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  1. Ok You seem to be really obsessed by the guy, I hope you will be able to get help with that issue
  2. Unfortunately there is no such user and the search only returns mostly you referring to this guy so I must assume he's a figment of your paranoia. Since you obviously are more interested in dwelling in your delusions thar further discussing the topic or answer anything about your horrible views on women I again accept your defeat.
  3. This is so ironic I can almost taste the sweetness You certainly choose a wierd hill to die on insisting you know what people intend or think better then they do. It's like arguing you know better what the book is about with the author. And I did explain why the article was inserted to the list. Because I acknowledge the problem that lead to this legislature, but I don't agree with the solution. And I find your argument that we exchange assault on incarcerated trans women for assault on incancerated women because it will be rarer as appaling. GD solution for separate facilities/wings is way more sane then your argumentation.
  4. What precedent? There are mandatory vaccinations already in most countries for decades.
  5. Doubtly. Seeing as many politicians are obsessed with "stopping the spread" and "eradicating the virus". Also all the useful Volksdeutches are starting to rally against people that got covid or people that didn't take non mandatory vaccine. This hysteria will not go away quickly and there can be some very dangerous things happening along the way.
  6. LOL, why should I explain something you imagined about me? It's your claim that I wouldn't post this story not mine. I did in fact posted it. You defend your claim how a story of a victim is not relevant in discussion about victims because of who brought it up. But first let's hear why do you cry a river when biological men is a victim but handwave as rare when the same happens to biological women. Why it's ok in your view to put women with a male rapist, but abhorrent to do this to a trans person. Seems I have been spot on with this article as it brought up your interesting views. And by interesting I mean absolutely horrible.
  7. I already know what's in the article, I read it and I posted it. I know it's hard for you to understand that humans can have broader views on an issue, which isn't really surprising given that you barely qualify as one. I also wrote this if you missed:
  8. Huh? Ok, so we are back to the tactic of you making some stuff up about the interlocutor so you don't have to actually discuss the topic at hand. Didn't know what I expected. I accept your white flag though, wasn't a good talk but you did your best I guess.
  9. Legislature exists, at least in most west countries. Just add it to the list... and yet no government is willing to do it. They rather resort to unlawful restrictions for people that don't do non mandatory vaccination. Why? Simple: https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/science/2017/feb/09/ministers-lose-fight-to-stop-payouts-in-swine-flu-jab-narcolepsy-cases They don't want to take responsibility. Right now if someone does get sick they can say "Well, it wasn't mandatory. Not our problem." And they wonder why PPL don't trust them.
  10. Yes, please. Over 100.000 non covid related deaths above yearly average in Poland, because of lockdown and closing of health services. This should qualify for death penalty.
  11. Wearing masks outside and lockdowns being effective was debunked months ago. Why do people still push this paranoia? Latest from UK http://www.dailynews.lk/2021/07/28/world/255059/falling-cases-uk-baffle-scientists
  12. Of course I didn't . I don't care how rare the incidents are. It's idiotic to me to put people in jeopardy even if it's rare. Regardless of a country or if it's putting a female in male prisons or a male in female prisons. You seem to be more concerned by trans female being hurt then women hurt by trans or "trans" female. Why? Because she was born male? Why such hate towards women?
  13. https://news.wttw.com/2020/02/19/lawsuit-female-prisoner-says-she-was-raped-transgender-inmate https://amp.theguardian.com/uk-news/2018/oct/11/transgender-prisoner-who-sexually-assaulted-inmates-jailed-for-life https://amp.theguardian.com/society/2018/oct/11/karen-white-how-manipulative-and-controlling-offender-attacked-again-transgender-prison https://mynorthwest.com/2666243/doc-washington-correctional-center-women-men-transfer/amp/ https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/seven-sex-attacks-in-womens-jails-by-transgender-convicts-cx9m8zqpg https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2020/04/12/female-prison-officers-raped-inmates-claiming-trans-rory-stewart/amp/ https://amp.usatoday.com/amp/7878889002 https://www.illinoistimes.com/springfield/transgender-inmate-accused-of-rape/Content?oid=11867999&media=AMP+HTML https://news.yahoo.com/hundreds-transgender-california-inmates-request-202324393.html https://www.iwf.org/2021/03/18/report-female-prisoner-allegedly-raped-by-male-identifying-as-female/ https://www.womenarehuman.com/transgender-inmates-are-raping-female-prisons-at-a-shocking-rate-ministry-of-justice-reveals/ Seems like the victims should feel lucky the percentage is tiny... Great moral stance there
  14. Assuming that every rapist man that "claims" being transgender woman is actually transgender... And let's just skip over "Women incarcerated in California’s largest women’s prison are describing the conditions as “a nightmare’s worst nightmare”". Because believe all women unless they are saying or doing something against the snowflake agenda.
  15. Being a product of patriarchy I'm probably not capable of understanding on my own, so I would need some progressive explain to me how is that ok: https://www.dailywire.com/news/california-gives-female-inmates-condoms-plan-b-after-state-forces-them-to-stay-with-transgenders
  16. A rare case of an intelligent American. Good. So when are you expecting to roundup the unvaccinated and whack them off? What would be the preferred way? Shot in the back of the head or gas showers?
  17. Wasn't "serve and protect" thrown to thrash by Supreme Court? One of the reasons US "police" doesn't qualify as police by other western countries standard as I pointed out a while back. As for the who becomes a policeman it would be of course ideal to have only super tolerant empath with supreme physical prowess but that would leave you with Chris Hemsworth being the only cop in US So you have to take some people who are rough on the edges but then the system should trim them to passable levels so you could safely give them a weapon and release among general public. But US doesn't seem to have a solid system.
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