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  1. *roll eyes*

    I know Austin is a nice town, but the last time I was there was a nightmare. I was stuck in traffic between Waco and Austin for three hours... ugh. I don't like people and I especially don't like a whole lot of people in my way. And then there's the longhorns... blech! :p

  2. I'm taking your silence as confirmation. Damn you!

    Ooohh, do you think you could tell me how to get in on the beta? ;)

  3. Damn it, it's BioWare isn't it? The BioWare / LucasArts project in Austin?
  4. You've got a point... in a way. In my current fic, I hardly even touch on game events and instead the relationships between all the characters... but mostly I do that because I figure if you're reading the fic, you know what happens in the game and you want the holes filled in. Not a blow by blow of each battle.. (ugh). But then again, if they're only writing the romance storylines, they wouldn't get the option to keep you in the ship constantly! Besides, one of the things I didn't like about Kaidan was that you could only talk to him on the ship. That's just wrong! These conversations need the right settings...
  5. Heh... Post-traumatic stress of the events of manaan? Didn't know that huge firazan shark was called Sovereign.... And this engages with the theory of Trask being sucked by a wormhole and left in the Citadel... ... I always wanted to blow him up for waking Revan... and it explains how Carth and Kaidan are the same person. Carth is waaay more interesting than Kaidan. But at least Kaidan didn't announce his possible affection for you in front of the entire crew and then never mention it again... Seriously, game companies need to employ females to write romance lines.
  6. I think Colorado Springs is on the wrong side of the Rockies for that to work.... You'd have to flood Texas, Oklahoma & Kansas to get your beach front property.
  7. The most important thing to remember about gaming on laptops is that games don't like integrated graphics cards. Make sure you get a machine that has a distinct graphics processor. NVidia or ATI is usually fine.
  8. What was your charisma set to? Apparently if it's above 25, the companion alignments glitch considerably.
  9. Trixie! Though, I think it's really just a 1960's beatnik thing...
  10. I know. It wasn't until the 10th showing that I started thinking that maybe I should see something else... Although now that you've hit 10 on Speed maybe I should got see Wall-E again. Well, a couple of more weeks and it'll be in the cheap theaters! I just found out that Speed will still be playing at one of the other cheap theaters in town next weekend...
  11. Found it! Because reciting sound effects and acting out the on-screen action to people who have yet to see the movie just doesn't have the same effect. I agree with you completely that the lack of dialogue in no way hurt the film. It was impressive just how much they got the characters to express with just a few simple motions and just four words. I just wish it was longer. 90 minutes seems so short. I really liked the movie. So much so that I've already seen it multiple times just looking for things that I missed in prior showings. So it was Wall-E? 11 times in 13 days? damn, that is obsessive... So I saw SR for the 10th time today and it was just as awesome as all the other times. Actually a little better because they moved it into a slightly larger theater with a larger screen and it was a little more in focus than it had been the last couple of times I'd seen it. Though, still no where near as sharp as on imax or the digital projection I first saw it on.... I am SOOOO gonna have to get a blu-ray before September... I did confirm that this is the last week it will be showing... I'm sad now... Mostly I'm sad for all the people who will eventually see this on video and be going, "holy crap, I could have seen this on IMAX?"
  12. Good thing it wasn't any of those then! Apparently your definition of "recent" and mine are entirely different. Well, even if it defies logic, you and Mamma Mia are forever linked in my brain. Hooray! Ok... must... sleep...
  13. Fine... Release dates.... July 4 Han**** (on Wed.) Diminished Capacity Gonzo Holding Trevor Kabluey Tell No One (on Wed.) The Wackness (on Thu.) July 11 Hellboy II: The Golden Army Journey to the Center of the Earth Meet Dave August Naomie Harris Emmanuelle Chriqui First Look 1 Days and Clouds Death Defying Acts Eight Miles High The Exiles (re-issue) Full Battle Rattle (on Wed.) Garden Party Harold Murder.com Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired The Stone Angel Meet Dave??? You know, none of those choices are looking too good for ya....
