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  1. So, basically it's a fantasy version of your biography? So... Aliens? I'm betting aliens.
  2. Being a mod on RPG game developers forum should make you very familiar with the word I think.
  3. I think the overall value is given in USD, but that doesn't mean all of the FER is in USD. Although I think it's about half of it, so still not that great.
  4. "I hate to break it to you, but that ship has sailed, wrecked and sunk to the bottom of the ocean."
  5. Why? It's OK, it's on sale right now. What is not to like?
  6. Well, I was gonna say that there are different types of humor and personally I find it worth a chuckle that someone's spent so much time on a Pinky and the Brain level of masterplan. But then I saw the below post and my response is pointing at this quote and saing "that's why"
  7. I think experts opinion vary https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.newsweek.com/we-asked-two-flat-earthers-what-about-other-planets-728959%3famp=1
  8. I think Milton Friedman beat you to that conclusion: https://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/milton_friedman_101538
  9. I love this: - We need to read and base our politics on actual scientists *someone shows actual scientists* - I don't know, I've never heard about those guys. What Kanye have to say on the matter or Oprah?
  10. Eh. Please Mr. Mathematician, if the biggest available BESS can sustain one city for less than an hour, then calculate how many of those will you need to sustain whole country for 6 hours and then calculate if you even have this much space available. It's basic math.
  11. No, you just suggested that solar and wind can be used as the only source of power nationwide and we shouldn't worry about no constant production because we can storage large amount of energy easily. So you claim energy storage can backup solar and wind when there is no sun (few to dozen hours a day) and no wind (up to days) NATIONWIDE. But an example of single City is to large for you?
  12. ?! And where did I claim such a thing? I corrected you when you claimed that there is a method of directly storing AC, there isn't. When you claimed storing is practical, it isn't as you have loose energy to convert it to storable form and then again lose to convert it again. And large amounts is your claim! Not mine, I was answering to your claim: "There are many practical ways of storing large amounts of energy" Sounds familiar? Which is also incorrect. Or let's say depends on your definition of large. You seem to think 6000MWh is large amount, I know it can sustain for example LA for a better half of an hour i. e. laughable amount. Did you read up about the difference between DC and AC. Or do you still think what's in flashlight battery is the same thing that comes out of an electrical outlet?
  13. Then I encourage you to re-read what he wrote and tell me if you agree with him.
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