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  1. The game launch unlock was simultaneous midnight UK to midday NZ on the 25th official date and so was the evening of the day before US
  2. Game updates are store but the Xbox (beta) app can initiate game installs and has options to manage queued updates too.
  3. Just a couple more days to Monday. I'd be surprised if there's any new content etc - they'll have been busy enough getting it certified for PC/Xbox/PS4 as it was.
  4. Bugs are to be expected and the devs ought to have planned to fix them when issues show on release - and a Game Pass title could have even more people in on day 1. Rockstar must have been working 24 hours a day to release the patches they have for RDR 2 - so please find 10 mins to update this thread with an updated ETA. Fans on Game Pass are going to expect software in a subscription model to be supported. Sorry Publishers.
  5. Cheeky miss-quote there mate I said under game pass . Many games are included in game pass but the DLC isnt. We happy few is one exception.
  6. Come on Obsidian be fair to your fans. I know you dont have the resources to generate the kind of monthly content updates we get from Beth or Ubi or EA but your comms on this patch and future roadmap should be better . You should have planned for at least one update in the first two weeks to address crashes and quest blocking bugs We all want DLC as the base game is great but dont make it paid DLC under game pass - put your fans first
  7. Still no patch or ETA - maybe its a Friday thing or related to X019 tonight The differences in resourcing between Obsidian and Rockstar is immense. RDR2 has been getting almost daily updates and today's patch notes list 75 items against 6 for the TOW patch. I hope the "new IP" isnt taking effort away from TOW
  8. Is this still ETA this week ? - Ive stopped playing hoping I'll finish the game on the latest patch
  9. I asked for this straight after the game came out. I was coming from an OLED perspective where static screen elements are a bad thing. Ive tried turning off the HUD but you lose the aiming reticule and even transient messages The HUD customisation in Assassins Creed would be a reference, also the HUD being contextual to being in combat like Gears 5. Even F76 has an opacity setting Compared with many of the feature requests here this one sounds less fundamental to Implement. I get bugs are the priority but we've a;ll nearly finished the game now.
  10. I would request that individual HUD elements be selectable. With an OLED display it is unwise to have static elements and the companion command icons are oversized anyway I try to play with HUD off but everything is removed including aim reticule and transitory messages Secondly I see an event 1000 application error in event log every time the game closes. As you cant restart the game for sometime after closing there is some sort of invisible crash happening on close.
  11. This is Obsidian instructions https://support.obsidian.net/article/50-how-do-i-report-a-bug - basically send them an email It's unclear what if any changes are being considered and when a title update might come. Even TC with Gears 5 maintained an update page. It's rare these days to be able to make so much progress without major quest glitches in a Day One game, but there's enough issues raised on these forums to justify an update. But most of us will have finished the game before there's an update.
  12. I mentioned something similar soon after first playing. The companion command icons must be irritating for most people, but OLED users in particular dont like static screen elements. As you say if you turn it off you lose everything including the reticule. Even transient messages are lost. Assassins Creed lets you turn off elements and Fallout 76 change the opacity - I dont think those sound as hard to implement as some of the requested changes.
  13. Fair enough Now people are starting to find crashes, quest glitches, and quality of life requests, we need good fault reports on crashes - like something from the event log that takes a few secs to find and post, and some proper feedback from the devs. There were going to be a lot of people playing on day 1 due to game pass - the devs needed to be ready to handle feedback with something better than this forum where useful reports disappear quickly.
  14. The resolution is only stuck on my PC in Borderless WIndowed. Changing to Fullscreen unlocks all resolutions Many people say the text is too small but even on a 4K 55 TV I find it OK so it does vary person to person I'd like to turn off HUD elements or dial them back but it doesnt make the game unplayable or any of your other rants - its been out less than a week and has far fewer issues than most games on Day 1
  15. Ah I thought it was my imagination - it reminded me of some paralax scrolling game from the 80's As above its not a deal breaker as its such a great game- my #1 is not being able to switch off or dial down HUD elements. I turn the HUD off but then lose even transient pop-up quest messages.
  16. I'm on 18362.449 - which is 1903 with last week's Cumulative Update The event is logged once per run of the game - from the timestamp it's whenever I exit the game. I'm seeing no ill effect, the game doesn't crash during play and there's no pop-up message when this error is logged. It's just that Windows tracks error frequency and event 1000 Application Error is one that it flags up as a negative. so I'd like to fix it I did notice that I cant restart the game straight after exit - I get a message that the game process is already running for a time after exit.
  17. I have to say on a 55 4K TV I find the size OK, so there needs to be a range of options. What's causing me more problems is not being able to switch off individual HUD elements, or have opacity to dim them down.. The companion command icons are too big I think as an example.
  18. It prob is OK, but in many similar games NPCs can be hostile to weapons drawn and holstering can defuse conflict - but in this game it doesnt seem to matter,
  19. When in menu to load an auto or manual save file there is only the date.shown Can you add the actual time of the save or the game time elapsed since that save - its useful to know how far back a save is
  20. I posted something similar yesterday The companion command icons are one element I would like to see reduced Ive tried playing with HUD off but this turns off everything - no quest notifications etc Some elements could have contextual fade - like out of combat - I think Gears 5 does this
  21. Even with a 1080ti or 20xx people always seem surprised how hard 4K / 60 gaming is to achieve - after all its 4 times the work of 1080p. In game its actually quite hard to appreciate the visual difference and many games like Gears 5 adaptive scale the rendering knowing that framerate is the most important factor On a 1080ti Ive settled on 4K Ultra but with 3D rendering resolution right back to under 60% and dialed back shadows too which is always a good setting to tweak on most games. This keeps the framerate solid 60 with the GPU not stressed. If they had used HDR that would have improved visuals more than 4K or endless GFX settings.
  22. Also as a PC user shame no HDR, the art style would have suited it well.
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