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  1. Hey grooner, I absolutely agree. there should be some kind of ticket system in place so the system will sort it by itself, by severity, kind and whatever. There will still be a lot of useless ranting (me partially included;) but a few percent of "us" the customers / users will be very helpful in getting rid of the most bugs in a fraction of the time it would take them alone, me thinks... if you have a community, use it ! I mean, I can't even search here for "resolution" without being harassed by the forum to wait for xx seconds... and then I have to change the forum in the pulldown A
  2. Hey guys, thanks for the fast replies. @grooner: 1st and foremost: I was not ranting (was I?) and surely not "multiple ranting". I hope you can understand that what makes it "unplayable" for me is the taskbar popping up and getting the (mouse)focus, no action is fun any more because I constantly have to hit Alt-Tab to get the focus back to the game, the only solution I came up with is killing the explorer.exe process which disables the taskbar but also my volume control amongst other things, all I said was that this makes it "unplayable" on MY MACHINE , but maybe you are right, maybe
  3. Hey girls and boys, finally! After eons of waiting, there it is: The outer worlds! I was so looking forward to this!!!! Especially after the Fa***ut series has been run into the ground by "you know who", the company that must not be named.... :=) Unfortunately its ABOLUTELY UNPLAYABLE on my machine, the resolution is stuck on 960x540 an the text is so small its barely readable because one letter is only around 6 pixels high and very very blurry. To make things worse, during some shooting action the win7 taskbar pops in, gets the focus and I have to switch back to the game with AL
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