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  1. He is definitely not doing it intentionally no, he is anything but malicious. But I think he barely considers them more than animals... He got better in Deadfire, but still. He haven't tried to pet my Captain Watcher yet. There is still hope. I think if I ever made an Orlan it'd be my only character that wouldn't stand Eder. Yeah, I don't know if he actually gets called out about it in this game like Hiravias did with him in the first. Having a little dislike symbol doesn't quite have the same effect as someone telling you that your ugly Drywood underbelly is showing.
  2. He is definitely not doing it intentionally no, he is anything but malicious. But I think he barely considers them more than animals... He got better in Deadfire, but still. Eder does refer to Orlans as animals at one point in Deadfire. He says something like "yeah I like all kinds of animals dogs, cats, Orlans." Ugly old Drywoodian racism. He got some well deserved dislike points from Pallegina for saying it. I agree that he's not malicious on it, unfortunately it was how he was raised, and the culture in the Drywood at the time.
  3. I finished this last night, and I just want to know what happened to the gods from the first game? As messed up as they were they still had an overall feel to them, an overall presence. Some of the verbal sparing with them in the first game were some of my favorite moments. Now they seem like characters from a 70's cartoon or comic book. I mean they could of all rolled up in the Mystery Mobile during one of their little chat interludes and I wouldn't have been all that surprised. And this whole reincarnation and the wheel? Retcon? I don't even know anymore.
  4. Well Aloth says my character is like Iselmyr (aggressive/passionate) in dialogue she has with him. So...? This isn't me having a problem with your response but how the writer of Eder's character doesn't give any response. I just think this whole Eder personal quest was handled poorly, romance or not. It's essentially a rehash of the 2015 novella "The Reaping." For those who haven't read the story this whole ex-girlfriend story line comes out of nowhere, and for those who did read it, makes it even more questionable why it was included at all. To be fair though the novella gives a
  5. Well, color me intrigued. Apologies for hijacking the thread, but can you guys share some screens of this exchange? Nope.
  6. Well, I made a similar post earlier in the non spoiler section and was told it probably didn't count as spoilers. Oh well. I'll go back there next time. This entire section is flagged as spoiler warning. If someone is in this section of the forums and is complaining about spoilers then that's on them not you. If you're worried about posting spoilers keep posting here you're in the right area they are not.
  7. So glad I had him suppress her. That said he does tell you there's some bulbous luminescence so...lol. Wishing that I had suppressed her. The only time I liked her around when she was gabbing with that undead knight in Berath's Hanging Gardens. Otherwise it's just gotten old.
  8. Leave it to Iselmyr to to state that he probably has the same wormy bits in is crotch as he does on his head. Yeah thanks Iselmyr now I can't unsee.
  9. I finally got that event, but the only drunk on my ship was 70-something Eld Elgrim who babysits Vela, so it was extra skeezy. The only crew member I wish would proposition my Watcher is Caergr the Pale Elf, and he is marked "ascetic". Nasty. I just had a different one where a crew member walks in and just starts stripping, and my Watcher is like WTF! It was the Orlan helmsman, name starts with a L, he's marked "impulsive."
  10. Don't forget Thane in Mass Effect 2 with the dead wife. Yeah, they can never just have a bad breakup or something in their past. She always has to be dead and the guy is filled with regret for the rest of his life, and the PC has to try to pick up the pieces. Like the OP said, and I agree, this is what off regarding Eder's quest in relation to the novella about him and Elafa. She clearly states for Eder to find someone else. That he's "pretending that their relationship is more than what it is." Eder says how do you know its not, she says because I know you. She goes on to say th
  11. There is? I would have liked to see this. Right. I wasn't expecting it at all. When I saw the the option I had to see how it would play out. My character's relationship with her was minus one at the time. No cruelty points. I think her response while you're crushing the air out of her is something like... "I'll stop I didn't know you two were intended." Xoti will bring it up again though when she hits positive or negative 2 with Eder, and if you chose the back off/choke line you can remind her and she will completely drop it. Crazy.
  12. I was never one that thought romance should have been in the first game. There is something about the first town your character arrives at having dead people hanging from a tree and children born without souls that kind of sets the tone. At least for me. With that said though, out of the three returning characters, Eder would have been the only one I would have considered a romance choice for my character because of their interaction in the first game. If he wasn't fine, but the story or lack there of behind it is pretty paltry. Not to mention there is a dialogue option with Xoti wh
  13. Aloth has the romance option in the level 2 conversation. It can be easy to miss since it's only a certain response that leads to the kiss option. He does have a conversation at level one as well, but I don't remember any flirt options. Sometimes conversations seem to hang up in general. I was spammed by three in a row after reloading a save. As for Aloth, overall his dislike, likes and how conversations are flagged are horribly mismatched, at least it reflects that way in my game. Which leads to a very slow progression or weird mismatched progression. It doesn't make sense at all, to m
  14. If I'm nice I do the bringing them aboard and curing them because it gives sailor xp. If I'm evil I just loot. But how do you bring them aboard? I don't get the option, i can only tell them that i don't have the resources (no matter how many resources i actually have) Do you have a surgeon on board? Are they set in the proper slot?
  15. I've had the drunken deckhand trying to sleep with the Watcher. The knife throwing, and Ondra events the most. Crew's moral is maxed, with a steady diet of fruit and ale. I think some of the events are based around the personality of the crew. I've had a few of them get into arguments that needed to be settled.
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