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  1. How could we live with ourselves if we selfishly kept that here on Earth?
  2. Am I allowed to go naked or do I need clothes?
  3. If he's soo naturally talented why should he need to get a license? Whole lot of wasted time if you ask me.
  4. Your weather sounds terrible. Washington's got the good stuff. Fall: Rain. Winter: Rain. Spring: Rain. Summer: Sunny rain.
  5. I received a video of my little sister singing some Justin Bieber song.
  6. He definitely wouldn't be sued. My school doesn't let students wear a lot of things and guess what. They've never been sued. And you know why? Because a school isn't a place for wearing those things. If the staff doesn't want you wearing something they have the authority to either make you cover it or send you home.
  7. I wish I could do photosynthesis.
  8. Oh I took the class. There's no way I could have done any of it without (sort of) listening to the teacher talk about it.
  9. I'm going to try having mine in the next day or two. Sorry for being so slow.
  10. AP economics test. I think I moderately well.
  11. The thing about that is, high school students aren't reasonable people.
  12. Everyone in this situation is just stupid. The stupid kids shouldn't have done it, the rest of the stupid people shouldn't be angry, and the stupid school should have handled it differently.
  13. Well, at least I don't have to memorize my stuff by tomorrow. I actually have a whole week to get that economics stuff pounded into my head.
  14. Oh god, you just reminded me I have to study for those awful tests. I'm going to fail if I can't fill my head with information in the next few days.
  15. Wait a second, do I have to write my own backstory?
  16. I can't do a mile in under 10 minutes and I'm not even fat.
  17. If I have to vote for one I guess I'd go with 3.5 because that was in nwn2.
  18. I'd be interested but I'll probably be a bit confused most of the time.
  19. I don't think ridding ourselves of guns is a good idea, but not because of the "defense" argument. I use mine on a weekly basis for sport shooting. I have never and don't plan to ever point my guns at any living being. I don't see how owning them is a danger to anyone.
  20. My bison live a very healthy lifestyle, thank you very much. That seems like such an old-people cure, but I know I don't get all the junk I need from my diet. I may have to try it.
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