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  1. I can't say I really have a favorite place from K1... if anything Korriban. But K2 is easy. Nar Shaddaa and Dxun have a very definite magic about them. I think Dxun is so great because of the sound effects... I absolutely love thunderstorms... so it's such a great atmosphere. But Nar Shaddaa is a little less clear... maybe it's just because so much happens there?
  2. I can't really vote because I've played K2 with both male and female, (though I prefer female) and I'm currently playing through K1 as a male for the first time. I can say I already like Bastila better. So it could be I prefer playing K1 as male in the long run. But then, Carth is just so much fun to tease...
  3. Ok, you make a lot of good points. Non-violent is especially not the word to use considering her implied excessive use of stun cuffs and bothan stunners. So, she doesn't like to use lethal force. I'm not exactly sure what the most precise word would be for that, but ah well. I'll let you not like her I guess, but The Architect called her boring. She may grate on your nerves, I guess (though I still don't get it), but she isn't boring. Also, you might want to really think about the phrasing of the following quote, especially the parts in bold: You know... if you read that quote the right way, it really just sounds like sexual tension. Perhaps you should rethink your feelings towards her and come to terms with something?
  4. Well, I think so... yes... lol Because Jedi rules are lame. If I had to abide by all that, I'd probably prefer to follow the Sith, too. Or maybe not. I like Jolee's philosophy. And my thought on the marriage thing... Why (in practice) did the Catholic church keep their clergy from marrying? Because inheritance laws trumped church ownership and diverted the efforts of the priest doing church work or providing for his family. Similarly, the Jedi order has a vested interest in keeping their knights and masters single. 1. It's really hard to take children away from their parents to be indoctrinated at an early age if your order supports "family" ties. 2. Jedi are a lot like superheros in that they don't have many vulnerabilities, give them family (especially children) and they're suddenly much more vulnerable to fear - not for themselves but to others. Fear, more than any other emotion, leads to the darkside. 3. Jedi work is highly demanding. It's best not to have the workers distracted by silly things like having their own life. All of those are very good reasons, but it's still not a very realistic expectation and probably overall causes more problems than it prevents. /oh crap, I did it again, didn't i?
  5. Sorry, the Bastila diversion was my fault... and probably the Juhani too... I'll try to behave now...
  6. One of the best things about Mira, honestly, is that you can turn her into a Jedi as soon as you get her. I always go to Nar Shaddaa first, and before I leave, Atton, Mira and Bao are all Jedi. Then zip over to Dantooine and pick up Disciple who can also be turned in the matter of a few conversations, and voila, you have a full crew. True, there's not room in your party for all of them, but I guess I'm always swapping them out constantly. My 3 favs for my party being Atton, Bao or Mira. I'll keep Kreia with me at first just for another healer, but I ditch her as soon as Atton turns... and of course, I've not leveled him since I got him so he becomes a pretty decent little Jedi right off the bat. Oh, and I have seen Mary Tyler Moore... it's been 25 years (at least), but I've seen it!
  7. For no particular reason?? You killed her family! You destroyed her clan! Yet in spite of being raised by Mandalorians she is a non-violent person who would rather find people than kill them. She couldn't even let the wookiee who was trying to kill her die. Furthermore, she's the only one who implies that there's something going on between you and your romantic interest. She's always picking on Atton when he starts getting jealous and she is just plain fun. But maybe all that works better if you're female and you're not trying to hit on her. Ok, *deep breath* sorry... I'll try to stop ranting now. I have to admit that I probably didn't really care all that much about her when I was playing the games (at least the first times) but when I was looking for story ideas she was so full of potential. I had great fun with it!
  8. Visas is my favourite character in TSL for that reason, actually. Nah for me it's easily Kreia with Visas, T3, HK and Atton rounding up my top 5, although I like all the characters except for Mira and the Disciple who just bored me, but I couldn't bring myself not to like Mandalore in K2 because we all know the "cool" factor Canderous has. Mira bores you? How is that even possible? She's got so much spunk, she's the single most observant person you get in your party and she looks great while doing it. Now, I completely get Di being boring, boring, boring, but Mira? No way. You probably just didnt like being told you were too old...
  9. I actually like G0-T0 quite a bit in theory and have used him as the antagonist in one of the fics I've written. In all honesty, he has a pretty fascinating back story, or at least it could be... as a party member, however, he sucks. He really doesn't add anything at all to the party if you have Mira. And I always have Mira. :D
  10. Damn it, I hate when people argue affectively with me. It leaves me feeling so unfulfilled. You're right, the attraction is to the physique, not the gender. *sigh*
  11. Ok, I'm rofl... I've always thought that Juhani being a lesbian is rather a silly idea... I mean, really, once you stop having sex with your own species, does it really matter what the sex is of the person you're having it with? Anyhow, I never can resist saying the hutt line to Bastila and she gets just as pissy everytime. The girl seriously needs to lighten up! /*waves her cootie infested hand at Tale* I'm not touching youuuuuu!
  12. Since you're running on Vista have you tried the fixes listed here http://forums.obsidianent.com/index.php?showtopic=48748 ? I know it was crashing for me before I replaced the .dll file mentioned in that thread. But that seemed to have fixed it. Good Luck!
