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  1. That's not a nice response. Attacking someone for their nationality is a faux pax at best. Try to be better in the future
  2. They might be involved in nem Age of Empires or expansion to the enhanced edition or a car racer game. Microsoft might want them to get out of their RPG comfort zone.
  3. Well, might be that media became so untrustworthy that he actually can get away with it? Also I think this might be a semantics problem. Calling someone nasty and calling someone's action nasty, not the same thing.
  4. Good Omens mini series is available on Amazon Prime. A marvelous adaptation of a book by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett. Great performance by David Tennant and Michael Sheen who lead as demon Crowley and angel Aziraphael trying to stop Apocalypse.
  5. The fact that most people given the opportunity of time travel would resort to killing AH, rather than consider any alternative option, is enough evidence that history would not change significally with or without AH.
  6. I find it dumb as heck that they forced Jon to leave for a Wall after Unsullied and Dothraki left Westeros. Everybody have to stick by their word now? The whole season 8 felt like a recap episode of like two seasons it was like watching The Last Airbender, even worse because we could watch the actual season of Last Airbender. Here we only have the recap. It seems Martin left the directors a quick pointers what have to happen and hoped they will fill out the blanks, but they just filmed the pointers and called it a day. Some characters were just cut off like Asha Greyjoy. Her character was clearly going somewhere in earlier seasons and they just handwaived her and didn't even included her fleet in the final battle.
  7. I hoped for Malkavian. I play V:tM Bloodlines at least once every year since I got the game in early 2000's. Really hope for a great sequel.
  8. What a great guy ShadySands. A friend informed me about this and I couldn't believe. I will definitely help him out with those free games
  9. Over 2000 games on sale, my poor wallet
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