularly the Gamespot review) I lost all hope for AP. Now I've been playing it for 4 hours and CAN'T. STOP. Alpha Protocol is amazing. Dialogue is brilliant and hilarious (especially when Mike is flirting. Oh, the lulz). Game has bugs, sure, but they can easily be ignored. Gameplay is great, there are so many ways to play this game. I love how you actually have to use your head. Replayability factor is over 9000. This game is like heroin for me. Cant...write...must...play....
  9. Seriously? Hacking is not that hard. I completed Saudi, now doing Taipei and hacking is a piece of cake. A bit harder than other minigames but certainly not as hard as people make it out to be.
  10. I love it. I'm addicted. I can barely stop playing it to check my websites. Completed Saudi, now doing Tapei. Dialogues are made of pure, flawless gold. Gameplay has its flaws but I love it. AP will be among my favourite games of all time.
  11. You understood him wrong. He said he wants to walk in normal, non-combat situations, like safehouses. I agree with OP, there should be a "walk" button. Personally, I always walk in non-combat parts. Lack of a walk button is a con but in no way a deal breaker.
  12. Wait, you guys DON'T like to be jerks in games? WTF is wrong with you? I can't wait to make a "it's a big stupid jellyfish"-esque comment.
  13. http://www.gamespot.com/pc/rpg/alphaprotocol/index.html
  14. If my copy doesn't arrive on Friday, there will be hell to pay.
  15. First playthrough. He knows he's gonna play it again, which is a good sign.
  16. Dialogue system looks awesome but the AI...*facepalm* 1:14 - 1:21 he's attacking two enemies, a guy is above him the whole time. For 7 seconds the enemy above him stands and occasionally opens fire not even remotely close to Mike. At the end of the gunfight, Mike has lost only 6 armor points. 2:02 actually made me LOL. THE ENEMY HAS A GODDAMN GUN AND HE RUNS CLOSER TO MIKE. Why do they need guns in the first place? Apparently they don't know how to operate them properly. 2:10 Another guy charges into a wall. Minigames look fun.
  17. May 28th is so close. Then again, so are my exams. There's something that bothers me - why the characters are older than they look? C'mon, Leland doesn't look much older than Mike, but the video says he's 55.
  18. Sie is in her 40's? Wow, she looked much younger. BTW, how old is Mike?
  19. An amazing trailer. Superb voice acting, great flow and awesome music. It comes out almost on my birthday (May 31st). Too bad I have an exam on June 1st. I'll have to wait until June 4th, otherwise I'll **** up my exams, because AP is definitely going to make me stay home for at least a week. Also, pause at 00:52. Look at the x-ray pictures. It appears that Mike has something in his chest, which has to be cut out, hence the picture of a machete. Straight out of Saw, looks fun.
  20. It would be nice to...I know it's a crazy idea, but maybe they could...I don't know, actually release the first game? Just a reminder, in case they have forgotten it.
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