  13. That's good! Though it does make me very curious just what they are working on then and how those rumors got started... And it also makes me sad that once again, no one is working on K3. *sigh* Well, at least we can be glad they're not messing it up!
  14. Was your first play through as a male character? I think if it had been for me, I wouldn't have ever developed the dislike I have for her because she warms up *SO* much more quickly. So if you play as a female after already liking her, you probably don't find her so annoying. But honestly, I don't think I willingly talked to her after Taris on my first game.
  15. Of course, if you're playing as a female, why would you *want* to talk Bastila down? I absolutely could NOT stand her. All you ever get is nag, nag, nag, nag. I recently started playing a male game for the first time and was so completely shocked when Bastila ended up being kinda likeable. She softens up sooooooo much and so fast compared to when you're a female. Maybe the men developers just don't know how to write friendly female interactions or something.
  16. The rumors I've heard suggest that the project mentioned here http://www.lucasartsbioware.com/ is being developed in Austin, TX and is a KOTOR MMORPG. Now, that doesn't mean that even if it's true that it's a sequel to K2 exactly, it could be an MMO set in any of the 4000 years of the "Old Republic" empire. However, I could see it very easily being set up as an MMO if you go with the following plot line: "The exile has followed Revan to the unkown regions to fight the threat of the true Sith. She has left her new Jedi companions behind to recruit and train force sensitives throughout the galaxy. You have been recruited. You must finish your training and then follow Revan and the Exile to the unknown regions and join the campain to save the galaxy!" Of course, I think that would be a giant cop out to actually telling the story that needs to be told, but I can see it happening. I'm gonna go cry now...
  17. Well, I chose Bao-Dur and Mira. I've never actually gotten Hanharr before because I love Mira *SO* much, I can't stand not to have her even if I'm attempting a dark side game... not that I've ever finished one of those, mind you... I absolutely adore Atton as a romantic interest, but as a character Bao has him beat to pieces. There's just so much more depth there. I really don't think the characters in K2 are all that cliche, at least not compared to the original. Yeah, they're sort of archetypes, but you really can't create good stories without realistic characters and I really think the Obsidian team did a good job making all of the characters pretty real... even if not fleshed out as much as I would have liked. Disciple is probably the least "real" but I think they could have done a whole lot better with him if they'd just gotten rid of the stupid ren faire accent. I think Obsidian probably needs some female writers for romantic interests... because they soooo missed the mark with Mical. I know what they were going for, and I hate it that it didn't work... but it didn't. Not at all.
  18. Theres a mod for a topless Carth? I GOTTA get KotOR I for PC now! Oh yeah and a new comp that can support it! But this just makes it worth it that much more! I would be more excited about the topless Carth if I didn't recognize that lovely chest as belonging to Canderous. And no, you may not ask me what I was doing stripping Canderous down to his undies... :D
  19. Eh, you still have to deal with the mouse and keyboard though... using the xbox controller is much more conducive to sprawling out with a blanket pulled up to your ears...
  20. Right. I finished every tiny side quest, walked in and out of the landing pad zone a hundred times, paid the little mouse guy - the exchange wanted my head... and I never got the message. It was really frustrating. --edit-- I actually do like playing on my xbox better than my computer... it's *much* more comfortable to kick back on the sofa and play for hours on end than it is to try to do anything at a desk. Now that I finally got a laptop I've installed the PC version and am having fun playing with the cheats... I'll have to look into mods soon.
  21. Yeah Mira's hideout. I have gone back twice now and "interacted" with the door. I think i'm just going to try and go to a different planet first and hope that I don't run into this problem again! Thanks! Ugh... I'm not sure I'd do that if I were you... My first time through on xbox I got into a bug where the Goto scenes never triggered on Nar Shaddaa. I went on to all the other worlds, thinking I must have just missed something and then came back and tried again to figure out how to end Nar Shaddaa... never could get it to work. I ended up having to start over after almost 40 hours of gameplay... better to start over now.
  22. That room is Mira's hideout, right? Have you tried interacting with the room at all in your previous save game... I know the door is magnetically sealed, but maybe if you interact with it somehow it will reset? Just a thought though, no idea if it would actually work.
  23. lol, that's all right... I somehow managed to kill off Bastilla in the original game... which was a much preferred ending... :D
  24. OK, I finally took the time to look it up on the TGRP site and see that it says Which is about what I understood it to be... *phew* thought I was gonna have to be upset there for a minute... :D
  25. Woah, wait a minute... are you sure? Because it would make *way* more sense to me for that to happen if you didn't choose to romance him but chose Mical instead... you know in a Tale of Two Cities Sydney Carton kind of way... So, I guess I'm just wondering if it's just speculation or if you have a reliable source for that notion... Look at the cut dialog or the TG Restoration Mod logs. I'm aware that there's cut dialogue... and what that dialogue is... I guess my question is if there is anywhere that actually shows what the trigger would be? I certainly don't see it anywhere in the .tlk file, but I'm not very good at looing through it... All the cut content is a real touchy subject for me anyhow. As a writer, I have a ton of notebooks filled with events / dialogue that never makes it into my stories. Why? Because it doesn't work. It doesn't accomplish what I'm trying to do. Yes, I understand that most of the cut content in K2 is because they ran out of time to finish it, but it doesn't change the fact that it was cut.
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