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  1. There's an option to disable auto-focus on important objects (not targeting) for camera. Also the camera exploit (demons that you don't see can't attack you) is still there. I'm playing DMCV too and so far it's been great. The combat and animations are fluid, which is rare, because usually they are mutually exclusive. I can't quite get used to the dodge mechanic after Bayonetta (it had a separate key for dodging, DMC requires to press [Jump]+[Left/Right]), despite completing DMC3:DA-SE and DMC4 (SE). Also the keys for Nero's analogue of Helm Breaker (mid-air-to-ground attack) were changed from [to target]+[Attack] to [from target]+[Attack]. Less intuitive, but easier to spam. The most important thing, though. V's demonic eagle-like giant pet bird. He looks so incredibly fluffy and soft. I'm not sure how hard it was to animate him, but it's so amazing. Also the game supports 5-button mice and (for me) crashes every hour (had 4 subsequent crashes in V's first mission). Oh, is that why the camera has a spastic attack at random intervals? I didn't realize the "auto-focus important objects" thing happened that much. Would explain why the camera does its tomfoolery when I'm jumping through buildings, though. That's the main time it's been weird for me. I'll probably disable that on my next run through. Definitely hasn't been anything debilitating, just noticeable! Griffon is so fluffy and so sassy. I love him. He probably does taste like chicken though I am almost finished with my first run and I am not prepared for it. It's been an amazing ride so far - well worth the wait. There's so much love and care that went into this, it shows in everything from combat to little features.
  2. Devil May Cry 5 is superb so far, other than some weird camera tomfoolery at times during battles or wandering. The new gameplay style that V brings is actually really fun, if vastly different. But it integrates pretty seamlessly into the game and it felt a little easier to pick him up than I expected.
  3. This has been very demoralizing. I've been playing through an entirely new game, from PoE1 to 2, and within Deadfire I have been supporting the Huana and thoroughly exploring all quests and factions. I finally push to Magran's Teeth after exhausting anything I could do in Act 2, including both major DLC, and am ready to begin the final faction quest for Onekaza. I finish the quest and return to her... only to get completely roadblocked. She has no option to begin the push to Ukaizo, instead still speaking as though I've yet to complete the Wahaki tribe quest when I long finished that up. Searching for answers has lead me to find this has been a known and reported bug since May last year. At least. Why is this bug still not fixed? Even doing one of the supposed workarounds - being, kill the Wahaki chieftain - did not work to fix the issue. The only other method I've heard of is killing all the Crookspur slavers later, but given how far I've gotten in my game since then, that is not an option save replaying the entirety of Deadfire over again. Normally, that would not bother me - but to be forced to do so because of a bug that has remained unfixed for months now is just absolutely crushing. Why is the Huana faction still bugged like this, after so long? To my knowledge, RDC and VTC are not bugged in this manner, nor are the pirates. Why only this faction? And why has it not been fixed despite what looks to be a fair amount of reported cases? Is there any way to actually force this quest to flag so I do not have to replay all of my progress to this point just to get around it?
  4. Much as I would like new DLC, I'm willing to wait on it until there is more time to craft them. Something bigger and more like a mini expansion, such as the White March, would definitely be worth waiting on if there were ever plans for it somewhere along the line. Replaying both games as different Watchers, classes, dispositions, and so on means it has a lot more replayability to tide me over until a new DLC (possibly) releases. Which is a lot more than can be said about some games in recent years, so we're already doing pretty well!
  5. A part of me wants to be sadistically gleeful at Anthem doing poorly - the heavy focus on that game meant, in part, that Andromeda was a mere shell of what it could and should have been as a new entry to the Mass Effect franchise. A series that is extremely special and close to my heart. But at the same time... I feel this crushing weight of disappointment. Not because I wanted Anthem to do well, per say. But it's like - this was why Andromeda didn't get the love and care it deserved? Really? It's a bitter taste. I can't really say whether I want BioWare to disappear entirely or not. But I can say that I truly wish they could break away from EA. EA kills developers like a slow, corroding pestilence.
  6. I didn't realize there was so much interaction with the animal companion! I'll need to remember that for my next full playthrough. Rangers have always been a sort of favorite class that I tend to save for secondary plays, but it did always bother me that a player's companion didn't seem to ever really be acknowledged much - whereas a companion ranger's will. Good on Obs for including all of that! It really makes the bond seem stronger between the ranger-Watcher and their animal friend.
  7. I may make a more thorough post regarding this once I replay through both games anew, but for now... I would be very sad if Eder and Aloth weren't in PoE3, personally. They're not only series staples at this point, but both have very interesting ties to the major plotline(s) so far - and I, at least, enjoy both their personalities. Plus, I had a soft spot for Aloth since PoE1 first came out... and I will fully admit I enjoyed his romance. I think it was subtle enough to not be distracting, but also not egregious to go through. Granted, I also use quite a lot of romance addition mods for him in Deadfire.. so I am a little biased. As to people I want to see besides them? Tekehu and Xoti both were interesting to me, and I grew fond of them both over the course of the travels through the Deadfire. I'd also really love to see Sagani and Hiravius back, but at least with Sagani, her journey is kind of "finished"... I'd really like to see Ydwin and Fassina fleshed out as full companions, too.
  8. This feels like a post about me, haha. Though in my first run of Deadfire, I tended to swap party members around a lot while doing quests and things just to get time with everyone. But I would be lying if I said my main party wasn't comprised of exactly as TS's above. I do think making use of the sidekicks could help; Fassina is a decent replacement for Aloth, though she does require the DLC to grab her into the fold. An alternative to having Xoti as a perma-healer is also to just.. play a healer yourself, I suppose. Part of why I picked up Chanter in my second playthrough of PoE1 was so I wouldn't always need to bring Kana with me. Not because I dislike him, by any means - but until I got Hiravius, it was always a toss-up between throwing him or Pallegina into the keep to deal with missions. As someone mentioned above, Ydwin is also really great as a cipher/rogue - she's great for support dps, plus has an enjoyable personality to her. Pallegina is also very good as a healer sometimes, though as with any companion, her personality may not be as suitable for RP purposes.
  9. I... do not recall any mention of it, though my immediate assumption would be "no". Not in the sense one thinks of, at least. I do not even believe they have a "physical" hand in the creation of godlike, as it is. I could be wrong, though - I've yet to play a godlike, so most of their lore is still a mystery to me beyond what I read on the character creation screen.
  10. I honestly felt more invested in the base story of NWN2 and its expansions, whereas for NWN1 I was far more interested in the modules people made. While I love both, I admit an EE of NWN2 would be absolutely amazing. I truly do miss the game sometimes, and still boot it up on occasion when I need a D&D fix I sadly cannot get elsewhere anymore.
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