  14. Damn you and your logic... Using the time factor, the next most obvious choice would be Hellboy II.... or possibly Space Chimps...
  15. I notice that you still haven't answered the question, though... So... until you do I'm just going to have to assume that is was Mamma Mia!
  16. Perhaps, but at least it's "cool" to be obsessed with TDK... No one's even seen Speed Racer... I saw the Dark Knight for the first time yesterday. Oooohhh, then what could it be? It's not... Mamma Mia, is it? You can tell us if it is.... We won't laugh...
  17. Perhaps, but at least it's "cool" to be obsessed with TDK... No one's even seen Speed Racer...
  18. Yay! Someone else finally saw it! It wasn't six times in a 2 week period! It's nine times since May 11th... that's eleven weeks! And honestly, after the first time I saw it, I really didn't mean to see it again in the theater... but then I got a chance to see it at the IMAX while I was out of town and well, I couldn't pass that up. And it was that viewing that I fell in love with this movie. So then after seeing it in IMAX I had t see it on the regular screen again to compare the experience... then... I wanted to see it again before it left the regular theaters... and then I've seen it in five times since it came to the cheap theater (at the beginning of July - that's 4 weeks!)... and right now, I'm planning to see it tomorrow with the kids again... but that *should* be it until the DVD comes out in September... on the 16th... I'll be at Wal-Mart at midnight... Anyhow! On the Racer X thing... No, I don't think the Wachowskis ever really meant for the Rex/X "twist" to be a twist. At least not for the fans of the series. The movie is full of scenes that make it perfectly obvious who he is and in the series it was always known that X was Rex. I think they included the "reveal" to Speed to reinforce the themes of grief that run all through the movie. One reason he wouldn't reveal his identity to the family is that he is an agent for the CIB and if it got out that he was actually Rex, the family would be right back in danger again. Another reason is a bit of a tribute to the anime in that X never did admit it to Speed, even though Speed confronted him about it several times. Then, of course, there's the obvious have to save something for the sequel bit (which we're not going to get *pout*)... but overall I agree with you. There's no reason X can't tell the family he's Rex... except that he's a big coward and doesn't want to put *them* (him) through that again. Now for Spritle, as annoying as he was, he was pretty damn perfect for the role. I could have use a little less of the sugar fueled insanity scenes and more of the cut scenes that showed him as more of a person and playing the same role to Speed that Speed did to Rex. But overall, I have to say Spritle and Chim Chim have grown on me considerably. I absolutely love their anime imaginings and the look on Chim Chim's face when he sees Cannonball. And now... a breathtaking image from the film... Announcer: Oh my god! Did I just see that? A rear single set jump into a flying kick? I know he blew it at Fuji, but this kid is flat-out magic! (sorry for my rabid fangirl-ism... I'm trying to keep it in check... really...)
  19. What was the message that it was preaching? I would like to save myself 98 min. It's a mix of robot boy meets girl love story and environmental awareness. Great date movie imo. The obvious "message" was about environmental awareness, but it was a bit bigger than that too. But, all that being said, you should go see it... it is gorgeous and really well done.
  20. I saw Wall-E. It used pretty extreme hyperbole to make its point, but it was so pretty I didn't mind being preached to for the whole movie. Great flick. 8/10
  21. *waves* Tale likes to pretend there's something between him and me when it is *convenient* for him to do so. Silly Tale... :)

  22. In that case, the best way to assure that you get a certain color is to save just before you talk to the obnoxious salvager with stuff to sell for the first time. If she doesn't have the color you want, just reload and try again.
  23. Alright, when I'm forced to read it, I'll try pretending its Gundam . I particularly liked the scene where Hamlet kills Polonius. "How now! dead, fora ducat! Dead!" As Hamlet let's rip a whole fusillade of medium rockets, the bang and clink of discarded rounds. The comedic remark from Polonius before the rockets streak home: "Oh! I am slain!" All those in favour of a Walsingham re-write of Hamlet raise their hands. *Raises hand* Actually, that would be an awesome video project for someone to do. Anyone draw anime style art around here?
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