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  1. i am 100% for most if not all of this, i think this is a really good list of things that would make good additions to the game
  2. Oh I see, that makes sense, that would be really cool if they did make it a sword in the stone, i can imagine Pete having a line when finding it too.
  3. I'm pretty sure they're already working on weather or at least plan to, but I'll second different bug goggles that affect how you see the world, I could see that being a fun mechanic to have in the game
  4. yeah that'd be cool, although I like having variety and knives being in the game after they finish the swords wouldn't be a bad thing in my opinion, but I won't be unhappy if they did get replaced.
  5. I'm not sure if anyone else has already suggested it as I haven't seen it anywhere here but, I think various weapons such as Crossbows(made of acorn and spider silk maybe? longer reload than a bow but more damage), Swords(in between the knives and clubs in speed and damage) and similar things would make good additions, and for tools I could see shears made from ant mandibles for cutting things like grass or stems as being nice as an alternative to axes, could be slower but cut in less hits, or maybe something like a grappling hook as well, could be ant mandibles held onto a sprig with some sap and the rope could be silk, this could allow you to scale things vertically and you could leave the silk rope hanging so your friends can climb up as well, I think that would give a nice addition to the sense of adventure you get in some scenarios, especially when with friends.
  6. In addition to things such as acorn walls and such, I think clay or peblet walls would also be nice for building as well as respective floors and ceilings for each type of structure, so we have something that matches more than grass floors and clover ceilings, And I also would love being able to make a floor hatch that would function same as a window but on the floor so you could fall down or bounce up through it, especially alongside something like an acorn trap door or something similar you could put on not only the floor hatch but also windows because it not only would be aesthetically nice but it would also be useful when building in areas with lots of Nats, such as near the solar lamp at the flower garden, as to keep them out and one last thing is something like a sprig and fungas candelabra or chandelier, just to give nice lighting around tables in the center of a room without making it look strange, a mini candle would also be pretty cool in my opinion
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