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  1. And which Islamic law are we talking here? You do know how Islam works right? There are different groups that interpret Islamic laws very differently. Not that the core laws in Quran are very pro women but some groups tweak even those. So basically it's like Christian country would say "all rights of witches will be guaranteed according to biblical laws" it sounds good unless you know what biblical laws say about witches.
  2. This was way more problematic then the bill itself. Not the first time though they pulled something like this. The ruling party seems nervous because there is a tension inside the party. Might be that they will lose the majority in the coming days and we will have earlier elections. Fingers crossed.
  3. The legislation prevents concessions for media that are more than 50% owned by shareholders outside the EU zone (EU plus some other countries) . Several other EU countries already have such legislation for years, including Germany, UK and France. Some even more restrictive. The problem seems to be that at the moment it will affect one station (TVN) that is mostly owned by US based company. Regardless, the bill passed only the lower chamber of parliament (Sejm). Most probably the higher chamber (Senat) will revoke.
  4. Herd immunity seems to be out of the question: https://www.politico.eu/article/herd-immunity-not-a-possibility-with-delta-variant/ Now it's 5. Why not say it's gonna have to be annual thing? https://michaelsavage.com/swedish-professor-people-will-need-five-covid-vaccine-doses-for-immunity-if-you-dont-submit-youll-no-longer-qualify-as-fully-vaccinated/
  5. No, it's not the same as I already explained. Legislation is clear in that regard and all sports organizations follow the legislature. There is no private sports organization that makes it's own rules and forces athletes to take anything or perform medical procedures at whim. If you insist on treating the vaccination in the same manner then you actually backup my viewpoint - adding covid vaccine to the mandatory list and taking care of this by proper legislature with governments taking responsibility for it.
  6. Those are is just technicalities of how this organisation operates. It still isn't operating as you claim it to. It implements state and international laws not create it's own. Sorry, but your parallel between how we allow doping tests and we should allow employers to do the same with vaccines is not holding any ground.
  7. So you are in favor of Trump the CEO or Joe the shopowner to mandate vaccines to people but not the HHS?
  8. This: The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry chief executive, Andrew McKellar, agreed, saying: “The best pathway towards mandating vaccines in workplaces is through clear public health orders.”
  9. Dude, just stop. It's on their webpage: https://suek.fi/en/fincis/background/history/ "After a number of Finns were caught using doping agents at the World Ski Championships in 2001, there was a strong will to promote doping control in Finland. It was decided to establish a new independent organisation, funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture using lottery proceeds. The constituent meeting of the Finnish Anti-Doping Agency FINADA was held on 8 November 2001. The Finnish Center for Integrity in Sports FINCIS starts Ethical issues became increasingly important. The Ministry of Education and Culture launched extensive studies concerning the administration of the new sports conventions in practice: Minister Lauri Tarasti prepared a report for the Ministry in 2014 on the administration of ethical issues in sports in Finland. The research continued at the Ministry and on 18 November 2015, the Minister of Education and Culture, Sanni Grahn-Laasonen, appointed the Finnish Advisory Board for Ethics in Sport. The Finnish Center for Integrity in Sports FINCIS was established on 28 January 2016. “Finnish Anti-Doping Agency FINADA” was used as an auxiliary name of the new organisation for the duration of the transition." It didn't "allow" Ministry to join. It was created by the Ministry, not the other way around as you try to claim. It's direct descendant of FINADA which was also created by state. It's not a direct government organization but it's not fully private and independent. It follows the Finnish laws and regulations as well as international ones, not making their own ones. And they are all written on law: https://suek.fi/en/anti-doping-activities/rules/ https://suek.fi/en/anti-doping-activities/rules/codes-and-standards/ https://suek.fi/en/anti-doping-activities/rules/legislation-and-international-agreements/ And I guess Sweden and Norway ones operate similarly. So yeah, nice try. You will not find a single instance of a country where a private entity enforce their own rules on doping simply because antidoping is mainly to allow countries to compete internationally and international laws require countries to have legislature on the subject. I hope I saved you some time.
  10. Umm, the vaccination ration in UK is 59%, in USA 50% not that big difference and yet you claim 99%+ of the cases and deaths is unvaccinated yet in other countries it's more like 40/60 ratio. Of course if 100% would be vaccinated there would be no unvaccinated cases because there would be no unvaccinated people, but what this has to do with current situation? Seems like the numbers in USA are inflated.
  11. You don't loose rights, from what you guys said for last few pages the case is you suddenly gain rights over other human beings. Where do you take those numbers? USA only? Looks different in other parts of the world. : "However, of those dying of COVID-19 in recent months, a comfortable majority - around 64% - had received at least a single dose of one of the vaccines." "It is there in black and white on Public Health England's data tables: of the 460 people who died between February and July having tested positive for the Delta variant, 289 had been double-jabbed; some 65 had received one dose. And 165 had not been vaccinated at all." "The report observed that the number of fatalities among people who had received two doses of vaccine was on the rise: 118 of 257 deaths, or 46%." COVID-19: Data shows vaccines reduce risk of hospitalisation and death - but you need to read it with a clear head | UK News | Sky News Covid-19 infections in vaccinated people: the use of statistics without context leads to false conclusions | USA | EL PAÍS in English (elpais.com)
  12. Thanks for proving my point. Why do you think I'm a anti-vaxxer?
  13. Spain leads in the way to ensure people rights will not be violated by covidiots: ! Murcia Today - Canaries High Court Rejects Plan To Require Covid Passports For Entry Into Restaurants (spanishnewstoday.com)
  14. Well since Americans believe businesses can do as they please they would line up immediately
  15. Well the fetishization of corporations that Americans seem to have is something that boggles the minds of people, especially Europeans. The attitude of american corporation "we can do anything because we are big corporation" was quickly verified when they tried this in Europe. It quickly turned out that they do in fact have to follow the rules and anticonsumer practices that Americans just rolled over for just didn't fly in Europe. Here we believe that it's government job not only to not infringe on the liberties and rights of the people but also to ensure that no schmuck will do the same. That's why we won't bend over just because some CEO said so, something the Americans seems to be willing to do eagerly. Nope, they didn't. You certainly did not and that's fine because I don't think you would have anything worthwhile to say.
  16. So... they do have those regulations and I'm pretty sure in all 3 those agencies are state owned not private. So... you further undermine your claim.
  17. Required by the schools whim or is it codified in state legislature?
  18. And employer requiring you to provide sensitive personal medical information doesn't fit into this definition in my opinion.
  19. Umm, you were arguing that there are countries that DON'T have antidoping laws and I asked to provide those countries examples. You are undermining your own argument here.
  20. No. Until it will be legally taken care of employer have no right to those informations, period.
  21. I will repeat the question since no one answered back then. Why only this one? Literally dozens of other viruses and other factors that can kill thousands of people. And since it's so deadly, why not make vaccination mandatory instead of relying on illegal methods to force people into taking the vaccine?
  22. Name those countries. I cannot come up with a western democratic country that doesn't have such laws either internally or are a subject of outside regulations but have sports organization doing testing on their own in that country. The international sports organization do follow international laws and regulations when it comes to testing.
  23. Sure, but they are allowed to do that because the antidoping regulations allows them to do it. They didn't self appointed the right to do so on themselves. And still antidoping check is withing the range of their let's call it business which is sport. No other entity have the right to do those to their employees. Local store cannot check the cashiers for using doping or penalize them for doing it. It's light-years apart from some company deciding on it's own they will interfere with someone's personal life. Basically you are arguing that if a soldier can shoot another soldier on a battlefield then you can shoot your neighbor. It's not the same thing.
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