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  1. You do realise that we know you're only joking, right?
  2. Because it's obvious? I'm agreeing with Purkake here. Currently it is pretty obvious, but it just shows that they don't care about the people, who are eagerly waiting for AP. At least Operation Flashpoint is coming out this week.
  3. Wild guess: They haven't made up their mind as to the length of the delay, and won't announce anything until they have. Then why can't they just say : "Sorry, the game won't come out in October 6th, we'll be announcing the new release date later."
  4. For ****s sake, why can't they say at least something? Even a delay is better than nothing. Just answer, is it delayed or no?
  5. OH GOD YES. There still is some justice in this world.
  6. That screenshot with Mike in a tux is awesometastic.
  7. Warren Clide from Far Cry 2. He's pretty awesome. http://img80.imageshack.us/img80/6016/artw...renclidecb4.jpg
  8. But seriously, does he smoke at all? You have to smoke if you want to be a spy.
  9. Exactly. I'm 15 and I can buy whatever the hell I want, the cashier won't probably even look at me. Same with movies. I saw a bunch of 10 year olds in Watchmen.
  10. I'm female and I couldn't give a damn whether I'm able to play as one or not. It's a videogame, not my new, improved life. This has to be at the top 10 "stupidest reasons for not buying a game".
  11. Sex sells. Show a pubescent boy a picture of breasts and he'll buy the game for sure.
  12. Thanks! I have some cleaning to do too, even nowadays 12 GB is a lot for a game.
  13. I was just wondering, when are you going to announce the system requirements?
  14. Mike was walking around his apartment without a gun, so I guess you can hide them.
  15. I want this game so bad, please stop torturing me with all this awesome info.
  16. James Bond Intimidation (-10) ? Are you kidding me? Have you seen the new movies? Bourne and Bauer look like kids compared to Craig's Bond. He murders everybody and then starts a conversation with them. He also doesn't use "pansy" disguises and gadgets, he relies on his strength and skills. Mostly he just uses brute force to get out of tough situations. Although you were probably thinking about Sean's or Brosnan's Bond.
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