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  1. Hey grooner, I absolutely agree. there should be some kind of ticket system in place so the system will sort it by itself, by severity, kind and whatever. There will still be a lot of useless ranting (me partially included;) but a few percent of "us" the customers / users will be very helpful in getting rid of the most bugs in a fraction of the time it would take them alone, me thinks... if you have a community, use it ! I mean, I can't even search here for "resolution" without being harassed by the forum to wait for xx seconds... and then I have to change the forum in the pulldown AGAIN AND type the searchterm AGAIN... why? to quote "the orange one": sad! greetings from germany hoshy42
  2. Hey guys, thanks for the fast replies. @grooner: 1st and foremost: I was not ranting (was I?) and surely not "multiple ranting". I hope you can understand that what makes it "unplayable" for me is the taskbar popping up and getting the (mouse)focus, no action is fun any more because I constantly have to hit Alt-Tab to get the focus back to the game, the only solution I came up with is killing the explorer.exe process which disables the taskbar but also my volume control amongst other things, all I said was that this makes it "unplayable" on MY MACHINE , but maybe you are right, maybe "unplayable" is the wrong word, lets say "playable but extremely annoying". 2nd: unfortunately the option "fullscreen" is not there for me.... so I can't check this. 3rd: I absolutely agree, that -technically- these are minor issues, but with an RPG that relies on me being able to read text on the screen without squinting or constantly getting up from my chair is kind of essential in my world. This way it is just is no fun at all, and that what it is there for, right? @pilda: I agree that windows7 is old, but its clearly supported when I look in the system requirements: [Windows: Windows 7,8,8.1 and 10 (64 Bit).] Other "new" titles like FarCry5 or Breathedge (recommended!) are working without issues, so I can't accept this as a value argument. All in all, I have to say sorry if I seemed to be on a rant (or several) I don't want to make it bad, I just wanted to talk about the issues otherwise they can't be fixed, right? I hope you can accept that I was just so hyped and happy about this coming out, it felt like eons since we had another big title like this. Please understand my dissapointement when it was extremely pixelated, close to unreadable and showing me the stupid taskbar when I need it the least (during fights). I hope you can relate. Any solutions though? Thanks for your time hoshy42
  3. Hey girls and boys, finally! After eons of waiting, there it is: The outer worlds! I was so looking forward to this!!!! Especially after the Fa***ut series has been run into the ground by "you know who", the company that must not be named.... :=) Unfortunately its ABOLUTELY UNPLAYABLE on my machine, the resolution is stuck on 960x540 an the text is so small its barely readable because one letter is only around 6 pixels high and very very blurry. To make things worse, during some shooting action the win7 taskbar pops in, gets the focus and I have to switch back to the game with ALT-Tab...while idly dying in the game. I am tearing up right now, I had high hopes for this and now it makes me sad. I would normally research this and not bother you guys at all - BUT it seems I am not allowed to search the forums in any meaningful way, before getting hit by "try again in 54 seconds" or an similar announcement... why?? :.../ Honestly guys, I had pirated games in the 90s that needed less maintenance, and those came in hundreds of zip files! I surely did not pay 60€ to be sad. Can anyone help with these issues? Thanks in advance. hoshy42 A once satisfied now very sad customer. :................/
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